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  1. I find charltons response embaressing they were relegated fairly now they are trying to weasel out of it!! Take it like a man!!
  2. Anyone remember marnick vermijl He was pretty bad for us!! Then went to preston and wasnt too bad for them!!
  3. Definitely not incompetent!! He's got us in playoffs 2 seasons in a row!!
  4. Only mistake was should have been more than 4 minutes added on but wunt av made a difference!!
  5. Ebanks Blake when he was good?? I think he scored for Plymouth and wolves in one season when he transferred!!
  6. Lucas Joao looked amazing in first half classy touch!!
  7. Next team he takes charge of will b lucky too have em??
  8. I can only think that Gray wasn't able too attract big name players and chansiri only jus realised
  9. I think Frazier Campbell would b a good and realistic target!!
  10. No wonder we couldn't score at home thirs no nets
  11. this is the way it should be looked at I was thinking this recently but dint post as I was worried bout gettin too much stick all gray has done is steadied the ship which was good enough for our situation at the beginning of the season for next season we need a big improvement too get too our goal but those who say we are gonna p!ss the league it won't be like that at all but still we should not forget their are exciting times ahead
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