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  1. As our prized asset right now......I doubt he will be going anywhere unless someone makes us an offer we cannot refuse. With no soft embargo until April, there is no reason to sell in January.....we can plod on in the hope of scraping 6th spot (we need a miracle). However, I suppose he could depart in the summer to get us out of the embargo if we needed cash. If we do get a soft embargo in April, this may impact us offering new deals to players. Westwood's contract is up in the summer I believe. Hooper's also.
  2. MysticOwl

    Club 1867 Launch

    Well if fans bought a least two years worth of season tickets.....it really would help us out.
  3. MysticOwl

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    See the reactions to my first comment on this thread...
  4. MysticOwl

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    The handball in the 2nd half.... So the boo's at HT from all corners? Care to explain that?
  5. MysticOwl

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    Well, let me think back to the dozens of people around me on the south stand complaining about him...... 1. 2nd half penalty 2. No using his yellow cards 3. Ignoring fouls on some of our players 4. The list goes on.... Even at half time he was escorted off the pitch with stewards as the fans boo'd him..... Geezuz!!!!!
  6. MysticOwl

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    I dont know what game you were at yesterday, but you were not at Hillsborough.
  7. MysticOwl

    Still can’t see

    The music is shocking......
  8. MysticOwl

    Will P&S kill us and the FL?

    You are looking through the eyes of the past...... When P&S kicks in and this 3 year rolling period catches up for all clubs.....they will need to balance the books and not invest. Then....when the PL's parachute payments rise over the next few years it will create a divide. The PL money is only going to grow and it may even be picked up by Netflix or Amazon Prime. So clubs coming down will have a huge advantage.
  9. MysticOwl

    Will P&S kill us and the FL?

    Well, it will also keep the PL clubs (as they are) in the top tier. Some will yo-yo. But ultimately the FL will become stale and predictable.
  10. So I did some thinking on the way home from the match today and this is what I concluded. P&S is a new thing in the FL so it hasnt really taken effect yet. But give it another 1-3 years (when the 3 year rolling situation kicks in) this is what you are going to see..... The top 3-6 clubs in the Championship will be yo-yo'ing with the PL because of parachute payments keeping them higher than anyone else. 7-12 the likes of us, Leeds, Forest, Derby etc because we have the next highest revenue / gates. Then below that Blackburn, Hull and Wigan. Then below that Rotherham and the rest...because they have the least revenue. This is all because it will all come down to revenue i.e. the clubs with the biggest gates will create the most revenue and be able to hire the better players. Over a period of time you will eventually see the entire FL evening out with finishing league positions in line with the highest to lowest gate attendances. Clubs will finish on average in line with their revenue streams. So the highest gated clubs will be the stronger clubs. There is always an exception to the rule of course i.e Huddersfield. But Millionaire owners will not be keen to buy football clubs with lower gates and particularly with the challenges of P&S with transfer embargo's, fines and points deductions. This will suffocate the lower leagues as the teams who play there will never mount a challenge to be a better club. If you are a Formula 1 fan......you may recall when they changed the rules so that the cars had to run the entire race on a full tank of petrol. This was before kers and dls. Basically what happened was, after the first lap none of the cars could over take each other because they were all weighted roughly the same. So....the answer lies in bigger gates at Hillsborough.
  11. MysticOwl

    50 point margin

    The OP is a doom n gloomer.
  12. Here you go DC, this is what you need to do. Hire a bunch of actors to buy season tickets. Chinese actors and musicians are going to the World Cup to cheer for North Korea, after China itself failed to qualify for the tournament. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/world-cup/7719050/Chinese-actors-to-cheer-for-North-Korea-during-World-Cup.html
  13. MysticOwl


    100% this!!!