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  1. We will finish: 6th and get promoted Who wins the league?: West Brom Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Ipswich Birmingham Top goal scorer: Forestieri with 17 goals Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Forestieri and Atdhe Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Back and forth Sheffield derby match at Hillsborough - will end 4-4 and both teams down to 10 men before 1/2 time... Big win against WBA in December sends us on an unbeaten run for rest of season... The "Programs.. 3 Quid" guy gets new job as Stadium Announcer....
  2. Whitecap Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    So it's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" then... Or possibly "Faith"
  3. Whitecap Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    So many negs... Oh I remember now... Def Leppard was discussed last month - something about Fat Ass Girls ... LOL Would still like to see the Owls supporters in the band force Joe to sing something nice about us... Too bad Joe lives on the dark side!!
  4. Whitecap Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    Sheffield music is a brilliant idea. The fans get to hear local talent (there is a whole lot of it).. the artists get a couple of quid as well (plays = pays)... Let's Get Rocked is a pretty high tempo Def Leppard song.. Wonder if any of the bands would go into the studio and add new lyrics (a la We Are The Owls from the 80's) - Imagine convincing Joe Elliot to do an Owls version ... LOL
  5. Whitecap Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    Love Hi Ho to start game.. As for Vancouver Whitecaps in MLS - we definitely DO NOT have goal scoring music (nor do any of the US based clubs) ... That would drive me nuts... The thing that drives me crazy is the anthems in North America... I generally go downstairs till the silliness is over...
  6. Whitecap Owl

    [Rubbish thread title]

    Owls fans in my family as far back as around (at least) 1911... I have been riding the crazy train since the late 60's... Went through the "Save our Owls" in early 70's... Saw the game that put is into Division 3 for the first time... Glued myself to the radio/internet for the past 10-15 years and finally got my wish with the advent of iFollow which now means I can watch the games YAY... I am never ever surprised at the goings on at Hillsborough... We have been through more downs than ups in my lifetime... I cherish the highs.. and carry on through the lows because I love the club... Not even 3,000 or so miles stop me from following the Owls!! As for this season - I am not totally optimistic that we can go up (but we could)... I do, however, believe we are better than at least 3 other teams... A decent run of games plus a few surprise youngsters coming up through the ranks... could happen...right??
  7. Whitecap Owl

    First 5 Fixtures

    How about WAWAW WIN - Atrocious-WIN-Atrocious-WIN And if we can win or tie the atrocious games we should be top 3...
  8. Whitecap Owl

    Loovens to Sunderland

    Too bad for Loovens - I definitely wish him well at Sunderland but I am predicting yet another drop for them to League 2 (might be wishful thinking because Sunderland are the team I absolutely hate the most... (not even Blades can take that spot))..... WAWAW
  9. Whitecap Owl

    Retail Manager

    How difficult could the job be? All you have to learn to say to customers is "Should have em in by January"... Just don't make the mistake that got the last guy fired.... No promises as to January of which YEAR
  10. Whitecap Owl

    Friendly today

    Heard we were playing a "friendly" against recent World Cup exiters Columbia... The plan was to start the new season with most of our players in the infirmary and Columbia seemed to be the right team at the right time.... WAWAW
  11. It was disgraceful.. If England had put this game out of reach early I would have pulled our best guys off.. Columbia looked like they were going to physically injure someone - being close it kept that from happening - imagine Kane getting crippled by the Columbian Thugs.... As for the referee, Geiger is a pretty decent MLS ref - I think, to be fair, he managed to keep the game under control - it was definitely not an easy game to referee.... That being said, a head butt is a straight red... maybe in hindsight that would have inflamed the situation and, who knows what Columbia would have done after that... At least we know Sweden will play a fair game ....
  12. Ex Owl John Harkes is pretty good color guy for one of the US Feeds on MLS LIve .. Not seen him on MLS Live this season (he might be back coaching)...
  13. A very productive day at work today LOL Now, for the next hour, I have to tolerate the never ending droning on and on of Luke Wileman (former Radio Sheffield commentator and Pig Fan - now with TSN in Canada)... He does commentary for Toronto FC and occasionally Vancouver Whitecaps - blurts out the scores in other games (which I like to watch later..) - he also seems to have pages and pages of relentless mundane trivia that he MUST get through... Radio Sheffield's loss - our gain... LOL
  14. Whitecap Owl

    Guess the kit pricing?

    Agreed for sure... Over here in MLS land we get a two year life cycle ... the home kit this year is in it's 2nd year and will be changed for next season.. The away kit is in it's first year. At least you can buy a kit each year (if you want) and not have to choose (although or White kit is bloody awful)... The other thing I like is that they don't have a fixed home or away so we get to see both kits at home... Last season the Owls should probably have played at least one home game with the 150 shirt (unless the FA have some rules about that as well....)...
  15. Whitecap Owl

    Guess the kit pricing?

    Hey it's striped at least - blue and blue stripes.. I am sure that the matching Away Kit will be the same but White with White stripes.. Ownership keeps it's promise (but you have to buy one of each shirt and do a bit of sewing to create TWO striped ones.. )... LOL Man this Off Season is getting long.. First discussing Def Leppard and now this... !!!!!