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  1. The way I look at it is that "not guilty" means that the prosecution have failed to prove his guilt. It doesn't, necessarily, mean that he is innocent.
  2. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    Don't have to worry about that yet do you?
  3. Shirts

    WTF, had left China ? I understood they were being made in Australia FFS
  4. He still posts on here after every defeat. He's just changed his username.
  5. Alexa

    That's OK then. Gives the club plenty of time to arrange 150 anniversary celebrations and a friendly game against marque opposition. Also the shirts might be ready.
  6. We know already, dont we?

    Hey Neil, can you add a picture of the pope lying in state to the emoji choices.
  7. Villa v Owls live overseas TV

    Hi Lanzarote. Is the Villa game the next of our games to be shown abroad? Was hoping the Bolton or Derby games would be chosen as we are in Tenerife then. (another holiday boast)
  8. Could have used the cake ball instead of loaves and fishes.
  9. Come on! It's a bloody computer game ! You may use it to get an idea of player's stats. You surely don't believe that professional football managers take a blind bit of notice of it, do you.
  10. Hands On Chansiri

    If you're so sensitive, then Owlstalk is not the place for you
  11. Ruthless but controversial

    Hmmmm. Some really intelligent posts by a chap who likes to brag about his university degree and his professional job.
  12. Quality of shirt

    Anyone who is extremely reliable would, surely, tell you the facts, not pass on unsubstantiated rumours.
  13. Owls in the park 17

    Suppose you're happy now !
  14. Shirt prices

    ^^^^^^^^^ Exactly this. Just had a walk down Devonshire Street, there's a shop down there having a closing down sale. In the window are 2 sweat shirts with an "ENZO" motif on the front ( being an old git I've no idea what "Enzo" is, presume it's a designer brand) bargain at £85 reduced from £140. Makes replica shirts seem dirt cheap dunnit?