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  1. He wouldn't be my first choice but It could just work. This investigation regarding Brum and Boro is something or nothing if you read all about it, blow out of all proportion.
  2. That's the point. SAG etc. Have dug in. Can you imagine doing every and all improvements then. Because of the lack of space around the ground. SAG etc come up with restrictions whenever someone does something stupid or makes a false claim about safety? Sorry I'm a traditionalist but know when to give in. DC would. In my opinion, build a new stadium if we can progress.
  3. Think you may have missed the reason for DC investing £60M in buying the stadium.
  4. I think DC expected to spend more on infrastructure but just put yourself in his position. Middlewood is unlikely to be good enough, even with investment, if our aim is Premier League. I love Hillsborough but DC just comes up against obstacle after obstacle with SAG, SYP, Councils both city and area. There is no space around the ground to facilitate a modern football club so he will not spend loads until something is sorted. I get that some don't like him as he has weaknesses but he is the guy who spent loads a we missed out by a whisker of getting to our goal.
  5. Two things about sitting on the fence. 1. This is doing nothing so, in effect, we keep LB as manager. 2. You get big splinters in your arse. Some may like it, I do not.
  6. According to BBC Preston have had 80% possession
  7. A+$/~(8*\¬`89%)-£41&#8k74@+99{84Y|?g54}:+2\68"m" = greater number of goals scored per game than are conceded. QED
  8. OK so you wouldn't be one of the first to criticise him if he brought in <insert any manager name here> 2 weeks ago and it all went t1ts up. The message then from some criticising now would be he shouldn't have had a knee jerk reaction and should have taken all the time needed. Seems to me dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't.
  9. Hey stop criticising Reading. There are some good roads out of Reading.......all of them. It's exciting in the centre of Reading on a Thursday night as that's when the traffic lights change. Twenty past nine if you don't want to miss it. They don't bury their dead in Reading they just stand them up in bus shelters. My girlfriend once said (in a moment of passion) can you take me up the sh1thole. I said I'm not taking you to Reading again. No chance. I'll get my coat
  10. Giovanni van Bronckhorst is in California ...... just saying
  11. Wow Kameron for once I am in total agreement with you. What a well considered post
  12. There is the other point in the legal case. The Times and others quote Bruce as saying he shook hands with DC (with regard to leaving to join toon) on the Friday. This to make it look like there was an agreement days before his resignation on Monday. But... In his interview on Saturday in Lincoln he said he didn't know anything and that it was up to the clubs to come to some agreement. Now one of them is a lie
  13. Seems to be some debate over the length of time for a visa. My much travelled friend informs me he went to China via Hong Kong using the CVASC (Chinese Visa Application Service Centre) (apparently the quickest way). He got there before it opened at 9am, spent hours between sections and was then told to return to the pickup window at 9am 2 days later. That was his experience, but someone on here will know another way I'm sure.
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