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  1. Ahhh! thanks, Etchesketch. U16's might be on another pitch, but unfortunately it's onthe same bloody thread on here.
  2. FFS doing my head in, this !!! 2-0 up then 0-0 then 2-2 now 1-0 F F S can Anybody tell us what the actual score is
  3. Agreed! But never mind. No doubt, once these things are available in the shop, the usual suspects will use the pricing as a stick to beat the club with.
  4. Just add Ronda and you've matched the 7 day coach trip the wife and myself took a few years ago. Brilliant trip, but would have been better had we squeezed a couple of Wednesday games in.
  5. I think it's too late for that. I'm sure the deadline date for this season is past, so any points deduction would become effective from the start of next season. Also, as others on here have said, I don't think the 'slate' is wiped clean. The £39m rolling three year loss rule still applies.
  6. Good to see Preslav score a couple. I was really impressed with him last season, but not heard too much about him this campaign. Has he been out injured?
  7. Hastings, Arnott, and Fleming would have a birthday sorting the incompetents of SYP out.
  8. Not trying to be flippant or clever but doesn't his insurance cover the damage.
  9. Oh, they've still got it in 'em alright. Just can't manage to get it to come out.
  10. OK. So we didn't move directly from the Lane to Owlerton. The fact still remains that had we remained at Bramall Lane then the Pigs would never have darkened the city of Sheffield.
  11. Do we move to a new stadium? Do we stay at Hillsborough and redevelop? Well I just wish we had never left Bramall Lane. Just think about it. We would have a stadium close to the city centre - more opportunities for corporate events, concerts etc. More room for development and expansion. Easier access from all parts of Sheffield. More importantly, if we had remained at Bramall Lane :- Sheffield United WOULD NEVER HAVE EXISTED !!! Just think, Sheffield as a one club city! Judging from present average attendances of both clubs we would probably be looking at gates of 45000/50000, major investment from international companies, multi millions in Sky income, cups, Premier league winners, Champions League...................... Arghhhhhhh! Who the bloody hell though moving to Owlerton was a good idea?
  12. Don't worry about fornations, team selections, tactics FFS. JUST Smash 'EM !
  13. Worra u onnabaht ! We all talk proper English on ear, innit.
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