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  1. whether its right or wrong, it just shows he has no idea of football. Theres negativity everywhere, go on Liverpools or Man Citys twitter feeds, even they get it
  2. Erik Alonso. The fella whos instagram is screenshotted further up the thread
  3. I was thinking it could be Watford manager, they love a sacking
  4. quoting my own post here. 2 of the games weve had men sent off early. Hardly allowing for free flowing football with 10 men against decent sides as well tbf is it. We were good 1st half vs swansea and inevitably they were gonna come strong at us 2nd half. I dont think its as bad as people are making out. Certainly not going to judge pulis right now based on 4 games and none of his own players in
  5. uptheowls


    1st season with Wednesday, came 12th, very inconsistent but slowly getting rid of all the deadwood. 2nd season, end of November, Assombalongas (500k) got 30 league goals already. Absolutely smashing it. Going to walk the league
  6. Massively. At least you know what you’re getting with Pulis, unlike Monk, I don’t even know what that was. Half hearted long ball, pray for a set piece or a decent ping from Bannan. Seen people slagging Pulis but wanting Megson in, weird
  7. Still makes me a little bit angry we lost that game. Chris Powell swinging on the crossbar
  8. it is literally hope for the best, long ball and see what happens. Laughable
  9. After all this time with Monk in charge I’m still yet to see what our gameplan is. What do they work on in training? Wing backs are basically just defending constantly, Wheres the attacking intent we saw from Harris at the start of last season? Are we just a long ball team? No problem with that if we even attempted to do it properly but we don’t. Half hearted balls floated to Paterson. On the rare occassions he wins it, theres no-one around him for seconds which makes it all pointless. Or are we just hoping Bannan can create a little bit of magic, a long diago
  10. what are they working with though? The service is abysmal
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