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  1. No, They did theirs properly, We have tried backdating it to fit our problems.
  2. a short spell last season, probably not since 2018
  3. Not a chance in hell they would sell for that much. They are having a decent season, Good chance of promotion. Their Chairman would rather he went on a free next summer.
  4. SWFC 21 Luton 3 how the flip do you only give 3 fouls away in a game at any level?!
  5. Wonder if we’d still be in the same situation if the ground had been updated like these plans. Still no room outside Leppings, Still cramped for space all round the ground in fact. Imagine all that money getting spent and we still got done over by the SAG
  6. Biggest thing i took from it was how good the Balti pie and chips were, £5 as well. Highlight of the evening personally
  7. Seen someone say earlier there was 700 left of a 2800 allocation
  8. Pelupessy proved yet again he just isn’t good enough.
  9. Anyone who gets 56% pass accuracy should not be getting man of the match!
  10. Looked like he kicked something, maybe a bottle of water. Don’t think he went full Leon Clarke on us
  11. Great celebrations. Had some sunglasses land next to me, one lens a few feet away from the rest of the frame, Hope they wasn’t expensive
  12. Surely its just to prevent Everton fans getting in home ends? Just get a ticket before, not difficult
  13. Keeping one eye on our celebrations in front of the Kop but seeing Cairney boot a water bottle in front of the North and put his head in his hands....Priceless
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