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  1. Consilio et Animis - really?

    March 4th opener against Montreal. Hoping the Caps have a better season than the Owls.. sheesh Few of us Owls are ST holders (even one or two Blades... not really sure I want to discuss Sheffield footy with the Blades fans this season though....)
  2. Consilio et Animis - really?

    absit iniuria If only.....
  3. Any I-Follow users on here?

    Doesn't work. You can ONLY have 1 stream. Used to work the way you suggest - audio on phone - video on computer (or whatever). As soon as it detects the second connection it shuts everything down....
  4. Any I-Follow users on here?

    I have been so happy to finally (after 40 years living in Vancouver) be able to watch the team live. I will not even tell you what being a fan was like through from 1976 to around 1996 (when the audio streaming finally started) - this is my dream come true.. That being said - I would like to complain that earlier in the season you could have 2 tabs open - 1 with the video and 1 with the audio. Since Christmas this has not been an option - you can only have one stream... IF iFollow can figure out how to get the audio working on the video feed all would be well. I do agree that the audio feed cuts off right away (even cutting off the commentators mid-sentence), I will generally switch to BBC on my radio app but have to wait for the BBC to release Radio Sheffield (usually on the hour) for Praise or Grumble. Not too worried about the build up because, again, I listen on a radio app. One option that would be nice would be the ability to watch the game later in the morning (the 4am games like Barnsley last week) are difficult to wake up for. Not sure how they can do but the technology exists. Streaming from a laptop or ipad or iphone for that matter to an apple tv does not work at all. This option would make for a better viewing experience on the big telly... but as per my initial statement - I have waited over 40 years for this and will take what I can get and see what improvements come down the road. Too bad this season has been a bust. We played well earlier this season but Christmas this definitely NOT merry... MLS starting up in two weeks so hopefully the Vancouver Whitecaps will give me reason to cheer up!!! Quite a few of us have ST for MLS and even one or two Blades fans!! WAWAW
  5. Anyone else remember when the current strip was considered to be bad luck.. Maybe it was because we got relegated with it (which would theoretically make stripes bad luck too). I just remember hearing it as a kid and have always thought since then that we would never wear the solid blue with white sleeves. After this season I am hoping this strip never sees the light of day again.
  6. My youngest is now hooked

    Bet she's excited to see Atde score tonight!
  7. The overhead kick goal against Swindon was Jackie Sinclair - scored it at around 91 minutes.. had to watch it on TV cos dad decided to leave to get to the car... grrrr. It's the reason that I NEVER EVER leave a game before the final whistle...
  8. Remember singing Oh Willy Willy ..... to Son of My Father - Chicory Tip In fact every time I put the record on all these years later I find myself singing Oh Willy Willy - Willy Willy Willy Henderson Loved him - fast little winger - part of the dark years at Hillsborough but we still had some great players - including my other faves Joicey, Prendergast, Rodriguez (who went on to win FA Cup with Southampton after he left us) and, of course, Ken Knighton who scored the goal to keep us up (only to have us go down the next season). Happy Days WAWAW
  9. What's the worst Owls injury crisis ever?

    Don't forget the miracle of the "magic spray"
  10. What's the worst Owls injury crisis ever?

    I remember the flu epidemic as well. I may be wrong but I seem to remember the club contemplating playing that one behind closed doors... long time ago now so I might not be 100% correct. Besides that I think this is probably the worst injury crises since at least 1971...
  11. Football Anagrams

    A Lamb And I (no sheep jokes please) = Alman Abdi
  12. iFollow problems

    And in answer to others . Full match replay shows up on my iPad but nowhere else... I wish we could mirror to apple box ...
  13. iFollow problems

    The last match said I was not in correct region so audio only. Today I am watching OK. Up till a couple of weeks ago I could open a 2nd tab to listen as well as watch. Now it gives me the error of too many streams. That being said, I have waited for many many years for this and am absolutely delighted with the opportunity to watch live. I am sure they will improve this as they go along. Until then I will put up with the minor frustrations... WAWAW
  14. SWFC Celebrity XI

    The Jackson's - Jermaine up front and Michael scoring a Thriller Off the Wall....
  15. Owls in Canada?

    Vancouver BC Owl. Been in Canada since 75 - great to be able to listen to the games live on Player. Back in the "old days" we had to wait till 5pm our time for the scores... Season ticket holder for the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps! Great team - great crowds - and Blue And White. WAWAW Wer'e All Wednesday/Whitecaps, Aren't We