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  1. Owners already have to "write off" the vast amount of the 39 Million they are allowed to lose under P & S. They cannot "loan" the money to the club so it becomes a gift.
  2. Even if we had sold all the empty seats over the last 3 years it would only have made around a 10 million in revenue difference for ticket sales. More supporters means extra costs eating into any profit. So we would still be in trouble with P & S. Sponsorship and ancillary sales have the potential to solve this puzzle.
  3. Pity that Penguin hasn't been around for a while. I have heard this rumour though while in Spain recently. My source pingüino was very convincing (seemed like a fish out of water though). Luckily got a photo of him
  4. Yes but there is this ITK agent bloke on twitter who is trying to fool us into thinking he is trolling us. He'll not get me as easy as that!
  5. Why on earth you feel the need to post such a thing is beyond me. I cannot possibly do any good only cause upset. If football was a game of perfection it would bore us to death. Seriously something wrong with some of our fans.
  6. I've heard that DC is selling the intellectual rights of all Owls supporters for a considerable sum. Sheffield United were considering a similar scheme but decided it would take too long to explain to their fans in pictographs.
  7. Amazing how many of these things start as someone having a laugh on OT only for it to come back as a new topic where someone has heard something.
  8. It would mean there would be plenty of stock in the megastore
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