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  1. He gets disqualified for using 2 laptops anyway
  2. That shirt on the left has Elev8 on the inside back label whereas the others have SWFC
  3. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Don't you just hate it when people say something like "Thanks SWFC Supporters". How can they presume to speak for everyone. Deluded
  4. People blaming Loovens?

    Easy for you to say after the event! At least you're blaming DC and not CC
  5. “Struggling Sheffield Wednesday”

    What did Prutton say regarding double jeopardy?
  6. You miss the point. He already bankrolls the club and would do more financially if the rules allowed. Any reduced income, when we are already close to the limits, would need balancing. Only one way to do that!
  7. Look anyone has the right to go or stay away from matches but it is a bit naive to think this will hit the Chairman "in the pocket". He is already putting the maximum allowed under FFP into the club (and more when you consider spending on non qualifying items). Therefore to balance the FFP books with reduced revenue from supporters would inevitably result in selling top players.
  8. Just Visiting

    That's a bit harsh. I thought their boot man did an excellent job!
  9. David hirst

    Was Ronald Reagan an actor? I'm just on a fact/opinion finding campaign regarding his connection to our financial status!
  10. David hirst

    Not exactly Sherlock is he? BTW Plonk love the 2 Ronnies. Plussed you just for that.
  11. David hirst

    Trying to give the op the benefit of doubt but, if the other posts/reports are anything to go by, I would rather stick red hot pins in my eyes. Please don't subject us to anymore
  12. I didn't realise this football club game was so simple. Mr Chansiri just read this and we will be rolling in money and champions of europe and everything in no time. You will just have to take advice from the OP (from now on known as the oracle) who no doubt is brilliant and knowledgeable about everything.
  13. He could have gone defensive (called negative on here) but none of us want that surely.
  14. Doesn't it make you wish Schools were open Sundays? What's next " I'll scream and I'll scream and I'll scream and I'll scream and I'll scream and I'll s..................................................
  15. Open letter to Mr Chansiri

    You are embarrassing!