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  1. Young George Hirst

    Not sure if anyone blinked as such. I would hope our new CEO had lots to do with it. Be interested why you think the club backed down though.
  2. VILLA: Johnstone; Elmohamady, Chester, Terry, Hutton; Snodgrass, Whelan, Hourihane, Onomah; Grabban, Hogan. Subs: Bunn, Taylor, Bjarnason, Lansbury, Jedinak, Davis, Hepburn-Murphy.
  3. Early team news.

    Knew there was a reason for the neg button.
  4. And the ones named "goalkeeper" and "wednesday player"
  5. In his summary of the first half didn't the commentator say Wednesday equalised from the spot?
  6. In all seriousness this would be an ideal game to re-introduce someone
  7. Thought we were about Wednesday not Wolves
  8. Joey really attacked the defence with a little pace, side steped one and it opened up. Class strike a beauty of a goal.
  9. Young George Hirst

    Of course he shouldn't be able to use this as a bargaining tool as he doesn't officially have permission to talk to anyone whilst in contract.
  10. So......

    I'm not sure if some do not get it. (or prefer not to think about it) But ... DC has his hands tied at the moment. He will be up to the max that he can put in to the club without incurring penalties. He already sponsors the ground (as he pays more than others would) and pay for the majority of advertising. If revenue drops from tickets he cannot put more in, therefore investment has to drop. I'm not saying prices shouldn't drop but this is the reality. Think he has said before he would fund us more if he were allowed.
  11. FFP

    Thought DC sponsored the stadium at an amount better than any other offer?
  12. FFP

    wow who told you?