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  1. We were much better than we had been against Birmingham . Hutch strengthened the midfield considerably in terms of closing down and ball winning - despite his propensity for getting either injured or booked too frequently - but the others also chipped in in a way that they hadn't against Birmingham . Bannan , for example, both in attack and defence, was much more effective today - and this helped to provide more protection for the defence - where only occasionally the full backs were caught out for pace . It definitely looked as though training had focussed on many of the issues arising from the last match - which should give us more confidence in the manager and 'coaching team' to identify and work on the problems . Although today was an improvement on Birmingham, our shots on target and our passing in and around the box was the thing that continued to let us down the most . The two central strikers have almost no pace between them , which hinders progress in that area , and also reduces their ability to close down opposing defenders when they break with the ball. The team as a whole looked more 'cohesive' - working more for one another than they had in the last game. A lot of the 'jibing' at one another appeared to have disappeared this time too. Both of these aspects were good to see and need fostering. Still 'a work in progress' I guess.
  2. I thought Fox was OK , and is certainly much improved of late . The key problems with us last night as I saw them were the quality of balls in and around the penalty area , and the lack of a 'poacher with pace' to improve our goal scoring record ...or at least our 'shots on target'. Given also that Reach ( who , for me, is often much maligned ) had a terrible game in which he hardly made a pass to his own teammates - and the fact that many of the midfielders were playing 'below par' and often 'from memory' rarely trying the positive incisive pass that might have made a difference were other contributing factors to a dour performance . The closing down in midfield was poor, often leaving Birmingham's distinctly average squad the freedom to run almost the length of the field unchallenged before coming up against the defenders. Wednesday never stopped running - but it's where you run , and what you do when you get there that seems lacking . Birmingham, for all their shortcomings did appear to press us more effectively and to play more as a cohesive unit who knew what their jobs were. Right now , the entertainment being served up to long suffering supporters is unfortunately , less than scintillating . Let's hope things can be improved on in training before too long.
  3. Hutch did very well today ...he seems to play with so much more composure , without losing his tenacious approach , when he plays at the back. Iorfa also excellent today . His reading of the game seems to get better all the time - and allied to his height and pace he is developing into a real prospect. Overall a fine performance from the team - just lacking a bit of pace and 'cutting edge' up top with today's line up.
  4. We've made a good start - you can only beat the teams put before you - and with the exception of the Millwall game we have . Fitness levels and understanding will be improving , as will confidence . There is still something lacking in the way we closed Luton down in midfield and at the front ( often running straight at the 'ball-carrier' with pace , which they easily sidestepped leaving us on the wrong foot and in the wrong place - where 'jockeying' would have been more effective ). There is also something not right yet about the central attacking style in terms of the runs being made , positioning and support . But overall I'm fairly happy about the way things are developing ( even if it isn't yet 'pretty' ) . If we can't be optimistic ( but not complacent ) when we're top of the league , when can we ?
  5. Just lacking a clinical striker I felt - ( wasn't Rhodes supposed to fill that spot when he was signed ? ) . Overall a promising start to the season though , let's not get too disheartened.
  6. Not sure Chris Hughton would be 'the answer' even if he did change his mind - based on Brighton's style last season , and on the comments of some of their supporters about his 'dour approach' striving always to hang on to a 1 goal lead by 'stout defending' as his principal strategy. Nice guy for sure , but maybe not what we need right now . On the other hand I don't see any other currently unemployed manager to suggest as an alternative . Maybe we will be some time in appointing a new manager - and maybe that's no bad thing in the current situation ? Someone who knows the English game - and someone who employs at least a positive (if not actually 'adventurous) approach. Any suggestions ?
  7. At the moment in pre-season these are our only two players who look like scoring regularly, and as such could be classed as 'sale-able assets' - but are we beginning a 'cutting back' operation after all these years of 'proliferation' ? While I know we are 'overstocked' up front I can think of others who we could more easily lose without any obvious detriment to the squad. Difficult decisions to be made .
  8. How can the FA find a person guilty of an offence of which he has been found not guilty by the 'Law of the Land' ? Dreadful - smacks of 'persecution' instigated by the need to be seen to be 'politically correct'. Let's hope they are similarly inclined to follow a vindictive route against the individual when they adjudicate in the case of the forthcoming Bruce v SWFC' situation. I won't be holding my breath though. :-(
  9. Just looking at him , I don't thinking 'jogging' has featured in the Bruce repertoire for at least 10 years ....
  10. Looked deccent when he played - but 'injury prone' - and after years of experience funding crocks we all know what happens after that ...
  11. Many positives from the players - their playing style and effort today was so much better than what was served up as entertainment during the 'Lukuhuay months' , Well done both to the players and the coaching staff. Keep up the good work guys.
  12. Hector for sure , with Thorniley, Palmer and Westwood worthy runners up ...
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