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  1. Considering our start to the season I think any reduction, even only three points would be a great help. If the appeal reduces the penalty by six points (or more) I'll start counting my winnings. I've backed us to win the league with a +26 points start at 14/1.
  2. My feed is perfect at present, no buffering at all. I don't have fibre and just tested download speed, only 5mbs
  3. Didn't Hirst senior say that he would set the record straight and tell us their version of the story once George's contract with the club was at an end? Still waiting............
  4. Anyone else having trouble with match replay videos. I have UK version of IFollow, audio coverage of live matches etc. Not had any problems with video content before but this season I find I can't acces full match replays on my laptop. No problem with highlight videos. Strangely enough I can access the full match videos on my phone through the new Ifollow app. I have emailed IFollow about this but who knows how long (or even if) before I get an answer. Just wondered if anyone else has the same problem or, as I'm not the brightest when it comes to anyhing IT related, am I missing something?
  5. Just announced on Sky. John Sheridan appointed as Wigan Manager - official.
  6. I take it that this is the first post of @Mrmason69 you have ever read then.
  7. Oh, I don't know. There seems to be a good few on here that manage it.
  8. Unfortunately he says he will stop watching, not that he will stop posting.
  9. In that case, If we also remove the Athde Nuhiu and Jordan Rhodes threads Owlstalk would disappear up its own plughole.
  10. On the "concept" shirt, maybe it isn't. But, in the real world, the money DC puts into the club through the "Chansiri" shirt sponsorship is absolutely essential.
  11. Never be accepted by the hierarchy !! The "CHANSIRI" logo isn't big enough.
  12. Wow. Todwick, it's not like you to be 2 hours late to the party. Every time we lose a match you're on here moaning within seconds of the final whistle.
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