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  1. Whitecap Owl

    Attention Canadians

    I love the boards bad word filter.. LOL .
  2. Whitecap Owl

    Attention Canadians

    https://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/sports-streaming-service-dazn-secures-canadian-rights-to-premier-league-1.4956635 Already subscribe to DAZN for Owls Sky games and MLS... This will wee wee my brother off... LOL
  3. Whitecap Owl

    Attention Canadians

    Who's carrying the game in Canada? Hopefully not Sportsnet World - too bloody expensive for that crap station... Nice to see Premiership is most likely moving to DAZN though....
  4. Whitecap Owl

    luton game

    IF we do accidentally win against Luton it will be Chelsea waiting for us... Steve Bruce likes cricket -The way we leak goals at Championship level I fear Bruce may get to see a cricket score in round 4.... Remembering Man City...
  5. Whitecap Owl

    Liam Ridgwell

    Wow - Kerrisdale... very snotty area... LOL MLS takes some stick from fans overseas BUT we do now have a pretty solid league that is helping develop US and Canadian players. I rank it as comparable to upper end of League 1 - It's nice to get some live footy and supporting 2 teams means it's the football season year round... Recent expansion teams Atlanta and LAFC have both pushed the quality levels up another notch - In fact, since (Whitecaps) came into MLS in 2011 the quality has definitely increased and players that had an easy time getting into games back then would really struggle now... As for Ridgewell - like I said he has slowed down - he would definitely have been a good pick up if he was 3 years younger - time has just caught up with him... plus I think he likes living over here...
  6. Whitecap Owl

    Liam Ridgwell

    Add to that - I wouldn't be totally shocked if he was picked up by Orlando - Sean McAuley (ex Owls) made the move to Orlando last year and they are also in a big rebuild after the Kaka debacle...
  7. Whitecap Owl

    Liam Ridgwell

    Living over here in Vancouver we get to see Portland Timbers quite often. I have noticed that Liam has lost a step or two past couple of seasons. He was actually out of favour early last season but played himself back onto the squad and was in the MLS Cup lineup in December Portland are on a bit of a rebuild so I wasn't surprised to see him cut. That being said - he is a fierce competitor and was captain of the Timbers up until last season and might be able to help shore up our defense (at the right price) he can definitely last a full 90 and is pretty close to being match fit since he last played about 5 weeks ago.... Would he be interested in a move back home? Not sure!
  8. As a Whitecaps ST Holder I would love to see Hooper come out to Vancouver. I think he has been a bit unlucky injury wise and never really got to give us his best. That being said, I also hope that (if the Caps decide to go for him) they run him through their fitness program to make sure we don't end up with a player that spends his life on the beaches of Vancouver with a big cast on his leg!! Yes our season starts on March 2nd with the window opening in a couple of weeks... Only issue I have (besides his groin injury) is the fact we play on turf which is a bit harder on the knees than grass or hybrid grass... Any deal will be a win for us (SWFC) - we get to offload the salary of a player we haven't seen for over a year (as opposed to offloading Reach who is integral to the current set up)... The Whitecaps also have a boat load of cash to spend after selling our 18 year old superstar Alphonso Davies to Bayern Munich.... WAWAW
  9. Whitecap Owl


    Hoping he makes the move to Vancouver... (I might be a bit biased though)... Plus Rooney is "bad news" - drunk and disorderly at DC airport yesterday which resulted in a $25 (ouch) fine...
  10. Whitecap Owl


    Ouch... Just spoke to my Vancouver Whitecaps "insider" ... might be making an appearance with the Whitecaps... only fear is we play on turf... and Hooper may find the artificial turf hard to deal with.. Besides that... I would take him as part of our rebuild...
  11. Here's one from "left field". Just spoke to one of my friends who is very closely connected to the Vancouver Whitecaps (he played for the Caps in the 70's / 80's and his son is now playing for us). He told me this morning that the Whitecaps have shown interest in Hooper as far as going into some serious negotiations. My issue with Hooper is that he hasn't played for a while AND our home stadium is "fake grass". That being said, a fully fit Hooper might be the striker we are looking for this season... stay tuned... The MLS window doesn't open till early February so any deals would either be kept quiet till then or announced as pending...
  12. Whitecap Owl

    Steve, Steven, Stephen

    Sounds like a pizza joint in Brooklyn...
  13. Whitecap Owl

    Steve, Steven, Stephen

    Of the 25 male employees at my office in Vancouver... 7 of us are called Steve I reckon we'd make a pretty decent Borg Collective ... Somehow we survive! - Everyone else - lives in fear of being assimilated...
  14. Whitecap Owl

    Be careful Wednesday

    Any specific player in mind...
  15. He absolutely insists that his first game be on Groundhog Day... And as a special bonus - he promises that if he sees his shadow there will be an early spring and a visit to Wembley....