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  1. U23s v QPR

    Not knowing what as gone off and I'm sure no one actually does know, what is clear, if he (Hirst jnr) was up to it to start in the first 11, then I'm sure he would have been given his chance. This is down to him being David Hursts son, nothing more. Folk are on about if we could pay the likes of McGugan and co vast amounts then why not up his offer. We had no choice as the others were tied into contracts. We have a choice with Hurst jnr. He should get the going rate for a youth/development player irrespective who his father is. If he is good enough then fine, there's no evidence at this stage he can make the step up. Its all ifs and buts. If he wants to leave then let him. We have witnessed over the years the large amount of players who have either held the club to ransom or took our eyes out with extortionate salaries. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.I would also suggest that if this would go to tribunal, then I'm sure the figure which would possibly be agreed upon would reflect the offers Wednesday have turned down from those clubs who were willing to pay a certain fee. i.e Leicester 2mil.
  2. Hooper

    It got the desired effect.
  3. Wonder why some folk always tempt fate. Never learn, do they.
  4. Colin's Comments

    The only comparison I can make between the two is one is a cheat. SUFC v WBA is testament to that. Should have been kicked out of football after that game.
  5. What about the corner. As that been condemned? That must hold nigh on 750 to 1000.
  6. Annoyed.

    Well your not exactly hundreds of miles away. Just over an hour in the car. Takes me nearly that long from sodding Intake.
  7. Adam Reach

    He still cant tackle or isnt that a requirement these days to be a all round defender.
  8. Adam Reach

    Decent player who still cant tackle. I would say that is one of the main attributes of a defender.
  9. fredrico

    It might turn out to be a Winnall and Rhodes scenario. Strange we brought in two Centre Backs considering Pudil was playing well there and Hutchs best position is there when fit. Potentially we now have 6 centre halves.
  10. Fernando who ??

    That's the main area we are lacking which would make the team a worthy contender for top two, pace.
  11. Fernando who ??

    Sorry that should have read KL not KR who ever the f**k he is!!
  12. Fernando who ??

    I agree. This club isn't just about FF. A gifted player but hopefully a saleable asset. Too much emphasis on this player and not enough on the rest of the team in my opinion. We are far worse off without Kieran Lee than we will ever be without FF. FF is replacable, KR isn't.
  13. Imagine Keiran and Roland Nillson in the same team. Awesome pair of top professionals any team would be proud of and on the team sheet first.
  14. Team 4 Brentford

    I think some of these team suggestions indicates they are underestimating Brentford.