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  1. Thank you Owlstalk

    Disappointing. nothing about penguins legendary transfer predictions.
  2. Good morning Leeds

    Nice 1. Proper funny
  3. God No!!!!

    Moyes. Please let this be a joke! Or is this the absolute proof that Nixon chats sh!t.
  4. Best and worst starts to the season

    God doesn't 27 years look small when u list it like that but feels massive when your going through it.
  5. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    That guy is nearly as big a bell end as Colin
  6. Nixon

  7. Massive in Portugal

    Ha put a piggy shirt on and you'll get arrested for indecent exposure
  8. Welcome to Hillsborough....

    Slow claps at another bs rumour from the most reliable transfer source
  9. BIG SIGNING tomorrow morning...

    Well Penguin had it on good authority that we had put in a 5m bid for Terry. ...... Terry Henfleet
  10. BIG SIGNING tomorrow morning...

    Well reading penguins transfer rumours is like opening that hitc news link. Effing disappointing every time.
  11. Carlos

    I disagree you've only got to look at Chris Hughton to see that your completely wrong. 2 playoff defeats then up at third attempt in autos. What we need is continuity and stability. Something that's very rare in modern footy
  12. Wouldn't it be good!

    Just for being so smug they deserve it.
  13. Great Journalism 2

    Now this is much better http://www.shoot.co.uk/city-rivals-five-reasons-why-wednesday-are-a-bigger-club-than-united/6/#gallery-slide
  14. Owlstalk survey

    Yes 38
  15. Carlos's Managerial Record

    Has anyone laid comparison to other clubs this and last year and how does cc fair against their managerial records?