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  1. I still don't detect any bile from the OP who by the way I don't know from'Adam' so your letting but don't let your untruths get in the way of mine. But if anyone's got an issue lets hear it. Have I quoted bile in any shape or form. No course I haven't . You have started this key board war but continue. Ill stick with my beliefs and I wont let little boys and his mates get in the way.
  2. Well take it up with me buddy. Nothing to do with common decency or lack of respect. We as a club have had the pi** took out of us for too long and it just continues. If you comfortable in the club waiting for some one who may be taking an holiday for whatever reason then he or anyone else cant complain if the chairman thinks f**k it Ill get some one else in. Jesus, the meltdown on here would be unmentionable. But lets all sit and wait for this 40 a week manager because it doesn't really matter, as the other guy who as had abuse recently on here is doing a good job managing the 1st team anywa
  3. Well what. Folk don't like the truth but then again what do you expect with 'sheep' mentality. What as the OP or myself said so bad that its got quite a few people rattled. Nothing disrespectful at all its just that you all have to follow suit which is quite farcical. We are only saying what quite a few are thinking but cant say it because of the fear of upsetting the resident clowns. If you read the threads you will all know where I sit. If you have an issue come and discuss it like a grown man . Are you a grown man or am I being presumptious..
  4. Hey up pal, I'm catching you up with the red arrows. Its the same old muppets who do it.
  5. That's another thing, the grammar Police are lining up to attack, attack attack. Its a psychological thing, its a test to see if you are mentally messed up enough to keep on posting past the magical 500 mark. Then its plain sailing
  6. Wonder if he is aware of mine. But at least I attend sodding matches.
  7. Here they come. Old Richie B as put is head above the parapet but didn't say why. Keyboard warrior mentality
  8. The main reason you got your infamous red ticks is that you have less than 500 posts. Fact. That's this site for yer. I do my hardest to get those pansy looking green ticks off mine but its not working too well. Maybe this post might gee a few up.
  9. I don't think so, just that most on here haven't got he gonads to say owt.
  10. We all lose family members but doesn't mean you still cant grieve. So is he prepared to lose the best paid job outside the Premier because he wants quality with his family. He s in the wrong profession then. That is the reason they get handsomely paid because of the expectations and the fact that during the playing season they are EXPECTED to be present at all times.. I really hope that someone else comes In and nicks the pinnicle of his career appointment. Its nice to be in a position where you can think, 'They can wait until I'm ready'
  11. Even if he regains full fitness, considering his age, the fact he has been out of the game for so long, certainly no good to us anymore. Might whet the appetite of some 1st div club.
  12. I suppose they cant get accused of constantly posting crap if only got an handful of posts.
  13. Pie in the sky stuff, but why not. It sounds plausable but what do I know.
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