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  1. oldtawnyowl

    Paul cook

    Young up and coming? He's 51 years old FFS.
  2. oldtawnyowl

    West stand ....

    I just feel sorry for the poor bugger who spent all last night trying to compile 10 minutes of 'highlights' from the 90 minutes of shyte we witnessed yesterday.
  3. oldtawnyowl

    Is forrestieri injured?

    How can a failure to warm up at half time be the cause of an injury after 85 minutes.
  4. oldtawnyowl

    Paulo Fonseca

  5. oldtawnyowl

    Mr December

    Well, at least, I saw what you did there.
  6. Well, err, yes she does, err, they both do........... But afterwards we heard these two rumours in the pub.
  7. Don't know how anyone would describe this a a "SMALL FALL" Bloody hell ! Face forward down several concrete steps is a major fall for anyone let alone a man of 89 years. Get well soon Harry.
  8. Terrible thing to happen !! Wishing him a very speedy recovery. But I doubt he will want relocating to the South Stand..............That's where all the OLD people sit.
  9. oldtawnyowl

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Does anyone on here know what Micheal the bitter tw@ looks like? I always imagine him as a mirror image of Chris Wilder.
  10. Perhaps the difference is that the Scottish management couldn't give a f### if he is injured for the next couple of months due to playing twice in 4 days for them.
  11. Of course us fans won't see any of the money. In fact fans who subscribe to Sky will, probably, find that they will be paying substantially more to fund this obscenely unfair TV deal.
  12. NEW SKY TV DEALS:- EFL - £595 million over 5 years. Premier League - £4.55 billion (Thats £4,550 MILLION) over 3 years. Yea, seems fair dun't it No wonder the EFL clubs are threatening rebellion FFS. BRING IT ON.............
  13. I think you've just about covered all bases there Steveger.
  14. What ?? He's got two dads? These modern marriages, eh.
  15. oldtawnyowl

    Todays training...

    Sorry, you'll have to ask Neil.