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  1. Not strictly true. Anyone not testing positive has to isolate for 10 days starting from the last day in contact with someone how has tested positive.
  2. Owlstalk members should be appointed to the manager role and do it by committee. Should be no problem we always agree.
  3. Shaw for me given he was asked to play centre back in a mainly defensive performance by us.
  4. Got a feeling we win 1-0. I would be biting my fingers to the bone if I had any left while we defend for half the game.
  5. Think we would take it to arbitration again if we were to be relegated due to a points reduction in a season decided on points per game.
  6. Can't be happy with their goal but, having said that, I would have been ecstatic had we scored it. Just goes to show, whether the game is in the Sunday league or Champions League, if you have someone prepared to run at a defence things can happen. It may need a little luck, skill or brute force but once in the penalty area you have the advantage. Would love to see us do it
  7. Paterson at full back it is then. Palmer as lone striker
  8. Thinking about it, and with what has happened recently, I have a feeling we will line up 5-4-1. 5 at the back will give Dunkley plenty of support and good counter attacking options ( I hope ).
  9. Maybe Odubajo is playing more forward and Iorfa will be right back. When Odubajo has played more advanced he has had his best games. We can always hope Dunkley turns out to be the star player we are yearning for.
  10. Think you will find that was a one off due to a bank problem and simply a late payment.
  11. Has anyone considered if this is true or not? Where has it come from. Not saying it isn't but twitter shouldn't be taken as gospel.
  12. Got a feeling that was not due to Jordan. Don't like knocking a player but he seems very slow and ineffective as a lone striker. More a poacher.
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