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  1. Why haven't you mentioned it before then.
  2. I think you're wasting your breath there, Nev. I doubt he's got a clue what you're talking about.
  3. Is it only 20 times ? It seems many more than that to me.
  4. Ohh No!!!! What if these thick terrorists read Owlstalk. I'm afraid you won't get away with that, Milord. I have it on good authority that the security staff have orders not to allow admittance to anyone with three arms.
  5. IT`S ON IT'S WAY !!...

    Will it be £5 per can to help with FFP?
  6. Fernando Forestieri

    I knew somebody on here would know. Thanks Trev
  7. Fernando Forestieri

    Does anyone know (Someone on here will know) just how near Fernando is to a comeback? Is he back training with the club or is he still in rehab abroad?
  8. Joao

    Been taking lessons from Big Dave ?
  9. Joao

    Such a shame the old Central League was discontinued. It was perfect for squad players to get the regular, proper, game time that all players need to keep their match fitness. Also an opportunity for young players to develop their game by playing against experienced players, week in, week out instead of looking for loan deals for them.
  10. F.A.O John Terry

    No, it appears that we have all got it wrong! According to reporter John Wragg in today's Daily Mirror :- "A Wednesday player jumped and landed on Terry's foot, leaving him in agony.". You just couldn't make it up, could you. Well maybe you couldn't but John Wragg could.
  11. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    Errrrrr, What he said. ^^^^^^^
  12. Have a nosey at this

    That's not Les Dawson, Tinks. It's Alf Roberts.
  13. When we score first we win

    Errrrrr, can't argue with that Neil.