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    Crookes - the only district in Sheffield named after its inhabitants

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  1. Yea, pretty much at the top of Crookes, about 20 yards down the hill opposite the Ball Inn.
  2. Different picture here in Crookes. Pretty deep snow especially on side roads. No car movement and not see any buses over the main road. Got to be a big improvement over the next 3 hours before I even attempt to even move the car up to the main road.
  3. Well come-on!! Tell us what you thought they were chanting. FFS
  4. Yea, he's only turned up to switch the Christmas lights on.
  5. ?? Has anyone seen him yet??? Was he even checking in on a flight to England?? Perhaps he was on his way to Disneyland.
  6. Well he will if he's bothered about playing in games rather than getting splinters in his arris. Including the 31 minutes he played last night he's played a total of 50 minutes this season for Udinese out of 13 matches. (And I don't think he has had any significant injury)
  7. Well I haven't heard owt. Where have you heard it, Andy?
  8. This would be quite a novel idea for DC innit.
  9. IIRC one of the away games we were banned from was Derby. We arrived by car and parked a fair distance away from the ground. On getting out of the car we noticed a policeman a few yards away. As a joke(?) my mate sent his little lad up to the copper to ask directions to the ground, expecting him to tell the kid to P*ss Off. Amazingly the copper took about 5 minutes giving him detailed directions to the stadium.
  10. How can they be dreadful if they are invisible?
  11. Got to have the salad garnish. Anything green cancels all the fat, salt and calories, don't you know.
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