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  1. Pretty much agree with your opinion of the pig coloured away shirt, but didn't someone on here post, a few days ago, that the Megastore had just received a new delivery of the away shirt. Suggests to me that D.C. intends to stick with it for another year. Perhaps just changing the home strip.
  2. Perhaps we are keeping the same strips for next season.
  3. No need to increase the size of the goals. Just bring in a new rule that goal keepers cannot be taller tham 5' 6".
  4. Ideal opportunity to go back to the system of keeping the kits for two seasons. Just change one of the kits for next season, and in future keep the strips for two seasons, changing home and away kits on alternate years. Would make things a little easier on the parents pockets. P.S. Yellow away next season for me........ Or black??? Errr...Or yellow and black???? Or?????
  5. No where near match-fit, IMO. I don't think he could last the full 90. Start on the bench and bring him on as impact sub for last 30 mins. Should be ready to play the full match at Wembley tho'.
  6. Not sure if this is myth or gentlemen's agreement but I'm pretty sure it only applies to the Championship play-off due to the mega-millions reward of promotion to the Premier league for the successful club.
  7. Absolutely untrue!!! Allocation is set by EFL.
  8. I still think that is Brian the Blade driving the Rotherham Owls Coach.
  9. It's definitely open, I've been parking there all season.
  10. I don't think the car park in Hillsborough park is open to "on the day" parking, but season pass holders only.
  11. If you're arriving at that time the old Wednesdayite car park opposite the Kop is the sensible choice.r r At that time you will be able to pay your fiver and pick a spot to enable an easy exit, and only 2 minutes walk to the ground. P.S.. Don't forget yer banana.
  12. Well @DoesJackHunt if your thread has achieved nothing else I'm sure you will have been responsible for increasing the number of inflatable bananas at tomorrow's game at least 10 fold.
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