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  1. I didn't expect any signings in the previous transfer window, then Hector & Onomah arrived so you never know.
  2. Could be up to 6k if we are given the entire stand
  3. Looks like 4231 to me, just like against Preston, with slightly different personnel in Bannan & Hutch starting. Onomah a bit unfortunate to get dropped.
  4. Wonder if Hutch asked to play, just like Westwood?
  5. Hutch, Boyd & Wildsmith all start.
  6. You get more info out of North Korea than you do out of S6 these days..
  7. Parrott71

    Half Season Tickets

    So if you want to go on the South, for 11 games, that equates to nearly £34 per game for an Adult!
  8. Parrott71

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    4231 Thorniley left back. Fletch up top on his own. Joao Matias and Reach supporting. Maybe?????
  9. Looks like 4231 with Fletch up front on his own.
  10. I don't think people are nervous, more just hoping if we lose it isn't a reyt hammering.
  11. We've used 29 players in 16 games, even with the injuries that's too many.
  12. Same tactics and formation we used v Villa. That turned out well.