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  1. No room in the A&E at the NGH. Absolutely packed out with wrist slitters.
  2. So am I. Mainly because our players are not very good at it.
  3. More likely shows who the biggest idiot on Owlstalk is.
  4. So if we were to win promotion to th PL and then immediately relegated due to the EFL punishment................. Would we still be entitled to 3 years of parachute payments.,
  5. We're more likely to have:- The "Chansiri North Stand" The "Chansiri South Stand" The "Chansiri Kop" Not sure about the West (open to suggestions)
  6. According to SWFC website :- Grandstand, category 'A'(top priced match) - adult £45. . Child Under 5 - £5 So yes, an expensive afternoon, but £50 not over £70. Why do some people have to exaggerate just to put the club down.
  7. No, £3. I always split £5 between 2 - 0 and 3 - 1 for away games. How much on each score depends on odds. Laptop almost came to grief when Nuhiu blasted the ball home in stoppage time.
  8. Looks even better when you've had us to win 2 - 0 @ 35/1 with Betvictor.
  9. I think you'll find that this happens at pretty much every ground in the country TBF.
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