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  1. Watching the wycombe and rovrum games we seem bereft of ideas under monk. Creativity is crap. What do you think Carlos would do with this bunch of players?
  2. Jesus, my mrs can only take 3 marmite fingers !
  3. Lol @ GTF. One of our greatest ever signings
  4. At first glance I thought that was big Nige
  5. I might be wrong but didn't we do a song like this in lste 80's or early 90's seem to remember hirsty or tf in the music vid.
  6. An independent enquiry will find them not guilty of racial slander. They said mr Chansiris english was very good (in Argentinian) but the efl decided to fine themselves anyway. All proceeds go to Sheffield Wednesday
  7. How about this scenario, we win the case, sue the FA for millions, sign ronaldo and hmsptl sets sail for 20/21. Becauae we are so Massive that boro nob ed gets ***** slapped by the fa and boro suffer a double relegation. Lol
  8. Apologies if already covered but... did waddle sh*t himself on live tv?
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