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  1. uptheowls

    3 tickets for Forest away available

    Id be interested mate if youve still got them
  2. Not even tempted! But i’m sure they can’t be any worse than the baltis, they’ve gone downhill rapidly. Any of this new food in the North or is it South Stand exclusive?
  3. Get the most money for your charity by sticking them on ebay mate
  4. That seems to be the club summed up in one sentence. Tickets, Memberships, Items in the shop etc
  5. Not on todays form. He couldnt pass a ball 5 yards
  6. uptheowls

    The pen incident

    Stupid from Hutch
  7. uptheowls

    Ifollow is a joke

    Watching on my iphone, qualitys bang on but commentary a little too quiet
  8. uptheowls

    Embargo and the new keeper

    Correct, its more like £35k with that loyalty clause that was activated not long back
  9. Absolute madness. KW is one of the best keepers we’ve ever had. This is no way a footballing decision, Jos isn’t that stupid. Send Wildsmith out on loan and get him playing every week. Dawson can play in cup games and learn off Westwood as his number 2.
  10. Hi edited, You have negged me for politely posting an opinion that you don't agree with. In fact you negged most comments I made in the thread when no-one else did when we were having the discussion. I would never ever consider negging someone for simply posting an opposing view. I might do if their post was aggressive or just rude but just for being different... never.

  11. uptheowls


    Them blokes are taking over Wigan, In a consortium with Joe Royle who is sat next to them
  12. uptheowls

    On my way back/player ratings

    Whens he said that about an improvement in the defence?
  13. uptheowls


    No improvement on Semedo i’m afraid