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  1. The rules are not reset. However if a team gets a punishment for breaching the 3 year rolling P & S limits a slightly different monitoring system comes into play. The breached 3 year period is, for the sake of accounting, set to zero but then Each of the following years up to 3 are closely monitored and expected to be kept in proportion to the max 3 year limit. So year one (next season) and the following 2 seasons the EFL will want to see no more than a £13m loss eash year and don't need to wait for a 3 year rolling limit before they can take action against a club in the form of embargoes etc.
  2. Don't know how reliable this one is but here goes. Steven Lenor @steve_lenor Hearing reports that #SWFC and #PUSB are battling it out to sign Real Vallodolid attacker Kuki Zalazar for around £150,000. The 22y/o, who has represented Spain at under 17 level, is interested in re-igniting his career in England. Could be a wise signing for such a low fee. 10:37 AM · Aug 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  3. Wow this takes the prize for the most bizarre post ever.
  4. If it was the only thing to worry about, Bannans height
  5. And your example of the owner we want? You have a name who would be perfect?
  6. I lived on Southgrove Road and Club Garden Road in my youth and you would be surprised at all the people who would actually appear on matchdays in the blue and white, some (including myself) would walk the 4 miles.
  7. Sorry Davey but Fulwood was blue and white. Bit of a mix from city centre to hunters bar but beyond that mostly owls.
  8. Charlton and their fan's seem to be recruiting other clubs now to support their attempts to overturn our punishment timing.
  9. Perceptive I am. Someone once said I wasn't fit to clean toilets but everyone else said I was
  10. Wow very comprehensive. Really appreciated your knowledge and time MK. Thanks
  11. Ridiculous statement. Not saying I'm happy with it but we noticed a loophole that had been used by another club and sought to get the ok to use it. The accounts show no "fiddle" and the independent panel did not see a "fiddle" either. You apparently know better 🤔
  12. Could you expand on this a little MK to help a thickie like me understand it more?
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