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  1. oldtawnyowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    How much do Hull charge? Must be a lot as it seems many of them boycott their home games too. Average attendance last season 15k
  2. oldtawnyowl


    Me too.
  3. oldtawnyowl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Maybe Jo's (and the club) are taking the long term perspective. Perhaps the think that our two young keepers have the potential to become as good or even better than Westwood, and fear that if they continue to play Westwood, who I agree is probably the better keeper at present, they risk losing one of the youngsters. I suspect that neither JW or CD would settle for third choice.
  4. Walk-out music ? We are the Owls - Paul Carrack - FULL VOLUME !!!
  5. oldtawnyowl

    Confidence Boost

    Wasn't he back in full training a few weeks ago? One double training session and he was back to Barcelona for intensive treatment. Let's hope they've got it sorted this time.
  6. oldtawnyowl

    Clare joins Swansea

    I wouldn't really wish either on her. I would send my condolences a sympathy to her new fella, tho'.
  7. oldtawnyowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    Well, I did say 'if I understand the F & P rules properly' I obviously don t !
  8. oldtawnyowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    Well the fact that we now know we've been under an embargo since April, explains why we haven't replaced any of the above. If I understand the P & S rules properly, it also means that we could not have offered new contracts to Loovens and Wallace or offered a contract to Venancio, even if the club wanted to.
  9. I'm sure Radio Sheffield will be delighted to fill the void with even more coverage of the piggies. After all l they even provided full match commentaries of THREE of their pre-season games.
  10. If I were to say yes, would you guarantee that you will potg For every home game this season?
  11. Apparently, if we are in breach of the New P&S rules, one of the sanctions the EFL can impose is to refuse to register 'new' contracts to existing players. If we are under any restrictions imposed by the EFL, maybe this is the reason we haven't been able to secure the futures of our best players.
  12. Thought you were going to bed half an hour ago. But thanks for the intelligent reply.
  13. Ah! Proof at last!!! Forestieri is a racist because he wouldn't get on the coach to Norwich. Glad we've cleared that up then.
  14. So you've found FF guilty already then? Would hate tto be in the dock if you were on the jury. Found guilty before hearing any evidence. Disgraceful !!!!
  15. Yea, and even their goalkeeper, who ran about 40 yards to get involved in the ruck, will have heard every word Fernando didn't say.