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  1. Hutchinson

    Yeah someone said he was ready a few weeks ago. But as you say, all rumours and would he really tell the fans that?
  2. Hutchinson

    Well mate, the talk on FB is that he said he is ready. Just wondered if others had spoken to him? You can wind your neck in now.
  3. Anyone get Sam's autograph (at the Villa match) and ask him when he is back?
  4. Poor Game Management

    Its not just 1 game though is it. Millwall?
  5. Ok, so the next game is unlikely to feature many of the players who played 90 minutes today. Yes, lets look forward to that. 1 striker away at Swansea with possibly no subs used. Ohh and its live on the BBC for the world to see.
  6. Ever get the feeling

    Have you seen the league table mate? The cup is not on. Reach and Joao are very unlikely to feature because they played 90 minutes today. Oh and Clare is cup tied.
  7. Poor Game Management

    Jos doesnt drive much enthusiasm in me with his interviews. He just states the obvious. His tactics dont excite me either. I am dreading the next two away games which I am going too. The line ups are going to be bobbar.
  8. Ever get the feeling

    We could be in the bottom 3 in a month so we will bloody need them.
  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/video/football/hull-star-robert-snodgrass-wins-a-penalty-under-minimal-contact-from-scott-dann/ He dives a lot
  10. Ever get the feeling

    I really do wonder if our injuries are a smokescreen for financial savings.
  11. Pudil

    Playing for a new contract isnt he.
  12. Team vs. Swansea

    The boys on the bench will start.
  13. Out of curiosity I looked this up. I was wondering if there was an obvious lack of fitness link to the goals that we concede. Here are the timings of the goals that we have conceded this season. A total of 44 goals. Your thoughts?
  14. 60 Minutes

    Id rather player the players/make the changes and at least try. The last 2 games we have lost without trying (playing strikers/using subs). I think this was brought up in the press conference on Thursday.
  15. Extremely Frustrated...

    No strikers vs Millwall No subs vs Villa 1 word = Bonkers!