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  1. Many positives from the players - their playing style and effort today was so much better than what was served up as entertainment during the 'Lukuhuay months' , Well done both to the players and the coaching staff. Keep up the good work guys.
  2. Hector for sure , with Thorniley, Palmer and Westwood worthy runners up ...
  3. I think both Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce are 'yesterday's men' who appear to be 'stale'; to have lost the drive they once had, and who no longer seem to have the enthusiasm or the will to introduce or effectively communicate fresh ideas to inspire either the fans , or the players as ( debateably) they once did. So while I believe we should be looking to change the manager , I would hope that neither of these 'once eminent gentlemen' is under serious consideration. In many ways the qualities they possess are similar qualities to those inherent in some of our more senior players. In my opinion , to appoint either would simply be a continuation of the suspect recruitment policy which has resulted in us being where we are today .
  4. If the team improves as much as the kit for the season ahead has done ... I'll be very happy .
  5. Well no , not really , because ( although most of L++ds achievements have come more recently than our own ) you are ignoring the second point I made about the impact of management/mismanagement. L++ds were for a time a 'Top 6' club winning trophies and with a galaxy of highly rated ( notwithstanding their tendency to be dirty ) players. With their demise, the various new management structures at Leeds with the Clough fiasco, Peter Ridsdale's reign ...and a series of poor signings and poor financial decisions have combined to outweigh the advantage they had of being the only club in a relatively large and prosperous conurbation . Poor management decisions can, and often do, outweigh financial clout - as we ourselves have seen over the last 3 years. Furthermore in the other case you cite of the Liverpool clubs .. during the period of their greatest achievements they were heavily backed by Vernons and Littlewoods the football pools companies which outweighed the relative poverty of the area. Not insignificantly , perhaps, their domination stopped with the demise of the football pools companies when the National Lottery was introduced in the early 90's ( as someone else in this discussion has already indicated ). Its a fine balance . You need the marketing potential of a large population ( the larger the better ) , a degree of community affluence , or a wealthy backer ( or both ) and a management team who make good decisions most of the time for a super-club to emerge.
  6. Sheffield's two clubs came into existence when the city was a thriving bustling industrial centre - both clubs were soon in or around the Premier League ( of the day ). Over the years the steady decline of the manufacturing industries has hit the wealth and status of the city hard - and also impacted upon both clubs' ability to thrive in a situation where money is tighter - and where other clubs , with , latterly, big money backers, in more affluent thriving cities in the UK have continued to grow . If we hope to compete with them again two clubs no longer makes sense in the situation we ( Sheffield ) find ourselves. - and is being prolonged by nostalgia and fierce and heartfelt partisanship - rather than logic. Over the last 3 seasons when we have had the money, poor management strategies - particularly in relation to recruitment , and marketing , has wasted ...or at least considerably deferred our opportunity to capitalise on .... what was our best chance for years to make the step up. This situation is not irredeemable - but will require careful and improved , management. The two club issue is more difficult to resolve given the entrenched views on many sides - but is something that must surely come one day - it is clearly our best chance of creating a really big club in this city. Say a club called Sheffield City - with blue and red stripes maybe - and with a regular 45,000+ supporter base ? If we don't want that - then we stay as we are. ... scraping along - with, hopefully, a few crumbs of success from time to time along the way.
  7. An unexpected and excellent result - won as a result of a LOT of hard work - well done to all
  8. Brilliant - why don't we adopt the same tactics at first team level ?
  9. Took the chances well - and saw the game out professionally and comfortably - big plusses on some of the stuff we've witnessed this season . Things are improving steadily .
  10. Increased confidence - and increased fitness have improved Atdhe's performances immensely. Do we therefore keep him ? I'm not so sure . Maybe offer a one or two year contract and see how it is received.
  11. A good player on his day - but injury prone - and playing in a style which will lead to further injuries - and bookings. Overall probably not a player to retain - notwithstanding his determination , skill - and ability to lift the squad . It's a difficult one this one . But overall , the negatives outweigh the positives . 'Head' has to rule 'heart' in these situations if we are to progress.
  12. On paper some of the signings we made were potentially good ones at the time - but this flies in the face of what also was blindingly obvious at the time - that the two biggest short comings in the squad were the lack of quality in central defence - and the lack of pace in the squad - issues which never were addressed until very recently , and then only in a 'stop-gap' fashion . Add to this the situation we now have in which there are a lot of aging players on big contracts that they no longer justify - having been bought at the tail end of their careers after their best days were well behind them - and you have a transfer policy stretching back over 2 seasons now which in hindsight is difficult to justify. Additionally over time , other shortcomings in the squad - at full back for instance - have now emerged as requiring attention - and the financial situation we find ourselves in seems to be that in order to address these problems - or simply to keep our heads above water - we may have to sell off some of our better younger players to meet the wage demands of the 'elderly hangers-on' who will be difficult to shift . Certainly the injury situation hasn't helped - but even had all our players been fit , the problems I have tried to highlight would still have been there requiring attention. Many of us saw these problems emerging a long time ago - so we are left wondering how the chairman , together with all his 'paid advisers' ( who appear, from the outside, to have had their own interests much more at heart than those of the club ) - and experienced staff members - failed either to see, or failed to take actions to resolve, these issues much earlier . I'm sure the Chairman acted with the best of intentions - since to have done otherwise with such a lot of his own money would seem to be at best ill-advised - and at worst just plain foolish - but the transfer policy over the last 2 seasons has been a major factor in our decline - and needs a structure ( and , at the very least, a new set of 'advisers' who have the best interests of the club at heart - together with a working knowledge of the game and the marketplace ) to be put in place now to rectify this matter. Maybe that is what Katrien Meire has been employed to address in the first instance ? So , if you have been , thank you for reading through this . Let's hope 'sunnier times' are just around the corner.
  13. Was anything said about the length of Jos's contract - will he be here next season ?
  14. The wrong strategies employed during the transfer windows back as far as the one after the Hull Final; the issuing of long and expensive contracts to players who were - or were soon likely to be - 'over the hill' ; and the mismanagement of the training and tactics by 'Carlos and Co.' - have all contributed to the cumulative crumbling of what was potentially a promising start when Mr Chansiri first arrived. We are now suffering the consequences of all this - and it will probably be a long and painful way back . First we need to ride out the Fair Play thing - then we need to offload the 'deadwood' holding us back, including the deadwood at management level ( which will not be easy to achieve ) - and third we need to change our recruitment strategy to one which adds pace, drive, youth and enthusiasm to the squad. A few stripes here and there might also help to lift the mood amongst supporters who can only sit back and watch with increasing trepidation at the moment.
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