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  1. To be reduced to 6 points when the excitement dies down ?
  2. In a similar catchment area size. But, maybe, being a one team city explains their bigger average crowds.
  3. I applied for an Ifollow match pass for the Swansea game not realising that it was scheduled to be televised on Sky Sports. Does anyone know, will I still have £10 deducted from my ST credit balance if I don't apply the code number, when I receive it, to activate the Ifollow match pass. TIA
  4. I'm sure the FA/EFL will give him a stiff talking to.
  5. How times change! No shirt pulling. No diving. No wrestling in the box at corners. No time wasting. No surrounding and harassing the ref. Proper football played by proper footballers.
  6. Not much? Over 1500 posts in less than 5 months.
  7. Well, with the forwards we have on the books, this doesn't seem a bad line up to me.
  8. W T F were the two words that deserved bleeping out in his half-time talk.
  9. Sol Campbell Phil Neville Steve McClaren Thinking about these three (and a few more) almost makes Tony Pulis seem an attractive option.
  10. Yea :- Unfinished Business !!! According to Paterson and Windass.
  11. Started with Ann Summers but somehow finished up on the website instead of the social media feed. Bugger Easyjet, M&S and the rest I'm stopping on here.
  12. Yes it is only a minority of the clubs fanbase who seek every opportunity to critisise the club, manager, and owner. But imagine any potential investor/sponsor who doesn't understand the football fan culture in England (or anywhere else I suppose) researching the club on Facebook or Twitter, possibly after a defeat. Will they find a balanced view from the supporters? NO! They will find 99% of the posts slagging the players, calling for the sacking of the manager, shouting for the owner to sell up and mostly in vitriolic language and a fair amoun
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