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  1. " THE football club". This is the one that really gets up my nose!! Probably because bloody Chris Wilder keeps saying it.
  2. Whatever we do needs publicity. We can't boycott games. We can't (or shouldn't) have crowds of protesters. Anything we do needs to capture the attention of the media and DC. So:- KIDNAP THE ELEPHANTS! Demand the departure of D.C. and Paxo in a publicized "Ransom note" sent to D.C. through the media. The popular press love anything like this. Get the local TV, Look North and Calendar involved and , through them na
  3. Pointless exercise, Chansiri won't be there to experience it. He will probably be unaware it even happened. And even if he was aware he wouldn't realize that it was aimed at him.
  4. If Dunkley was injured why not leave the formation as is and bring on Borner? Shocking substitution!!
  5. Happy with that, plus a strong bench too. What's up with Andre Green, have we signed another crock?
  6. Depends what you mean by "Have our next England International" If you mean produce our next England International player - a long, long time. If you mean host our next England International game - Never.
  7. Well come on !! I couldn't care less who sold the team sheets (Sorry @Grandad) Don't care where Scott Cam came from. Or what position he played, or what colour his hair was. Who won the bloody game ??
  8. Match passes are available for midweek away games. Pass for Stoke game made available this morning.
  9. Just checked "Ticket site" dropdown. ST match pass now available!! Usually available 4/5 days before the game but better late than never,
  10. Well that transplant seems to have worked pretty well.
  11. Yea it is annoying, I'm sure Sky could provide it if they coud be arsed. I have BT Sport, again only on laptop through Plusnet broadband account, and you can access all the BT Extra channels on BT>
  12. I'm afraid red button is no good for me. Only have Sky Go on laptop and you can't get red button that. So looks like Barca in Champions league on BT. Of course Stoke game is available on I Follow for a tenner.
  13. Anybody know if we are to be offered ST match pass for this game? I haven't seen anything on SWFC official site and have looked on "ticket site" dropdown - No events found.
  14. Owlstalk's Grandad. as in @Grandad He's the one selling it innt he?
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