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  1. Danny Batth

    Oh I'll keep biting just like you if that's what floats your boat pal. Grow up and have a go at the many other posters who don't really want Batth in the side. Simple ain't it. Your becoming the minority which isn't necessary a good thing ain't it. I made a comment about the fact there was a reason Batth wasn't in the Wolves side but it really looks like that struck a nerve with you. There is some serious infatuation between you and Danny Batth. Personally I'd invest in the likes of Thornley who is one of OURS and he looks like he's COMMITTED to Wednesday. So take your blinkers off and look to the future. Batth is history like many other ex loan players Wednesday have had on there books.
  2. Danny Batth

    Sarcasm is really wasted on you. Ok your infactuated with Batth and now Ben 10 it appears. Lets agree to disagree because. To be honest Im long enough in the tooth not to let football get me down or even angy. Try going out for a pint with your mates and chill thats if your old enough. Football isn't really worth getting blood pressure up and accuse people of things when you dont even know them. Bless you my son!!
  3. Danny Batth

    I think Sasso is brill and I hate the sight of Ben 10. Hows that grab yer. Was that angry enough
  4. Keep your friends close keep your enemies even closer. Well done that man, Jos.
  5. Denim

    Whats a setee. Thought that was an Indian musical instrument.
  6. At least the latter 3 are something the former 3 aren't. That's injury free. We could have Messi etc in the team. No good on the treatment table. Anyway whats wrong with Pelupessy
  7. To be honest I wouldn't care if Leeds finished top provided we finished 2nd next year.
  8. Westwood in demand?

    We have two young cracking keepers on ours books. One experienced keeper on megabucks who incidentally is still injured , the FFP. This boils to having good business sense. If some team really want to take that gamble then it would be foolhardy to resist it. I rate Westwood, but I also rate the other two keepers.
  9. 33 year old, with a long term groin problem is wanted by a rival club. The outlet The Sun. Dear deary me. Not worth posting in my opinion.
  10. Danny Batth

    At least you have found the button which as been reinstated. Twice on same post. Oh dear oh dear. Jack.Get a life pal. More to life than Danny Batth.
  11. Danny Batth

    Trouble with folk like you , you resort to personnel insults because you cant find your dummy. Mines lovely. by the way. Probably when you have sobered up in the morning you may reflect on the crap you have spouted tonight, hey Jack.
  12. Danny Batth

    Are you quoting me there by any chance. Also you did quote that he was better than what we have then you changed your mind and said not as sgood as Lees. I think your getting knickers in a twist pal. Are you really sure your talking about Danny Batth.
  13. Danny Batth

    We dont blacklist players at all. McGuigan for one but look how that turned out.
  14. Danny Batth

    Is he better than Hutch . No. Go on. What about Thornley while we are at it, or Uncle Tom Cobley. You are obviously a Batthite so we will leave it at that. He must be the only CB who would get in the Wednesday side. How do you know he would be available. It does make a difference you know.