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  1. Dad's Army - The catchphrases were MADE for SWFC - Just look at the 4 advisors to Chansiri below.... WAWAW
  2. OWLERTON DONS After the river... Heck Wimbledon got away with it...
  3. well the trajectory of the rider in the photo definitely matches our league position over past few seasons. I can definitely see the connection.
  4. DAZN in Canada has rights to Sky games.... we have been pre-empted previously... So fingers crossed that they show the games and not run a replay of the Lawn Bowling World Cup.... ... on the other hand....
  5. The Despair of it all.... Lived through the "Save Our Owls" in the 70's but still thought there was hope... This feels more like "The End is Nigh" ... Half expect a shrouded guy to appear waving a scythe.... I do miss "Programs 3 Quid" though...
  6. Didn't help though! Like you said their transfer market blunders amplified the situation. Small clubs will always have problems (Barnsley and Blackpool more recent examples) Football has changed over the past 50 years and it's not necessarily a good thing
  7. the covid squad rules and extra subs did them in . bigger clubs could do a hockey line change with their squad depth Too bad for Wilder who did so much for the Blades. I wish I could be more sad
  8. An old and new one... 1971 - Jackie Sinclair (RIP) spectacular overhead kick at KOP end to beat Swindon 1-0 - We left a couple of minutes early to beat the traffic - roar went up as we got to turnstiles... lucky for my dad it was on Yorkshire TV on Sunday... That game is the reason I Never Ever leave a game early...... 2019ish - Atdhe scoring in the snow against Leeds... say what you want about Atdhe - he sure knew how to pop late goals in...
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