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  1. Hope plenty donate for this, Graeme Lee was a top lad for us at a difficult time
  2. Seems like we’ve had this core group of players for too long, looking forward to see who comes in to replace the out of contracters
  3. Needs to start producing when he starts
  4. Same for me, last minute decision, went with a couple of leeds fans who had a ticket spare
  5. I thought the ko time, sunday, on tv, would put a few off tbh
  6. Appreciate that mate, thankyou very much. Will Dm ya
  7. I’m a member but i really don’t want to risk waiting for Tuesday. Any season ticket holders not going who can help me out? Beer in it for you. Thanks in advance
  8. He was on the bench for Madrid this evening
  9. Derbys did against Chelsea earlier on in the season
  10. People getting a big carried away with big allocations. Forest got 2986 in last round
  11. Probably be answered in the 9 pages so far but i can’t see how the EFL would allow this kind of thing. Surely other teams would have gone down this route. Just doesn’t seem right to me
  12. His crossing is poo lets be honest. Cant pick a man out, most of them are drifted to the back post. Even worse when he has to slide one across the goal once hes made it into the box, Duck out of water. Modern day fullbacks need the ability to put a decent ball in. He is miles better than Baker though so he will have to do until we get a replacement.
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