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  1. 1500-1700 tickets probably. Well looking forward to this
  2. uptheowls

    Lap of honour

    Fletcher, Fox, Jones, Hooper, Westwood, Van Aken were there. Didnt see Boyd or Hunt. Suspect they will have been
  3. uptheowls

    Loovens on Sunday

    Fair enough giving him a good reception after the game but people suggesting he starts when hes been a liability all season, Not for me.
  4. uptheowls

    Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Why cant we get these, Pretty sure the initial investment will be returned quickly. I went to Wembley the other week and they had these in the Green Man pub, No messing about whatsoever
  5. uptheowls

    A message to Jos

    No it is not! That formation and negative 1st half had absolutely nothing to do with us playing on Monday. It’s fear of playing the ‘mighty’ Preston
  6. uptheowls

    Jon Paul McGovern

  7. Get some of them posts up from the original thread
  8. They were lairy in town before the game and carried on when they got to Hillsborough corner. Then afterwards they were at it again, seen one of their lads get banged for shouting in one of ours faces near the tram stop. Police then, in their wisdom, walked all the little shits right down through Hillsborough again! Don’t usually expect it from Bolton
  9. Exactly, You need to take time with players, Especially coming from a country like Holland. In an ideal world with a full squad injury free, he’d have been coming on as a sub and getting used to the English game, Not chucked straight in starting most weeks
  10. uptheowls

    Better late than never...

    And nothing since until today is my point. Cheers though...Dopey
  11. uptheowls

    Better late than never...

    Advertising it 2 days before, Just about sums us up
  12. Some flouncing going off in here! This has been seen before, Manager views player as key part of squad, Places them in provisional squad, removes them at next stage. If the player has a good character, Good for the craic etc and i would say Westwood has that kind of character, Then its not a bad thing
  13. uptheowls

    Team for Tuesday night

    For 1 game until Abdi and Hutch break again?