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  1. Ah thanks for the reply’s . So if we get the right man in fast it could end up being a nice bit of business. Well done Mr C.
  2. If we are still under a soft embargo then do restrictions apply to hiring a new manager or does this not count? Just curious please be nice
  3. Shouldn’t have to explain himself. family first.
  4. Agreed. I give 100% to my job but my family comes first. Why should it be different for a football manager
  5. No pork here... just my lighthearted way of saying JOS OUT
  6. The song. It seemed to start at Wembley (I was singing it all day and loved it). Later the song felt like a curse over us as after Wembley the song continued as we slowly declined and I eventually started to hate it... maybe this adaption will lift the curse and send us flying up the league... Were on our way On our way To the third division Were on our way When we’ll get there... Early May How we’ll get there... Jos Luhukay All I know is Wednesdays on our way worth a try???
  7. I’m a huge bannan fan but I went to the WBA game and have to say the midfield looked the best it has all season. Onomah was going beyond the forwards a bit keiren Lee-esque if I dare say it
  8. From where I was sitting today in the south towards the kop it seemed as though Lee Bullen had to make Fessi put his hi viz thingy on and then pushed him in the back with both hands to get him to warm up on the touchline before he came on. Hope i saw this all wrong but just wondered if anyone else saw the same?
  9. Been a member for last god knows how many years. Always worked well as I’m a shift worker with a young family and can normally get to half of the home games and sit with my dad who is retired and has a season ticket. Was money well spent in the play off seasons as I had no ticket worries. £90 though? Wow. I’m out
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