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  1. Wow! Crowd of 30,000 policed by 30 coppers. What a load of cr@p. The 30 policemen had better hope the crowd don't respond aggressively.
  2. How can that be the correct owl, the club was over a hundred years old before your "correct" owl made it's appearance. Had Owlstalk been around in the 70's it would have been in meltdown over the loss of the traditional badge. Having said that I do quite like the 70's owl, just not as much as the original one.
  3. Listened to the first two minutes. Is there a version in English?
  4. Juve gave a 33 year old a 4 year contract.
  5. Sorry! You made a tw@ of yourself with your original post. Too late to try and squirm out of it now.
  6. Absolutely fine. He's swapped it for a picture of Steve Gibson.
  7. Well I've trawler through 70 pages, albeit bit by bit over the best part of a week. So if you're not prepared to trawl through 'em, then I'm not going to tell you.
  8. How much is the valuation of "The City of London Stadium" ? According to an article published by the BBC Sports News the cost of converting the stadium from an athletic stadium to a football stadium ,alone, was, reportedy £323m. So taking this into account, plus the initial cost the stadium must be valued far , far above the £80m quoted in the above post. Why then do West Ham Utd get away with paying rent the ground for £2.5m annually.? A rent which I understand includes all running costs, including ground staff, stewarding, turn-style and security staff etc. Oh, wait a minute - Different rules for Premier League innit?
  9. Bet you're not admitting the blame for anything though.
  10. I thought the children weren't on holiday till next week.
  11. Err......Yes No Perhaps Maybe Probably.......... But I doubt any sale will trigger a lot of extra spending. I think the sale of the ground is primarily to reduce our three year losses to a level acceptable to the EFL. If this is the case we will be able to spend a few bob, but don't expect us to be splurging muti £millions on fees or wages.
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