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  1. DC doesnt fear a fine, he fears point deductions.... We aint skint. Skint is when you sell your best players.....have we done so?
  2. As DC said, listen to what he says not what you want to hear....
  3. We are not skint, we are just not allowed to spend more cash....
  4. I expect if a player is not included and is injury free...then that player was probably told to start looking for a new club. Jones and Westwood are high earners and offer little in return / or are replaceable for less money.
  5. CF83OWL

    Reach as LWB

    Boyd offers nothing....
  6. CF83OWL

    Another pathetic manager

    Millwall Away Bristol Away Have we forgotten?
  7. CF83OWL

    Reach as LWB

    For those who do not understand a LWB's purpose...
  8. CF83OWL

    Reach as LWB

    JT is not a natural LWB and the idea of a LWB is to run up the pitch. Cafu anyone?
  9. Surely this is the most obvious position for Reach in the current formation?
  10. Didnt Nuhiu sign a 2 year deal a few months ago?
  11. If we are nowhere near the play offs by the end of January, expect players to be sold.... We are gambling that we make progress this season.....at least up until then.
  12. CF83OWL

    Owls v Arsenal

    We got relegated from the PL the season before parachute payments started.
  13. Did you attend the forum meeting then? Or did you just read a few rants on Owlstalk and make your mind up?
  14. CF83OWL

    Fletcher - good news

    Fletcher could easily get 10 goals a season if used right, but so could Nuhiu, Joao and Fessi... We really need a useful position for Fletcher...
  15. CF83OWL

    Pay them off

    Free transfers wont work as you still have to pay up their contracted wages for the length they signed for.