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  1. oldtawnyowl

    Surely bloody not!

    Ok,, Handsworth, who the Hell is the 0.1% who DO want him. Come on, name and shame e'm.
  2. oldtawnyowl

    Surely bloody not!

    Come on Katrien. We need an official club statement on this. NO, scrub that. We need an official club DENIAL on this.
  3. oldtawnyowl

    Westwood Going

    In the late 60's Leicester City sold the best goalkeeper in the country and replaced him with a relatively unknown teenager. That didn't turn out too badly did it? There is often a right time to make difficult decisions about players. We have two very promising and competent young goalkeepers, neither of which will be satisfied with being third choice next season. Perhaps now is the right time to say thanks for the last few seasons, goodbye and good luck to Westwood.
  4. So if we have blue shorts you're happy with another Ipswich kit? Unbelievable Jeff. For me, I'd accept any colour shorts, any colour socks, centre white stripe or centre blue stripe ............. as long as we return to blue and white stripes next season. We can argue about shorts,socks,centre stripes etc. the season after.
  5. oldtawnyowl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Condolences, Tinks. Although it seems easy to say, I know how you feel right now. I lost my mum over 30 years ago, and dad (who made me an owl) over 20 years ago. But remember, Tinks, Don't be too sad. Keep remembering the good times. While ever you remember your mum, While ever she's still in your mind, Then she's still alive to you. Love, Oldtawnyowl.
  6. oldtawnyowl

    Anyone remember this guy

    Whoops !
  7. oldtawnyowl

    Anyone remember this guy

    Alex Alexandersson. Wouldn't like to pay for his name printing on mi shirt
  8. Obvious place to trial safe standing, IMO, is the kop at Anfield. Everyone stands up there anyway. Install rail seating there and they will come to believe that it was all their idea and so wouldn't be able to act outraged if we install safe standing at Hillsborough.
  9. oldtawnyowl

    New Kit

    Kit B shirt. Kit A socks. Shorts - not fussed, black or blue. But definitely proper, BLACK BOOTS !!
  10. oldtawnyowl

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    I'm sure I can remember several times when the referee has blown for half time having added no stoppage time. No-one seems to have a complaint about this. Why, what's the difference? Teams can score or concede in the 46th or 47th minute just as easily as the 91st. We have to accept that added time is purely at the Ref's discretion or move to the 'rugby' time keeping system. Mind you, the fans leaving at 85 mins will miss the last half hour.
  11. Although our pitch is 100% better than it was 2 or 3 seaasons ago I must agree that it looks inferior to other desso pitches around the country. Obviously there must be significantly different proceedures required to caring for a desso pitch rather than an ordinary 'turf' pitch. Looking at our surface, and comparing it with that of other clubs, I wonder if our ground staff have received any specialist training in caring for desso surface. If not, maybe, it would be a good idea to send all our groundstaff, in turn, to spend a couple of weeks working alongside the groundstaff at Leicester City. Their surface always looks absolutely pristine.
  12. Anyone know if 'Wednesday Tap' is open before the game?
  13. Doesn't really matter though does it. Not much difference between HITC and the Sun IMO
  14. Well, according to the pig fans every point they've dropped since since November has been because of the injury to Couttes,