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  1. City offered him a new 4 year deal but he wants to get out and play. He must have something for City to want to keep him
  2. Only blessing for the lad is the lack of crowds at the minute, It’d be toxic for him right now if fans were in
  3. If they had a decent striker we’d have been 3 down at half time
  4. Seen enough of him bottling tackles/headers to last a lifetime. The penalty was all because he didnt want to head it.
  5. 12pts+ deduction and relegated as a consequence. Just can’t see us getting away with this
  6. It could be if the out of contract lads don’t get sorted and we’re left with just Rhodes
  7. Something not only the club should be looking at but also the FA. Wasting your time on here though, like another thread the other week about matchday experience, it’ll just be full of people saying “i only turn up for the football” “baffles me why people want to eat at a football game” “not bothered about having a drink” So many of our fans are happy just to turn up and accept mediocre service and facilities because its all they’ve known. We clearly have an ageing fanbase stuck in their ways.
  8. Look around on Twitter, loads of clubs are doing it. The club would get slated for not reducing them, Can’t win
  9. Just to have any plan at all would be a start.
  10. shocked how anyone could neg this, then saw who it was
  11. They smashed up the trams the other year as well, they should be marched to the ground like Leeds were. It was well known they were coming in good numbers today and were looking for trouble.
  12. The next round is getting played midweek, Could do without a trip to London! Home vs Man Utd would do for me
  13. Its a joke mate. Is it a case of South Yorks Police seeing football clubs as a bit of a cash cow? More segregation = More police in the ground = More money in the coffers? Or are they just incompetent
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