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  1. What are they actually saying here. The latest months salaries not paid in full. So have the previous month's now been fully paid or are they still outstanding? Perhaps the journalist's sources could give some clarity.
  2. You do know we are in L1. What do you expect?
  3. What would you think if everything possible to be resolved was resolved. Would you give him support or has your trust totally evaporated? DC holds a press conference tomorrow and says....... The players have all been fully paid. Cash flow is no longer a problem and shows proof of funding in a UK bank. Promises that funds will, from now on, be available a month in advance. All Season Ticket refunds have been enabled. The rent for Hillsborough will effectively be a lease purchase to enable the club to own the ground again. Real sponsors have been acquire
  4. Not sure that will be the case. Walking away equals no pay in the near future. More likely just putting the frighteners on to get some quick payments moving would be my guess, even if it is not the full amount.
  5. Dom has written a piece about the PFA negotiating with the club already. Perhaps the situation, bad as it is, is not as dire as we thought. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/pfa-sheffield-wednesday-players-wages-20725749
  6. Be interested to know where this came from or is it just Twitter?
  7. None of this is good, but.......... Looking at the exchanges on Twitter someone asked Nixon if the Lads had been paid yet. The answer was one word "No". Someone else asked if non payment of wages was unique to SWFC and the answer was "It's been going on too long". There also may have been some kind of payment but not the complete amount. So we all believe it has happened on a number of occasions but I'm thinking the "No" was referring to the last pay date. I'm just surmising that it is possible the previous wages have now been settled. Still an absolute car crash so not
  8. Masterstroke by DC. The salaries have been held back deliberately and have now been concealed in carrots ready for match day. Just watch them go
  9. I have no idea what the truth of the failure to pay players is. As discussed here it could be anything from DC being skint, cashflow, transfer problems, legal problems or it being deliberate for some reason. But... what we can't know is how this is being communicated to the players who may have been fully aware the payments were to be late. Or maybe not. I remember years ago working on projects for the PO the payroll system threw a wobbly a number of times and other times we only got paid basic pay which had been made up manually. This didn't include overtime, NDA, T &
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