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  1. When he signed he said his favoured position was centre back
  2. Been poo for over a year now, legs have gone.
  3. Got 9/1, cashed out after the Villa game. Disappointed in myself
  4. Grim Up North Retro has released these 3 on his site
  5. If the Terrace and the club are coming together to do retro shirts as the article suggests, They are gonna have to be very good to compete with the ones from FMConline. Got the green and white one from there and it is fantastic
  6. Hope plenty donate for this, Graeme Lee was a top lad for us at a difficult time
  7. Seems like we’ve had this core group of players for too long, looking forward to see who comes in to replace the out of contracters
  8. Needs to start producing when he starts
  9. Same for me, last minute decision, went with a couple of leeds fans who had a ticket spare
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