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  1. A+$/~(8*\¬`89%)-£41&#8k74@+99{84Y|?g54}:+2\68"m" = greater number of goals scored per game than are conceded. QED
  2. OK so you wouldn't be one of the first to criticise him if he brought in <insert any manager name here> 2 weeks ago and it all went t1ts up. The message then from some criticising now would be he shouldn't have had a knee jerk reaction and should have taken all the time needed. Seems to me dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't.
  3. Hey stop criticising Reading. There are some good roads out of Reading.......all of them. It's exciting in the centre of Reading on a Thursday night as that's when the traffic lights change. Twenty past nine if you don't want to miss it. They don't bury their dead in Reading they just stand them up in bus shelters. My girlfriend once said (in a moment of passion) can you take me up the sh1thole. I said I'm not taking you to Reading again. No chance. I'll get my coat
  4. Giovanni van Bronckhorst is in California ...... just saying
  5. Wow Kameron for once I am in total agreement with you. What a well considered post
  6. There is the other point in the legal case. The Times and others quote Bruce as saying he shook hands with DC (with regard to leaving to join toon) on the Friday. This to make it look like there was an agreement days before his resignation on Monday. But... In his interview on Saturday in Lincoln he said he didn't know anything and that it was up to the clubs to come to some agreement. Now one of them is a lie
  7. Seems to be some debate over the length of time for a visa. My much travelled friend informs me he went to China via Hong Kong using the CVASC (Chinese Visa Application Service Centre) (apparently the quickest way). He got there before it opened at 9am, spent hours between sections and was then told to return to the pickup window at 9am 2 days later. That was his experience, but someone on here will know another way I'm sure.
  8. Be great if someone had the ability to find out when the application went in!
  9. So Bruce is pictured in the Newcastle kit in China already. However I had a look at ivisa who specialise in the most rapid applications for Visas and notice that the normal time is 2 weeks not including post times. They have a digital service which takes 5 days. How can that be, he only resigned on Monday didn't he? Skulduggery indeed. FAQ DO UK PASSPORT HOLDERS NEED A VISA TO GO TO CHINA? Yes. UK passport holders must obtain a visa to enter China (mainland). HOW LONG CAN UK CITIZENS STAY IN CHINA? UK citizens can stay in China for a maximum of 15 days. Each visa grants one trip. The visa becomes valid from the day you arrive in China. CHINA VISA FOR UK CITIZENS FEES AND COSTS The China visa costs around US $140 for UK citizens, and you also need to pay for postage and packaging if applying by post. Alternatively, you can apply for your visa at iVisa for a $89 service fee and avoid posting any documents. CHINA VISA FOR UK CITIZENS REQUIREMENTS UK citizens must have a passport with six month’s validity along with a completed application form, passport photocopies, supporting documents, photographs and an invitation letter to apply for the Chinese visa by post or in-person at a Chinese Visa Application Service Center. You only need to provide a digital photocopy of your passport if you apply for your visa at iVisa.com. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A CHINA VISA FOR UK CITIZENS? The Chinese Visa Application Service Center usually takes two weeks to process visa applications, not including the time it takes to post the documents each way. iVisa processes China visas for UK citizens in five business days. CHINA VISA FOR UK CITIZENS APPLICATION FORM You can find China visa application form by visiting the China Visa Application website. HOW TO OBTAIN A CHINA VISA? You need to post a completed application form along with your passport, supporting documents and declaration to one of the Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in the UK. Your application can be processed 30 days before your trip at the earliest, though try to apply well in advance and expect to wait up to three weeks for your passport. It’s worth noting that errors will likely cause delays, so complete the application carefully and don’t forget your supporting documents. Alternatively, iVisa processes China visas for UK citizens in five business days and doesn’t require any documents besides a digital photocopy of your passport.
  10. This article from Matt Brown is spot on https://footballtyper.com/2019/07/17/from-hero-to-zero/
  11. Thought tapping up meant something else Marc
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