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  1. Doubters out in force again. Its not like I've ever got one wrong before you bozo's.
  2. Incoming..... Luke Hyam and Jamie Mackie; 2yr deal and 1yr deal both on a Free. Another one I've got on the money. UTO
  3. Loan will be cancelled to allow Dinamo to sell. They've received a 6 figure fee and are desperate to offload. He wants to join his brother in England. Doubt me its fine but most of you know I rarely get stuff wrong...
  4. In talks over season long loan once Vitesse complete their Eredivisie playoffs. Jos likes him very much. UTO
  5. Has signed a new deal at S6......
  6. Flawless record with my ITK so far. Have a great summer everyone... Allez Allez Allez
  7. We are Sheffield Wednesday You'll find us on the Kop Carlos took us to the bottom But Jos will take us to the toppppp, We are the mighty Wednesday We play in blue and white Don't worry about United They're back to being shiiiiiitttttteeeee Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez P.s Alexander Mühling
  8. Mods please close thread. My trusty source gave me the wrong name. Its Max Gradel. Easy mistake to make.
  9. Why so serious Jimmy. Enjoy the signings
  10. Love my doubters... never got one wrong yet
  11. To Hillsborough. Fee agreed... Contracts talks ongoing and medical booked for Monday.. Jose Izquierdo
  12. Nope... Former Arsenal player. Great music. cant say anymore. HUGE signing
  13. Can't tell you the name of this one but let's just say this 'kid' was the 'best track' on the album at one stage under Wenger
  14. Xia decided he didn't want to give away a player on a free to a promotion rival. RDM, Bennett and most importantly Bennetts agent (who was due to a windfall) are not happy. We haven't heard the last of this. Expect another u-turn soon as the proverbial has hit the fan.
  15. Some sense. Imagine wanting someone banned because you don't like their posts. If that was the norm I'd want half of the donuts on here banned. Stay off the internet if you're gonna cry to mummy every time you see something you don't like.
  16. Things have kicked off at Villa tonight... RDM and Bennett not happy about this at all, expect the fall out either to be ANOTHER u-turn or villa being managerless soon
  17. Wonder if anyone announced that this morning before the thread got pulled due to sallycinnamon being a total tart
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