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  1. If we are as Donald ducked as peeps on here think and the bank of chansiri has run dry. With our assets in another Companies name wouldn't that be fair to say the administrator couldn't touch the ground as an asset or anything else under the umbrella of swfc? Might chansiri be playing a blinder here getting us out of debt? Just a thought as accounts are delayed.
  2. He's been buying icons on fifa. Check your credit card bill
  3. Steady on Eddie, take the pineapple out ya arse m8. Its making u grumpy. If the coin was right hed be putty in Chansiris hand. Shame we havent got any. Lol. Just want better for our club thanks currently being looked at. Suppose we can dream.
  4. Rafael Benitez just left his Chinese club. DC get him in!!!
  5. Is that like the biggest nipple on a bloke I've ever seen.
  6. Watching the wycombe and rovrum games we seem bereft of ideas under monk. Creativity is crap. What do you think Carlos would do with this bunch of players?
  7. Jesus, my mrs can only take 3 marmite fingers !
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