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  1. Same tactics and formation we used v Villa. That turned out well.
  2. Salaries have gone up from £17m to £26m. That's for the whole club not just players.
  3. Parrott71

    BBC pundits tonight

    They'll have an ex Swansea player on and some other ex player that's got nothing to with Swansea or Us.
  4. Celtic had a bid for the Motherwell Keeper Trevor Carson rejected, probably why Westwood is being linked, just back from injury and not guaranteed first team spot.
  5. Parrott71

    Forget the 4-4-2

    Considering he's only had 1 or 2 training sessions I would expect 442 today. Could see something different for the Brentford when he's had a bit longer with them on the training pitch.
  6. Parrott71

    New player signings

    That Dutch CB in and several young players going out on loan and maybe 1 or 2 fringe players from the first team squad going out on loan. Don't expect us to actually sell anyone.
  7. Better opposition and players wont let you have the space Chesterfield gave us last night.
  8. They had 30 attempts with 13 on target, according to the stats.
  9. Parrott71


    The away kit makes us look like Hull. Home kit looks alright.
  10. Parrott71

    Sunderland allocation

    They may get 1500 more if SAG/SYP allow it.
  11. Think we will finish 10th, cant see us making the playoffs.
  12. Parrott71

    QPR cat C

    No ticket prices for the North either for the Sunderland game. Can this club do anything right.
  13. Parrott71

    SAG and SYP own goal?

    Rangers allocation was 7000 and they have sold out, they have asked for extra ticket but I don't know if they will get them.