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  1. CF83OWL

    South Stand Announcer

    The new recording sounds very posh....
  2. I offer private readings for monopoly money. PM me for further info
  3. I looked in my crystal ball today.... It spoke to me.... This is what it said..... Westwood, Jones and Boyd will be released from the club in the summer. They will be offered new contracts at other clubs and play more than 25 games a season for them....
  4. CF83OWL


    Bruce - out of work SWFC - needing a new manager The media - add the dots together to make a story.... It is all paper talk.....no truth in it at all....there are gonna be some unhappy fans when Jos turns up at Swansea to keep their dugout seat warm.
  5. CF83OWL

    Alan Nixon

    Nah mate....before you jump the gun. Ask why Mick left Ipswitch first. He left the club without a job lined up. That says to me something else was going on behind the scenes.
  6. Bossed about: Fergie was animated on the touchline during the win over City......was the write up under the photo.
  7. CF83OWL

    Alan Nixon

    Nixon dont have a clue.... We came out of the embargo and he said that wasnt gonna happen...
  8. CF83OWL

    Forum on 20th

    Right now most fans are unhappy. The only thing we need is facts. We dont need more nonsense.....we saw enough of that today on the pitch.
  9. CF83OWL

    Next season

    On the plus side.....if he is still here next summer. You might be able to get better seats with less people renewing.
  10. CF83OWL

    Next season

    I have been saying the same thing for a number of weeks now.
  11. CF83OWL

    Sam Hutchinson

    Jos could have the Man City team and make them look like Aldershot Town with his tactical style.
  12. CF83OWL

    Forum on 20th

    It went on to say, ‘the chairman is urging in particular any fans who use the platform of social media to leave untrue and potentially damaging posts to attend and address any concerning issues face-to-face.’ Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owner-dejphon-chansiri-to-address-fans-concerns-at-open-forum-with-no-subject-off-the-agenda-1-9476750 Are your posts not damaging by saying DC is unhappy? And wants to sell? You said the following: 1 hour ago, Spencerowl said: Neg away, I guarantee nothing, just know it’s been discussed, and meetings happened and he’s a very unhappy boy. As I’m not privileged enough to be in said meetings I’m taking overheard conversations, calls made in my presence. I have worked with people very close to DC, And several from the club over the last 9 months sporadically. So yeah......you might wanna think before you lie.
  13. The RS reporter on P or G tonight said it was irrelevant that Jos wasnt on the touchline. Ok then mr reporter.....then explain to me why every opposition we face at S6 have their manager in on the touchline? Are they just there to make random hand gestures? And explain what two of the most successful managers of the modern era are doing right here.....
  14. CF83OWL

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    The reality is we have a bigger squad than he is willing to use.... He is blaming the old regime. If Boyd, Jones, Hutch and Westwood and are injured then why not tell us that? But in reality.....they are not injured. They are just ignored...
  15. CF83OWL

    Forum on 20th

    You are claiming to have sources and revealing information that has been denied in the press (to be true by your source). DC is holding a forum meeting because of the likes of your posts on social media. Pull the other one mate.....claiming you are ITK on Owlstalk is hilarious.