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  1. How many games did Paul Warhurst make when by chance he turned turned into one of the most short term prolific strikers for Wednesday from being a defender. Just saying. I think Jos s hands are tied. He hasn't a pot to pish in so someone comes in for one of our rb's and he is forced to sell. Maybe no one was interested in Palmer. I think we are in the mire deeper than what most people think re finances.
  2. CLswfc

    What they up to?

    I wish people on here would refrain from taking the pish. Its obvious why there in London, its for the Mama Mia matinee.
  3. CLswfc


    If he had scored thirty come November there would still be planks on here who would be doubting him.
  4. CLswfc

    Wing Backs

    He really tore the World Cup to bits. Very rarely makes it to the end on most games.
  5. CLswfc

    Clare tho!

    Can't disagree with this. The root cause of all these issues Wednesday have been encountering is the players advisors. If they think they can get there client a better deal then so be it. We and always will be at the mercy of these vultures especially the development set up. Why does Wednesday continue to fork out thousands on this set up when the returns are so minimal. We wouldn't have all this bitterness being thrown around. Let some other club go through it and let Wednesday be the benefactor of a development player rather than the other way round. My personal feelings regarding Clare and Hirst are that they end up in something similar to the conference league. There agents would be getting 25% of fvvck all then.
  6. CLswfc

    Sean Clare

    IMHO you havent a clue as to what the circumstances are surrounding his contract. For all we know he might staying, might not but for one, you haven't a clue have you.
  7. CLswfc

    3 strikers

    Please leave gaps between words. Leg ends is two words.
  8. There's still a few week to kick off. There might be some twists and turns to yet. Wouldn't count the chickens just yet on the player retained list.
  9. Don't think there's hatred, just wazzed off with the amount of cash Wednesday have jiZZed on him whilst been here. Worse bit of business in Wednesdays history doesnt mean to say there is hatred against him. I don't hate him but Im as misrable as fizz.
  10. CLswfc

    Jack Hunt statistics

    It doesn't help I suppose when the person you are crossing to was possibly Rhodes. Now that would fornicate your stats up.!!!
  11. Well of course they would. Where's the evidence he is any way near doing that for Wednesday though. I think that might be the reason the club are wanting to offload him. Just a thought.
  12. I've given that some thought over the weekend and, your not far off. May need tweaking a little.
  13. CLswfc

    Team for 18/19

    This along with at least two others in that line up. Does anyone really know how the long term injury players are getting on fitness wise. Nuhiu as to start the first game irrespective of who's fit or who isn't. He is the inform striker, Hooper isn't. An extremly long term injury. Doubt he will hit the heights before he was injured..
  14. It as hit 28 degrees today. So lets have a little leeway.
  15. Few of the deadwood out, the good ones back to full fitness, don't really need any more signings, possibly the odd one, but no more.