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  1. Red button games can be watched through the sky sports app not sky go. Took me bloody ages to get to it mind you. Find the game and then it'll link you to the stream
  2. Stinky bum won't be noticed. Dingles r in town.
  3. True but piggy wildpants has done 50% of that and the german in charge of udders with no champ experience. Guess im just bitter as was really looking forward to HMS pi55 the league. As we all probably were. Anyway the fickle tw4t has gone now so uto. We are bigger and better than bruce
  4. Is a no from me. As a player loved him. Couldn't manage a wee wee up in a brewery. Carlos has more unfinished business with us than meggo. Gvb, stendel or if we could tempt em kluivert and seedorf.
  5. Hope theres a clause in his contract which says he cant manage another team that had been in negotiations until compo paid.
  6. Would effing laugh my boobies off if we got Rafa, shame hes in China
  7. No wawaw in the collar. Is that because of that codpiece
  8. But Bruce has already confirmed we have signed them. The statement is just dotting the eyes and crossing the t's.
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