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  1. Done with it all

    He will have to give it more thought for next season.
  2. Bored

    There are too many home games where we are on the backfoot. The amount of 50/50 headers we lose, the amount of times we get out muscled. Tactitcally inept, a team playing as though they are all strangers with one another. Whether Wednesday are in your blood or not, folk arnt going to stump up hard earned cash to watch this shower trying to perform.
  3. I think you are about 6 months too late. But nice effort.
  4. Done with it all

    I don't think many more wont either.
  5. So Bannan is the whipping boy again. He was the only yesterday who the tenacity go burst through and at least try and get us a goal. Same against Villa when Rhodes scored. You and quite a few on here are so blinkered it makes me think you only read the papers as you certainly cant go to the same games as me. Try looking at Loovens, Lees and Fox at putting the ball sideways and backwards FFS. If Bannan goes we are well and truly f**ked.
  6. Bannan too deep

    CC is the coach and not the manager. There lies the problem. It is he who coaches these negative tactics. Both Bannan and Hooper were totally brassed off yesterday having to do the work of two players each because of CC's sodding tactics.
  7. CC doesn't even talk about promotion unlike a weeks ago.. He now refers to us being one of the top teams. I don't even think our manager shares your optimism. No team deserves or warrants to be promotion contenders after a tactically inept performance like yesterday. If goes to show, the Villa game was the exception and not the rule. The Villa game changed nothing.
  8. This season was lost months ago. Mid table at best. Westwood who constantly time wastes even when we are 0-0 at home. Thats either his tactics or CC's. We pay good money to watch that. Maybe Westwood needs a wake up call hence the reason he doesn't get the International call up many on here believes he should.

    He also use to say we will get promotion now its not being far from being a top team. The guy is blowing smoke up everyones ar*es. The Villa game was a fluke by Wednesdays performances as yesterday is testament of us getting back into the same old. He talks about a clean sheet, well CC, I would sooner win 4-3 and get 3 points, but you obviously cant see it. This guy is untouchable. Another disgraceful disjointed team performance.
  10. Westwood 7. Dont make me laugh. He flapped at one in front of the kop and got away with it. He is the biggest time waster I have seen and still does it when its 0-0 at home and theres folks on her giving him the MOM.
  11. I think our LB is. He couldnt even kick it past there man to get the ball down the line. Shocking performance.
  12. Like someone had already said, marching this guy the full length of the pitch, past loads of kids, 2 technical areas. Is there anything at S6 they can get right. Its a sodding fiasco.
  13. "Jordan, after the warm up session tomorrow, its your job to collect all the small cones up, theres a good lad.'Now be grateful Ive put you on the bench"
  14. That should read 'wouldn't' at the end. Sodding keyboard