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  1. How about a small yearly charge for those who wish to bypass ads?
  2. Actually Neil I disagree with you! Just kidding how can anyone not support that sentiment. Look forward to reading your reports Joe 😁
  3. Thought SWFC moved to end July accounts. So haven't extended this time. Sorry if video says this but wouldn't play on crap connection.
  4. Watch this space And my 19 Crimes beats your Malbec hands down
  5. Lots of things being discussed about the future and changes which may have to be made. Talks of saving money by forming regional leagues or reducing number of games. Of course change is nearly always resisted but what do you all think about the following idea. Please try to be kind it is only an idea and not fully thought out. If anyone has better suggestions let's share them here. My idea: (partly stated in another thread) Suppose they could have a real radical shake up of the league structure. North and South sections has been muted but it needs to be more than that. If the PL were to propose PL2 and make them each 18 teams the EFL could have 3 divisions of 18. This would mean an adjustment 1 extra relegation from EFL3 as the other spot is vacated by Bury. Or EFL could have larger numbers if they wanted as I know matchday revenue is most important in the lower leagues I realise PL 1 & 2 would get most of the TV money etc but I don't see a way of stopping it. It seems to be a worldwide problem. Top 16 in Championship moving to PL2 sounds OK for us What do you think?
  6. Just read the reports about his appearance on Look North. Apparently no-one could see him as he was hiding behind his own ego
  7. Great I make a typo and have to have a lesson from Grandad. Don't know which is worse.🤔
  8. So I try to literally reply in a reasonable manor and you respond with a personal dig regarding clickbait. The cheapest of shots, good job I'm not a journal eh
  9. TBH don't think I've ever ranted about journalists or pundits as their reports are about the issues as they see them. They get it wrong sometimes which I believe Dom has freely admitted. I haven't got a problem with Maguire's financial reporting and analysis but he has no need to suggest things which amount to clickbait at best.
  10. Agreed in this interview he came across very well. Said more than his predecessors would.
  11. To quote someone on here "anyone who has a brain" can see that Maguire brought the negative comments on himself. Clearly the thread would be dead by now as, without the stupid reference to hiding, it said nothing. We would all have agreed they will make interesting reading. He chose to spice it up with his insinuation that has no basis. Don't get why anyone would have a problem taking him to task on that
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