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  1. West Brom did some good business signing Brunt from us. Wasnt it £4m and gave 13 years service to them with 9 of those in the PL.
  2. Far cheaper to replace the manager than an entire team that was 3rd at xmas. Time to act dc!
  3. Well it is up to Bully to turn it around.
  4. There aint no decent experienced managers about for this league. The ones who were available said no or went to Newcastle, and nobody wants Colin. We need another answer.
  5. We are facing a points deduction next season, unless DC did sell the stadium to someone?
  6. One of our own was asked to leave the ground. Anyone know what happened?
  7. Players always pull out for various reasons and many are club reasons. Sven managed 67 games for England in 5 years...compare that to Giggs and his 64 games in 17 years. Now the guy is their manager. Lunacy!
  8. Relegation battles are exciting......at least we have something to play for this season.
  9. I made a post above Jos looking lost on the touchline.......and not being animated. I was ridiculed....
  10. 7 points from 6th spot tonight if we had put Reading and Millwall away. The boys must be kicking themselves.
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