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  1. CLswfc

    Forcing high earners out?

    I think that's exactly whats happening. So how is that quite a few on here think that the manager is at fault for not picking them or freezing them out. That unfortunately is not his doing so just another example of the manager made the scapegoat.
  2. I think you may have contradicted yourself comparing the last match with your last sentence.
  3. CLswfc

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    At a guess I would say the photo was took around August time. That photo isn't recent. Thought id just mention it. A little bit of propaganda nonsense going on.
  4. CLswfc

    A few names.....

    Common sense doesn't go down well on here. We all know the financial restraints but most want JL gone. Wheres the compo coming from. Also we have the set of shi*e players who recently bar the odd one or two have been a disgrace to wear the Shirt. Was that the managers fault was it hell like. So how exactly would a new name turn this around whilst the contracts are still inforce. Easy, no one, so we or should I say the chairman as to stop signing ageing players looking for a final pay day. All this crap about sacking Jos is rubbish.
  5. CLswfc

    Must read

    Like when Boyd alluded to the fact they did jacksh*t at training. I'm sure that was a lie as well. They had fitness coaches here before JL so how does that one work then. Whats your take on that.
  6. CLswfc

    How many games...

    So by that reckoning, I would assume that if he did sack JL, because of DC's attitude and his football acumen or lack of, it will still be in a shambles with a new manager. So do folk on here really know what's going on or more to the point what they want. Firing from the hip seems a favourite pastime. Sack the manager seems to be the stock response for the mess we are in. That doesn't even scratch the surface with what is wrong with this club in my opinion. Start with the root cause and work through the issues systematically or this ain't going to go away. Fire fighting at best. No two ways about it, all the propaganda what came from MM re passing the club onto a responsible and able person wasn't the case.
  7. CLswfc

    Todays training...

    Maybe we should all get them to form a group half round the running track to pose for nice smiley pictures. That should eleviate the 1000th conspiracy theory on here. If the Star had any decent reporters they would have field day reading this site.
  8. I think he was Barnsley's manager before us. I might be wrong though.
  9. CLswfc

    How many games...

    Well he obviously thinks by your reckoning that he is effective.
  10. CLswfc

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Well all 3 have been consistant performers for Wednesday. Oh wait a minute. Sorry should have said 'Should be consistant performers. ones crap, ones disciplinary and injury record sucks and the other well, enough said. I would say Jos has been dealt a crock of sh*t with those 3 to be honest.
  11. CLswfc

    Wawaw sri lanka

    Why would a German be supporting England or Sri Lanka for that matter.
  12. CLswfc

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    I cant really recall anyone saying that pal. However the financial problems with FFP may dictate a few things which the majority may like or dont want to see happen. Personally, the manager isn't the main issue with the problems at the club.
  13. CLswfc

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    One appears to still be employable, the other isn't or doesn't that fit the agendas flying around. Just an observation which cannot be questioned at this time.
  14. CLswfc

    Forcing high earners out?

    If its contractual issues it as F**KALL to do with the manager. Why cant folk get it into their heads. Its not difficult to comprehend. For all you or I know, these players are doing their upmost to get the manager sack by refusing to play, causing havoc in the dressing room and so on. WE DONT KNOW THE REAL REASONS SO STOP SPECULATING.