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  1. One of the most clueless managers we have ever had sacked. Westwood back in goal and a clean sheet Three points better off and now a gap of 8 points to bottom three who are really struggling and 45 points should be enough A new proven English manager in this division with good contacts on his way Don't know about you but feeling a bit more positive tonight, Merry Xmas everybody WAWAW.
  2. This is mine Funniest thing ive seen all day mate .
  3. thanks for the positive debram, I read your posts and agree with you. Good to see fellow owls with common sense.
  4. What a joke please can we sack this joker of a manager sacked tonight, Its not often I speak on this site but I have had enough ,
  5. Yes owler I see what your saying, all records and bad runs seem to end against us but look at it the other way Villa are decent at home and maybe due to lose pal.
  6. Aston Villa 0 Wednesday 2 Rhodes scores before half time then Villa put us under pressure second half then a superb ball from Bannan who is having the game of his life feeds Rhodes on the break and he gets his second then runs to the away fans and kisses his badge OVO .
  7. Fellow owls, gonna match tomorrow and got a sneaky feeling we are gonna get something. I hope Carlos starts with Rhodes and we run at Terry, think this is the sort of game Wednesday can thrive on as I don't feel there is any pressure on us. I have been to the last two away games and I will be going to Reading after tom, I have seen a lot of our fans fighting amongst themselves and I don't want to see it again. Lets be positive and get behind the team from the start and get the away end bouncing. WAWAW OvO
  8. Going to game tomorrow and wanting to know if anybody knows of any pubs near the ground that us Wednesday fans will be drinking in. Thanks WAWAW
  9. Well to say that you ignored me for so long, and all of a sudden this, your not a troll, are you? tell you what Tinks YOU tell me who you would sign that would be better than Mr Pudil. Igbore him Tinks, think its past his bed time, if he behaves himself he might be allowed to watch the rest of the match ,.
  10. Like I say pal I'm ITK about this and he will be signing in the next couple of weeks so you are wrong and comparing him to Stevie May is just ludicrous.
  11. Brighton away first half and the final does this not apply to all the team?
  12. Agree, think Hunt is very suspect and would love to see us replace him with better quality. Lees one of the best centre halves in the division but I believe we need to sign another to partner him.
  13. True mate , we have had some tripe , not a position I think we are desperate to improve on tho but I think he needs some decent competition.
  14. Best full back ive seen for years , good enough for our campaign next year.
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