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  1. uptheowls

    2018/19 Membership

  2. Lincoln sold less than us so far
  3. If it means we don’t have to sell one of our decent players then its good for me
  4. uptheowls

    3 Pre Season games

    Bury, NAC Breda?, Lincoln, Mansfield, Villareal Thats 5 for a start
  5. uptheowls

    Away kit 2018/19

    Or they had some kids sizes that needed modelling
  6. uptheowls

    Friendly today

    Is it that one at Man Citys training ground?
  7. uptheowls


  8. If any season tkt holders aren’t going to Lincoln and are willing to help a fellow Owl out, Let me know!
  9. uptheowls

    The Wednesday Tap

    Yeh big opportunity for the pub there, they need some signage out on the day(s) and people maybe dishing leaflets out
  10. 1500-1700 tickets probably. Well looking forward to this
  11. uptheowls

    Lap of honour

    Fletcher, Fox, Jones, Hooper, Westwood, Van Aken were there. Didnt see Boyd or Hunt. Suspect they will have been
  12. uptheowls

    Loovens on Sunday

    Fair enough giving him a good reception after the game but people suggesting he starts when hes been a liability all season, Not for me.
  13. uptheowls

    Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Why cant we get these, Pretty sure the initial investment will be returned quickly. I went to Wembley the other week and they had these in the Green Man pub, No messing about whatsoever