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  1. He can sell as little or as much of the assets in his ownership as he wants. Nothing has changed.
  2. no difference. He could have split the assets on sale. It is done all the time.
  3. Doesn't make any difference. Previously he could have sold the club excluding the ground anyway.
  4. Why don't you infer we all have a mental illness and are simple again, that should sort it.
  5. I know you are bored by this now but what is the risk. Proven.
  6. Taken a tiny part of my post to go totally off topic. jeez
  7. I really don't get this. Yes Mr Chansiri has made mistakes and lacks experience of running football clubs but he has never done anything to suggest he hasn't the club at heart. Even in his outburst regarding selling up he had no thoughts of doing anything which would cause harm to the club. Clearly again he is willing to put his money up to try any get us where we want to be. Basically bankrolling the club without much chance of getting it back. What does he need to do to get the detractors on board?
  8. So for those who are getting a little upset by all of this. Remember.... Yesterday Mr Chansiri owned the Football Club and the Football Ground/Stadium. Today Mr Chansiri owns the Football Club and the Football Ground/Stadium. Only difference is he has now paid for it twice and the only way he can make a profit or break even in future is promotion. He knows that but he is ambitious.
  9. Obviously this is a solution to the funding issues surrounding P&S. It will work in the short term but the real problem is it is a single shot, you can't use it again.
  10. I wouldn't worry about the flyover. They will put the banner the wrong way up. The spelling will be wrong. The pilot will fly over Bramall Lane instead
  11. Summing up has finished, court resumes at 14:15. My guess : Even though there is a complete lack of evidence, Forestieri will be found guilty of the "Threatening words and behaviour" part of the charge.
  12. All depends who is in the cell with you
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