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  1. Totally agree on that one... Brian Joicey and Mick Prendergast were my childhood heroes - maybe that's what it's about ... Legend or Hero? Then again, you don't have to be Messi or Ronaldo to be a legend... Pressman and Bullen were both major contributors (on field) to various times of our history... were they "Legends" or "Heroes"?
  2. A few years ago we started against Dagenham and Redbridge... thought they were a Sheffield law firm...
  3. It looks like that Coronavirus picture that's been floating around...
  4. That's LOTS of time to sort out the recent problems on the field.... Q: Do we have enough players on the books to field a full squad?
  5. Could also mean: 21 Point Deduction and all hope for 2020/21 will EVAPOR8
  6. WTF is Evapor8 technology? I was led to believe that it was the clubs slogan for their 2019/20 promotion hopes.... The 3 points for today's game will Evapor8 in stoppage time... YAY
  7. Voting for Borner Only player who was legitimately allowed to "Not Show Up"
  8. Now Barnsley are going to be all over EFL if Wigan don't go down....
  9. On second thoughts... it could be "Only SEVEN days till me an Atdhe are outta here".....
  10. Owls Legend... Brilliant career with Leeds.. World Cup 1966 Boro 1974 Promotion Republic of Ireland in World Cup RIP Big Jack - Football will miss you
  11. OK, One more time...It should be a simple game plan ... FIVE subs and TWO water breaks... Don't worry about any of the other stuff...
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