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  1. the only other I found online in the same condition was sold for £99
  2. Not sure if this is the right area but I’m selling a 1993-1995 Wednesday home shirt size Large Bought it for myself a couple months back but need it gone as I need the money https://depop.app.link/Al19DwnE68
  3. Look who wrote it, the bloke who pretends to be a sky journalist he probably got it from here
  4. Because most of the people moaning on the thread are probably the same ones who stand in silence untill "We've got bannan" starts to get sung Whenever we take a big following the atmosphere is usually always terrible, except when its just the usual hardcore (Like at Norwich, Boro etc)
  5. Birmimgham fans got giddy thinking they'd take 8k but police only allowed them to take 4 Correct
  6. Birmimgham only got about 4,000 Forest chose the 3,000 allocation as the demand wasn't as high, think they already played them in the League cup away this season
  7. Bannan was always better out wide, even under Carlos Joey just became the scapegoat because he's left to do a two man job when alongside him, yet some fans still applauda when Bannan pointlessly pressures the ball all the way down to the keeper which leaves a gaping hole in midfield
  8. Will people finally realise how important Pelupessy is? Missed him massively Wednesday and absolutely superb today
  9. Westwood would of not stopped either goal tonight, what’s everyone crying about?
  10. Why are people crying out for a 5 back? It didn’t work we don’t have the players for it, we’ve won 3 and drew 1 in our 5 games with a 4 back
  11. Lees has the most experience out of any of them he shouldn’t need Hector, getting to the point where he’s showing what a liability he is always needed Loovens holding his hand about time he stepped up
  12. Thorniley is the best centrehalf we have no chance should he be dropped
  13. No he hasn’t, when he won then U20 World Cup he was on the wing
  14. Yes, Van Aken is good on the ball, or is he just on the list of scapegoats where you’ll refuse to admit it?
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