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  1. Is the match on? Here’s the info

    Currently all trains to Bristol from sheffield are cancelled, the line is blocked in south Birmingham
  2. Train to bristol

    Got in contact with CrossCountry and the 7:56 is still scheduled to run all the way through even though all trains are currently cancelled, they said the forecast and likelyhood of it running is looking good so let’s hope
  3. Another Van Aken song thread

    Quite like that just change the last line imo
  4. I got in contact with Virgin East Coast and they're planning on running a normal service
  5. Why does Wallace....

    So he's got a slightly higher chance of beating the first man for a change
  6. minutes applause

    Flag that will be at tomorrow's game that his Friends have made http://twitter.com/EASTBANKULTRAS/status/553665953096278018/photo/1
  7. minutes applause

    http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/friday-s-front-page-tributes-to-train-death-boy-aged-17-1-7041110 Taken far too young R.I.P
  8. Mammadov at keepmoat

  9. Bit stupid mentioning them players then if you don't rate them
  10. New Away Shirt Leaked.......Apparently

    Found the photo you edited
  11. New Away Shirt Leaked.......Apparently

    Just looks like a Nike template without the Red bits