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  1. Hopefully he plays left back..... in the dressing room...
  2. Fantastic manager in my opinion... just don't think a move to Hillsborough would have been a great idea... too much bad blood between the clubs... That being said, I think he would have been the right man at the right time under any other circumstances..
  3. Could get the programs 3 quid guy to wander the streets of sheffield hawking them - heck probably would hear him from over here in vancouver....
  4. I bet you that they would be exempt from any FFP rules.... whiners..
  5. Don't forget we put in a shiny new scoreboard and a new pitch........ must be what made up the difference?
  6. I remember the Star running a promo for this one.... Tango was modelling the shirt ... don't have the clip anymore but maybe someone here does? Happier days for Tango for sure!
  7. Looks like Pelupessy - so, yes, you are probably right... A wonderful Jos signing...
  8. Here's the rest... I remember many a game on the open KOP getting soaked... the roof added protection from the rain AND made the place louder...
  9. Thought I would share a few photos from the renovations that put a roof on the KOP.. Thanks to my friend Ian who took these for me... I have 9 photos in total - I will post a few now and a few later... I don't remember how Ian got into the stadium to take these... maybe someone on here knows?
  10. This Covid thing has turned both of us into wannabe statistics guys LOL I just get frustrated with our lack of concentration - there was a stretch of games after Christmas that really made all of us go mental... in fact most of us could predict that that one goal lead would dissolve into a tie at the death.... despite that we do love 'em!!! WAWAW
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