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  1. Chansiri will be reluctant to sign anyone with that many letters in his name... Must be at least 10 pence a letter at the printers...
  2. Just follow this link... www.iluvclickbait. dot com - I believe the headline of the story is: "Football fans are left baffled as the identity of the Clickbait inventor is revealed"
  3. 100% agree on that... Customer Service Rep is probably not a description I would use to describe the useless/condascending twits replying to my emails this week...
  4. Just had a frustrating back and forth with iFollow support (for want of a better description)... My current subscription expires August 31st 2021 They renewed my annual subscription July 1st 2021 to June 30th 2022 The "not so" helpful customer service (again not a great description) rep advised that the 2 months "overlap" was not going to be credited. I asked why they moved my subscription start date back 2 months... but the reply was (basically) "Thanks for contacting us... we can't help you with your predicament... have a lovely day... thanks for choosing iFollow"..... I will see what options I have on September 1st... my helpful (?) rep has NO IDEA what the future brings.. pricing hasn't been released... Of course they have me over a barrel because I want to watch the games live over here in Vancouver.... just don't think their business practices are ethical TBH... Bring on the DCTV... (or am I just thinking it's going to be well run like Man Utd's channel????)...
  5. Waddler on a Wobbler... Can't disagree with him though...
  6. Wondered what Tango was up to since his ban....
  7. In my office we have a German fan, a couple of Italian fans, and a lone Hungarian! What a hapless bunch of no hopers we are... LOL
  8. Rounded up the entire current squad for the photo I see...
  9. i thought you were talking about how we motivate our scottish players
  10. After last couple of seasons mine is definitely the "Off Season"
  11. I like that they have removed to goal posts.... Means we get to definitely draw nil nil every home game...
  12. Coldplay Fix You lyrics sum up SWFC at the moment....
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