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  1. Whitecap Owl

    Live stream

    Looks like iFollow really screwed up on this one... Video coverage is blacked out in Canada BUT the game is definitely not being broadcast (DAZN has exclusive rights to Championship games in Canada) I have just asked Club via email to fix this in time for the next "midweek" game that's not available in Canada... Costs too much for this stuff to happen... grrr The above link is available BUT I am not willing to risk a virus downloading their version of software that will make it work.. LOL
  2. Initially thought the thread title was some sort of reference to Sergeant Pepper... I guess, in a way, it does represent "A Day In The Life"...
  3. Whitecap Owl

    Goal of the season

    This fixture seems to have amazing goals.. Fletcher - I could sense the goal coming... a bit of brilliant defending denied him on one chance but he wasn't going to be denied!! The Villa goal was tremendous - yet another goal of the season candidate in my opinion...
  4. Whitecap Owl


    Definitely "Trashing" the place...
  5. When would these 21 points be deducted? If we are 21 points clear of the bottom 3 could we ask to have them deducted this season? Could we use accounting rules and amortize them over several years (lol)... Sounds like they make this stuff up as they go along.... I think someone had a good suggestion regarding parachute payments - just get rid of them altogether (to level the playing field). Keeping the parachute payments in place (in my opinion) make the FFP rules seem a bit harsh on teams that haven't been in the Prem for a long time (e.g. pretty much any Yorkshire club - Leeds Blades Rotherham Owls...)..
  6. Whitecap Owl

    Hayley - Update

    Cancer is a ba$t*rd - relentless disease... RIP Hayley
  7. Whitecap Owl


    I agree - Prombles for sure... We looked like a bunch of Wombles ... But seriously - we can't keep giving up possession in the mid field. Frustrating at times to watch us turn over the ball time and time again. Still not thinking doom and gloom. A few tweaks here and there plus bringing in the new guys and hopefully Hooper and Fessi back in line up... probably a rebuild year but definitely not going to be a relegation battle for us...
  8. Whitecap Owl

    Who's the second toughest

    Agreed - and he also scored the goal to keep us in Division 1 - one of my fave all time players!
  9. Whitecap Owl

    Most memorable game

    1974 vs Man Utd Final Score 4-4 The club set up several "distractions" to cut down on the trouble Man Utd fans were causing on the season long charge back to Division 1 (relegated to Div 2 but went straight back to Div 1 never to be relegated again)... They had a race at 1/2 time with a famous (but can't remember who) runner... Owls were winning at one point and the Man Utd fans swarmed the field trying to get the game abandoned... In the end 4-4 was a great result given how crap we were that season... Sat in back row of Leppings Lane stand that season...
  10. Vaguely remember being quite young - Cantilever stand about mid field - we were playing Arsenal so around 1966/7? We used to go and watch the team practice at Thorncliffe (High Green) - again that would have been around 67/68 - Jerry Young always chatted after practice with my mum and dad and he used to get autographs for us... (nice guy was Jerry)...
  11. Great news on the Blades game - they usually move these back to some ridiculous time (for me) and I end up getting up at 4am or something like that here in Vancouver. Now it's on SKY I can go home after work and watch later in the evening on DAZN .... YES!!!
  12. Whitecap Owl

    Can Anyone Name This Player?

    Santa Clause - We want to believe he exists - We have heard of the amazing gifts he possesses - but alas - our parents eventually tell us he is a figment of our imagination...
  13. Whitecap Owl

    Peter Springett RIP

    He tag teamed with Peter Grummit back in the old days - Grummit seemed to get most of the starts. My biggest memory of Peter (unfortunately) was our massive 8-0 loss to Middlesborough in 1974 - Big Jack's team had just won the 1st Division title and they presented the trophy before the game... I think the Owls were down and out before the whistle blew. 8 goals went in but it really was not Peter's fault - no defense most of the game... Fun drive home from Middlesborough... When things get bad at Hillsborough I think back to that one... it puts things back in perspective for me... WAWAW As an aside - since moving to Canada I have met several fans (of both teams) that were at that game.. must have stuck in both sets of fans memories... before leaving England LOL
  14. We will finish: 6th and get promoted Who wins the league?: West Brom Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Ipswich Birmingham Top goal scorer: Forestieri with 17 goals Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Forestieri and Atdhe Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Back and forth Sheffield derby match at Hillsborough - will end 4-4 and both teams down to 10 men before 1/2 time... Big win against WBA in December sends us on an unbeaten run for rest of season... The "Programs.. 3 Quid" guy gets new job as Stadium Announcer....
  15. Whitecap Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    So it's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" then... Or possibly "Faith"