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  1. The fun part about the program was they did different colours. Blue, Orange, Purple - The best programs of that era were a couple of years earlier (73/74 perhaps) with a player photo inside. Still have a full set of that series...
  2. I guess I am just wary of these old stars coming in... only wanting to play for LA NYC etc. - In the late 70's I watched NASL bring in Pele, Beckenbauer, Lorimer etc. Yes, the fans loved them but the game became more of a spectacle than a serious league. For me, I see the league and it's various academies being a driving force in bringing along Canadian and US talent. Some of the teams have fantastic academies - FC Dallas stand out as probably the best. Vancouver have a large network of (all ages) academies across the country bringing along talent that, only a few years ago, didn't exist. We are starting to see a shift towards more homegrown talent and less reliance on the DP imports... Big name imports is a business model I am not interested in but it drives the LA and NY market into a wild frenzy of insanity!!! The larger network of opportunities that have arisen from MLS (Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal) and a stable Canadian Pro League (Calgary, Edmonton etc) has made a major impact on the national team. Canada has made the World Cup for the first time in 30 odd years... thanks in part to the growth of the game on the professional level.. so Rubbish? maybe... but the bigger picture is helping create a more competitive national team for Canada and the USA....
  3. Yep... I go to Seattle Sounders vs Whitecaps games each year.... Was there for our match a couple of weeks ago... Don't mind the the Brass Band (Sound Wave)... Sort of like the Owls band but ... nah nothing like the Owls band... LOL On the other side of things I can't stand that stupid "Fight...... And Win" idiot... Side Note: Seattle (along with Vancouver) were awarded World Cup games in 4 years... Both pretty impressive stadiums that will need to put down some real grass to satisfy FIFA....
  4. Agreed - Plus he will get some warm/hot weather conditioning playing in LA.... Hope he does well TBH
  5. Seems like some of the MLS clubs are heading down the "old players" route that inevitably destroyed NASL.. I don't think it's going to kill the league this time around... I just think some of the marquee players coming into MLS over the years have been a bit of a bust... (Rooney springs to mind LOL)... I understand Bale wanting to play over here this year. He contemplated retirement but with Wales making the World Cup this is a chance for him to get some games in before November. LAFC are playing us in Vancouver this weekend... pretty sure he won't be in the lineup though... We will have enough trouble keeping Vela off the scoresheet.... ffs
  6. All I know is Sheffield Wednesday... Tennants - Six Pounds a pint - Two Pounds Fifty for a half pint...
  7. Take care Tango... Sorry to hear about your loss.. My dad has never been same since my sister died in 1978 at age 14. Has never forgiven himself for allowing it to happen.. (how could he prevent her from dying of cancer?? - but that's what this does to parents). It tore our family apart to be honest....
  8. First game: Derby (A) Boxing Day Barnsley (A) Last Game Charlton (H) MIdweek games (in no particular order)... Bristol Rovers (A), Portsmouth (A) - I think they are pretty far away so that's how the computer pukes those ones out... For the home midweek - again Plymouth (H), Oxford (H) because, you know, we don't want away fans to have a nice Saturday out at Hillsborough,.....
  9. I thought the thread was about an old TV show....
  10. In the past our problem has been sourcing enough game day shirts for the players...
  11. Read it again - we also played against a USL All Star Team on July 19th to a nail biting barn burner of a nil nil draw....
  12. . After much digging - I found this.... I was disappointed that they didn't do the West Coast swing... instead we got Cardiff City playing the Caps... If you read the SWFC notes you see the note regarding the storm delayed game against Wilmington - a 1-1 draw (still don't remember the score of this one though - it was on telly though)...
  13. Not sure what year but at least 12 .. watched a preseason game on tv where we played Rochester Raging Rhinos.. I recall we won and played a couple of other USA teams that were in the same league as Vancouver Whitecaps at the time (pre MLS so before 2011)..
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