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  1. I still have the green pompom hat... wore it at a game at Hillsborough when I was over a few years back... Has the Owl logo in white on the front - most fans looked at me like I had messed up the laundry and somehow managed to turn my blue hat green...
  2. That must be the 1903 "playoff" penalty shoot out - Blades goalie must have taken the kick... still in orbit with the more recent one!
  3. Whitecap Owl

    Last player to score a hat trick for SWFC

    Remember Brian Joicey getting one in the FA Cup against Crystal Palace in '73 Quite the feat for any Owls player in that dark period of history.... WAWAW
  4. Whitecap Owl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    No problem - I understand the issues UK based fans face (at least allow away games to be streamed perhaps?) . I used a VPN this weekend while in the USA - no issues. I use https://www.my-expat-network.com/ and have had no connection issues (anywhere) for 5 years... Not sure if that will always be the case but I have been happy with them so far.
  5. Whitecap Owl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    I pay for iFollow so have no problems. However, the video feed audio (crowd noise not the commentary) was 5 seconds behind today. We score - count to 5 and then the crowd goes wild. I use a VPN for iFollow when I am travelling in the States and have had no problems (I use a paid VPN (myExpatnet) that allows me to appear to be Canada). Again, it may be because I have a subscription but may be wrong...
  6. Whitecap Owl

    Mind the Gap 1903 Style

    Also interesting to note - if the current points rules were in effect it would be 61 for the Owls and 57 for Sunderland (Owls would have won the league with one to go). Also interesting is the fact that we lost 12 (1/3) of our games that season..... look at current Premiership with City Losing 2 - Liverpool 4 Teams losing at 12 this season are either in bottom 3 or mid table... Things sure have changed over the years (including transportation options...)...
  7. Whitecap Owl

    Mind the Gap 1903 Style

    Crazy isn't it... Arsenal have never been out of the top division in my lifetime (born in 60). The last time Man Utd were in the 2nd tier was 1974 - the game at Hillsborough (4-4) was probably the most memorable Owls game from my childhood. As for 1903 - The article made me laugh with the Owls having "The Wind" in the first half - blame the pork pies perhaps?
  8. Whitecap Owl

    was it? and why?

    1965 to 1972 for the solid blue white sleeves. Remember as a kid being told that that kit was "bad luck".. (probably because of '66 FA Cup and subsequent relegation)... This season just compounds the theory about "bad luck".. Of course the stripes haven't faired much better ... The return to stripes in 73 also ushered in the classic logo - hopefully Chansiri will re-incorporate the logo in some way (but somehow doubt it).. WAWAW
  9. Whitecap Owl

    Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    As a kid we used to go watch the Owls practice at Thorncliffe (High Green). Jerry used to go out of his way to get us autographs from the rest of the players (he would bring our autograph book back to the next week's practice). All around nice guy!
  10. Whitecap Owl

    Anyone who left early

    Last time I left a match early was 1971 - missed Jackie Sinclair scoring the goal of the season (overhead kick) against Swindon to make it 1-0 Remember about 20 odd years ago at an NHL playoff game (Oilers vs Flames) - loads were leaving with a couple of minutes on the clock. The Oilers came back to win the game scoring 2 goals in last minute... serves em right for leaving! As most on here have said - unless you are going to be late for work you really have no excuse to leave early... Great game today - Atde's second was a lesson in determination and Fessi scoring in his first game was magic!! WAWAW from Sunny/Cloudy/Windy/Rainy ffs . Vancouver!!
  11. Whitecap Owl

    Predictor For Remaining Games

    I have $100 that I don't mind losing - put it down on the Owls going up next season... might be good odds... worst case scenario I lose $100 If the Owls can get their s**t together and keep Hooper and FF we will be like a brand new team... Of course we have to stay up first (which I said we would earlier with 2 wins (at least) against Leeds and Norwich... As for alcohol - it might be the only way to forget about this season so far WAWAW
  12. Whitecap Owl

    Predictor For Remaining Games

    I don't see us going down - we will beat Leeds this weekend and Norwich at end... what comes in between is anybody's guess! Someone earlier predicted we win league next season - I can see that happening - I going put a hundred bucks on that one!! WAWAW from Vancouver
  13. Obviously "Fake News" - We've had quite a lot over here in North America..since Trump took over as the World Leader .
  14. Whitecap Owl


    Forest - Won't pay to see those guys either... On the other hand.. Forestieri - now I would pay to see that.. hopefully soon...;-)
  15. MLS were the FIFA test league for video technology - introduced last season. Works great and has resolved a few issues. We were the first league to use the 10 yard line spray as well. I could have sworn that went in but didn't want to rewind the iFollow feed because it gets upset if you mess around with it... Hopefully we get a better ref for the FA Cup game.... WAWAW