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  1. out of order that.
  2. Thought he drove a Merc
  3. Around the time of that match the Blunts had Len Badger playing at right back. They mused about him being the best and nobody could get past him. Then the Wednesday went to the Lane and Colin Dobson absolutely destroyed him. His face said it all, priceless.
  4. Claire struggling with a foot injury
  5. Good luck Steve. Let 'em have it .
  6. Brilliant, hope I'm still smiling tonight.
  7. Luhukay ready to walk?

    So now what is written in the Sun is gospel. Any way I was replying to your post which used the word Media and not Press when that would have been more accurate to write using your "hand operated manual data input device"... or as we call it a keyboard.
  8. Luhukay ready to walk?

    Ha Ha changes stance quickly in the face of overwhelming evidence.
  9. Luhukay ready to walk?

    Definitely better than me ....or is it I?
  10. Luhukay ready to walk?

    Wo there. Another rumour becomes fact. He was interviewed by Giddings therefore he met the media. How do you know he refused anything?
  11. Perspective

    Don't disagree but had we been lucky (where the opposite has been the case) we wouldn't have had so many retrospective views as we would be safe now.
  12. Perspective

    I know mate Even for me it is hard sometimes to stop disappointment turning into depression.
  13. Perspective

    Added some extra to your analysis. You see we just don't know how it would have gone. On the BBC website before the start of the season (it is still there now) there was a predictor for the Championship league positions. Looking at it now I got it way, way wrong with the exception of our neighbours who I thought might have some momentum that a winning team brings. The thing is though hundreds of journalists, football writers, pundits, experts, ex pro's and the like who spend their waking days researching and talking about football and squads and tactics etc. placed us in an average position of 4th. Yes they got loads of things wrong (and not many right) but that is the point you never really know and it is easy in retrospect to know what should have been done.