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  1. North of Meadow Hall. Use google maps images. M road there too.
  2. I posted two pictures with a dual carriageway by each stadium....I am sure if you looked hard enough you would find many stadium with these facilities.
  3. I was waiting for you to try and catch me out. I said PL stadium's, not PL clubs.
  4. Now you are just moving the goal posts.... Many of the English clubs stadiums are poor. The better ones are in London but cost too much due to London prices. You only have to google Forest Green Rovers new stadium to see what designs are possible. I do think we need to look at European designs to be modern. This is Forest Green Rovers plans...
  5. The picture shows the Allianz Arena.
  6. It is not what I think.... But our concourses are too small and stairwells are not wide enough for modern society standards. SYP wont let us sell out, we are at risk of flooding, cars are being broken into most games outside the ground, we have a sour reputation with the name Hillsborough. Looking ahead we need to think 90 years ahead.... Something like this but maybe with a capacity of 45k with the allowable development to increase it to 60 plus in years to come (but obviously not within this price range). But you get the idea of the space around the stadium. Perhaps if the FA get a World Cup big accepted in the next 10 years we should start planning then. A big dream but 20 years ago people would have thought you were barmy if you said you could do your banking on your phone.
  7. We are at capacity right now with SYP and co. We are also in a flood risk area with no rail links and no M road close by. If we do want to be in the PL we will need a PL stadium when we stay there... Right now we have an old division 1 stadium as much as I love her.
  8. CF83OWL

    Premier league 2

    Lots of correct observations made in the previous posts above... And lets not forget, the whole reason the PL was created with the top clubs breaking away was for them to get their own tv deal to bring in funds. They felt the EFL had let them down. History repeating itself maybe? Personally, I think we need a whole new football pyramid due to the financial effects of the PL. Just consider yourself to be Rotherham. Not quite strong and big enough financially to get out of the Championship, but big enough and strong enough to get out of League 1. I also seem to recall Dave Allen basically saying we had the best budget in the league when we got relegated to League 1 in the early 00's. Basically because of our fan base. Also, if there is a PL 2 then allowing Rangers, Celtic and Hearts to enter would it would increase the value of the TV package and be good for their business too.
  9. CF83OWL

    Premier league 2

    All the clubs need to do is break away from the FL and create an independent organisation where each club is a member. This is what the PL did when it was the old first division. The PL would need to approve it though.
  10. CF83OWL

    Premier league 2

    Its gonna happen... They will probably make it 18 teams too and cut down the prem league to 18 teams with it....
  11. The long term plans would be a move away from Hillsborough sadly. It would be cheaper to build a new stadium than update the current one to modern standards. It also wouldnt conflict with season fixtures. A new stadium by the M1 with rail link would be superb. As long as the new stadium is blue and it isnt some bog average Swansea stadium then the fans would eventually accept it. So many modern stadiums have no atmosphere. Bristol away for example. Hopefully by the time we get a new stadium safe standing will be allowed.
  12. Millwall Away Bristol Away WBA Home Tactical errors made
  13. CF83OWL

    Clean Sheets

    I am either psychic or we have a leak in the ship somewhere....