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  1. Wtf am i reading here. Hes not had a ‘great game’ because of 2 or 3 slide tackles. If he wasn’t out of position in the 1st place he wouldn’t have to make them. Poor on the ball, touch is horrific, No ambition in his play and can’t pass. Apart from that, yeh brilliant
  2. Probably because we don’t score enough goals and hes never been given a decent crack at it. Can he do any better than what Rhodes is doing right now, i dare say he can
  3. So complaints have gone in against the police and instead of them getting their own house in order, They choose to fizz us over
  4. 3 players from Premier League teams who if fit would start every week for us? Realistically how are we going to get better than that
  5. Apart from what he said in this interview i’m sure he’s always distanced himself from the job in the past, definately no campaigning
  6. He wouldn’t have played yesterday if that was the case
  7. Same as last season. Hope we can sell it out. Going to be a decent session on the ale that day
  8. Does happen from time to time. Dont think you can do anything about it except keep trying
  9. When he signed he said his favoured position was centre back
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