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  1. From what I've read. Derby have got wage limits and are only signing frees. Couple of the signing apparently could have gone for lots more money elsewhere.
  2. TBH if we win scruffy or luckily I'll be happy. IF we lose but gave it everything I would be devastated but more acceptable. Scrub that : Lets just get this semi won by any means.
  3. Nah. It was reported by BBC as Maguire then they changed it.
  4. Wing scored 2 and Hirst scored 2. Good for them I say it's all in the past. Chris Maguire got one as well. OK I'm depressed now
  5. Genuine question : I know the ground has flooded twice in the last 15 years but how many times has it flooded before 2007? If there was no history of flooding before then it would lead me to think that it is highly likely to do so in future. Water levels are rising and flood defences are super expensive. They also just lead to problems further downstream. Getting insurance must also be getting more expensive and harder to come by. I love Hillsborough but the issues are stacking up against it. Sentiment never paid a bill.
  6. He/ his wife own the company who own the stadium. It is security for a loan but that makes no difference.
  7. I'm guessing the idea was to decide to upgrade or move stadium after getting into the PL. Now probably more pressing money problems elsewhere. Chansiri everywhere on the stadium : Well he does still own it and pays himself to have it
  8. Jeez because it is possible to more than pay for this from the investment returns.
  9. Is your name Boris. I ask because my answer would depend on your answer
  10. You are probably not able to invest millions. That is where the money is made 4% and compounding.
  11. Of course rather than settle the loan if he keeps the £6m in the bank or invested he is likely to come out on top!! Allways use other people's money seems to be the financial experts mantra.
  12. The EFL may allow Derby to sign players to enable them to maintain a squad. The EFL have to sanction them though and Derby are restricted in how much pay they can offer.
  13. psst never tell reggae he's not on loan ----- dammit
  14. Price hasn't dropped and, if anything, is higher than expected. Administrators determin the price based on what they can get the debts down to with any loans added and a massive chunk of money for their fees. On to of this figure they have to account for the Middlesbrough and Wickham claims. Then the EFL want to see that there are funds available to run the club for around 2 years and that it is legit.
  15. Who is the centre half you would have in. Is it a decent one or any player considered to be a one? It is not that easy.
  16. I'm not happy with everything myself but, come on, there was clearly forward thinking last window with many players lined up. Vast majority of fans thought we did exceptionally very well with the quality of the signings as well.
  17. To be fair. If he was our player he would have played some part for us tonight. Don't think he is showing enough for higher leagues though.
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