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  1. cheers for that It gets us up the pitch which we are incapable of doing by passing because we havent mastered that yet
  2. Best player again. Especially 1st half when he was driving at them and winning freekicks
  3. £5m he cost and ill be absolutely delighted to never see him in a Wednesday shirt ever again
  4. Same every week. Did one in 1st few minutes, 10 yards off his shins
  5. Not having Borner myself, gives freekicks away for fun and distribution tonight was as bad as the 3 clowns next to him.
  6. The fact we were clinging our hopes on Callum Patersons goals keeping us in this division says all we need to know about the shambolic recruitment we made in the summer
  7. You’ll not see many worse performances than what he chucked in 1st half. Could he look any less interested
  8. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/dejphon-chansiri-erik-alonso-wednesday-19727148.amp?__twitter_impression=true Soon as Alonso started talking to fans, you just knew he was getting carried away with himself
  9. Fish cake butty from chippy opposite Rawson Spring. Beautiful
  10. whether its right or wrong, it just shows he has no idea of football. Theres negativity everywhere, go on Liverpools or Man Citys twitter feeds, even they get it
  11. Erik Alonso. The fella whos instagram is screenshotted further up the thread
  12. I was thinking it could be Watford manager, they love a sacking
  13. quoting my own post here. 2 of the games weve had men sent off early. Hardly allowing for free flowing football with 10 men against decent sides as well tbf is it. We were good 1st half vs swansea and inevitably they were gonna come strong at us 2nd half. I dont think its as bad as people are making out. Certainly not going to judge pulis right now based on 4 games and none of his own players in
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