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  1. This site is becoming a farce. Same topics keep appearing. Some on here are starstruck as its a case 'look at me look at me'. FFS.
  2. CLswfc

    Marco Matias

    Nowt to do with his fitness that's why he isn't even considered at present for the u23's. Jos as already said he ain't going to disrupt them for him. Strange he did it for Hooper and Lee so that tells you everything you need to know about Abdi.
  3. CLswfc

    Time to turn up

    Well I think that's put paid to Securicor turning up to take the takings from POTG fans.
  4. CLswfc


    It was McGinns foot that caused the goal. Both the headers were just incidentals.
  5. Why was it necessary to start another thread on this subject?
  6. CLswfc

    Time to turn up

    Those prices are going to whet the taste buds.
  7. CLswfc


    There might be some substance in that.
  8. CLswfc


    Changed it fer yer.
  9. CLswfc

    Goal of the season

    Lets move on. Oppositions goal not ours, and I can't recall the opposing team having a spun*fest over Bannans goal at the time.
  10. Pmsl at that one. Now thats funny in a creepy kind of way.
  11. CLswfc

    Steve Bruce

    If it is, surely its got to end up on some national forum. Its just unbelievable Jeff.
  12. CLswfc

    If we play like that on Friday

    If we could just put some consistancy together. We haven't played that well this season yet we are just 4 points off top. We have the likes of FF, Hooper, Lee, Hutchinson not really featured this season. If everyone starts firing on all cylinders, this league is there for the taking and I believe Jos is the man who could do it. Keep it up lads.
  13. Ill keep this simple. Shall we have a poll to see if Zico suffers from premature ejac.... sorry meant forecasts.
  14. I think that was abundantly clear 10 minutes after it was started. But its the doom and gloom of this forum which keeps it ticking over.