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  1. Right. So we are now 8 days on from your predictions. Owt happened yet?
  2. Yea, no problem for the North Stand. Don't know what it will sound like when the Kop join in, half a line behind as usual, tho'
  3. Go figure........... How many 12/13 year olds do you know who have size 10 feet.
  4. You'll not find Chansiri on here.................................. He's "gone under" Sunk without trace.
  5. Curry sauce on chips? - Curry sauce on fish? - Curry sauce on mushy peas -
  6. If the season tickets from last season are to be rolled over I would think that the sales of new ST's for next season will be virtually nil.
  7. No, of course he won't. But didn't he say that when he decided to step down he would hand over to Att.
  8. Told you a million times not to exaggerate. Latest figures state a worldwide total of 173m cases and 3.7m deaths worldwide.
  9. The silence from Chansiri/the Club is seriously frightening. The longer it goes on the more frightening it becomes. I, truly, fear for the future of our Club.
  10. Don't be silly !! Nothing is ever the fault of our illustrious leader. Be really interested to see how he manages to explain how it is the fault of us supporters, though. Sorry, I meant "customers"
  11. That was no doubt the case initially. But how can DC continue to put more into the club than any other outside company would............... When he can't even afford to pay the players contracted wages!!
  12. Can't fault DC this time. Thousands of the new shirts were despatched a couple of months ago. Still in transit on the "Ever Given"
  13. Perhaps a bit of loyalty to the club. Agrees to sign a new contract so the club can sell him for a reasonable fee rather than lose him for f*ck all.
  14. Not trying to cause confrontation, it's just my opinion. IMO Fans are people who have an affinity, liking or love of a club. They may choose ,if theywish, to only attend away games and give vocal encouragement to their team. Supporters are Fans who also give financial support to their team. One of the dictionary definitions of support is - "give assistance to, particularly financially" Obviously it is entirely upto the individual to choose to show their dissatifaction with the running of the club, and DC in particular, by refusing t
  15. Not crying about it at all. just giving an opinion. But how does that suggest to you that I see DC as a hero, As I said - a pitiful comment.
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