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  1. Errr! Won't that be his second suspension?
  2. Errrr ! Won't that be his second suspension?
  3. Sorry vulva, as usual I'm not paying attention and didn't read any further than "couldn't walk down Leppings Lane", and "line of stewards" Completely ignored the rest of your post. Attention span of a goldfish I'm afraid.
  4. Surely stewards have no legal right to deny members of the public access along any public road.
  5. Is it just me that thinks this, or were these increasingly draconian measures first put into place, and then made more severe week by week, since it was decided that Mr Duckenfield was to face a retrial. It seems to me that the SYP (and Sheffield Council) are doing everything they can to deflect balme from themselves and try to convince people that the blame lies with the ground design and the football club. Any ones fault but theirs - Absolute R'Soles !!
  6. Good idea. That would have made it 12 v 12 last night. That is if you ignore the linesman being their 13th player
  7. Thanks. So perhaps we can both agree:- Just another set of incompetent "Sh!t" officials.
  8. Yea, "contrarian McRightSide" has a nice ring to it. Or perhaps "contrarian McOnSide"
  9. See the current FIFA offside rules under the section "interfering with an opponent" part of which states:- Interfering with an opponent means "making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts an opponent"
  10. No, line of vision is not all that matters. Being in an offside position and interfering with play also matters. Flint obviously was! Now that this "Warnock" ploy has been "outed" I doubt any referee will allow such a goal to stand in future. Too late for us though.
  11. Oh, come on, be reasonable. You can't expect the officials to know all the rules, can you Well none of the ones we get seem to.
  12. I believe that, on Sky Go, you can only watch the content that is covered by your own Sky subscription.
  13. My laptop pc has Windows 10 os. Sky Go works perfectly on mine.
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