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  1. I remember him, wonder where's he playing nowadays....
  2. Of course DAZN isn't showing this even though they have rights to the game in Canada.... All EUFA games today... Guess I will either have to listen live or wait for the full match replay tomorrow... Sometimes this happens - just wish DAZN would tell the FA they are not interested in some lower league - no descript back street match in Sheffield... WAWAW
  3. Radio Sheffield apologized on P/G Hope they fix the cutting away moving forward..... my guess is NO
  4. they usually do have their own commentary team I think that the pandemic has forced this crap arrangement
  5. their fans probably didn't hear it... probably went around the grounds to catch the last 2 minutes of the Owls game ffs
  6. going around the grounds is ridiculous without the video portion i would still be in suspense Owls defending a late push by Birmingham who are pressing towards goal and off we go around the grounds Shocking policy . Don't Barnsley fans have opportunity to listen to the game via iFollow?????
  7. I only watch the 3 England games each World Cup (sarcasm intended) Not particularly interested in the upcoming Qatr one because it really just makes NO sense to put the tournament there unless you are Blatters bank manager.
  8. Got the 1973 kit at Suggs - same year we went to the "Good Logo"... Got the shorts and socks too! Bought the yellow kit (not sure what year it was for) at the store when I was back last time in 2004 Ordered the Yellow Gold 150th kit when it went on sale 1/2 price Decided to get get the b/w stripe kit last season... Will say that the sizing guide on the online store is pretty much useless.... I was lucky that these 2 shirts fit!! I am used to buying my clothes in the USA where a large can actually double as a tent...
  9. Sort of like that 2020-21 Blades away kit... copycats... Our green kit last season was way better than the Blades 3rd kit this season though...
  10. hmm play in barnsley or hawaii decisions decisions
  11. Thanks... I was at that game - he didn't do too bad as I recall ... don't remember much about him beyond that...
  12. Wasn't Fox, at the time, the youngest player to ever play for us? I vaguely remember Fox having to come in because of the flu that went through the team... ???
  13. Whoever it is we need to move quick... don't want to be caught behind the eight ball...
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