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  1. Its a joke mate. Is it a case of South Yorks Police seeing football clubs as a bit of a cash cow? More segregation = More police in the ground = More money in the coffers? Or are they just incompetent
  2. We used to get 6k didnt we, some segregation that
  3. The thread is about home games tbf and you mention 0 of them
  4. i think you might want to read what he Actually wrote. “Awful for the 1st.2 good saves”. Not “awful for the 1st 2”
  5. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/season-ticket-packages-on-sale-now/ Unique to world football apparently, Theres a reason for this
  6. Wouldn’t mind us signing this lad on loan, tricky, direct, end product and hes a bit of a shithouse!, Wind up merchant.
  7. They voted him in their team of the decade last week, short memories. They’d have him back in a flash
  8. usually the season ticket holders who cant seem to grasp it. i know loads of lads who just arent bothered anymore, variety of reasons but cost is probably the most common
  9. Getting business done early. No doubt we will wait until the end of the month and get whats left. Just shows the lack of planning on all fronts around the club. Boro will have been working on them signing for weeks at a guess
  10. Sorry, thats what i meant. We’ve known it all this time and not done anything about it
  11. 38 games in 2016-17 3 games in 17/18 15 games in 18/19 We announced him on 13th July but he’d been with us a while before that so he did have a pre-season tbf.
  12. Are we really in a position to be spending ‘£5m or so’? Only the sentence before you mention us being under an embargo. Why don’t we for once try and do things right and just get 2/3 loans in
  13. This could have been posted 3 years ago
  14. One of the best atmospheres ive experienced in the North Stand in that Newcastle win, absolutely bouncing. We were brilliant that day as well
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