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  1. I remember going to all the reserve games (was included in season ticket price)... we sat in South Stand (no assigned seating)... They would flash the 1st team score on the electronic scoreboard as the updates came in (no internet back then lol).. Does anybody remember watching the sports show on Saturday evening as the scores were coming in...... Looked like an old telex machine leaving you in suspense as it slowly typed out the scores in no particular order... loved the 60's/70's hahaha
  2. I just know (from experience) I can't say "Chansiri" near my iPhone "Hey Chansiri"....
  3. Thorston "Rat" Fink Rolling in to Hillsborough in a DC Cab
  4. No footy?.... just thankful that the NHL season faces off tonight over here... At least I now have the Edmonton Oilers to disappoint me in lieu of the Owls......
  5. And don't forget the beer.. what was it? 9 pounds for a pint and 3 pounds 75 pence for a half pint if I remember correctly....
  6. Got bad for a few years after that... My dad took the train up to see Sunderland... their fans lobbed bricks at the train from an overpass... In contrast we went to see us play Bristol City in 73 or 74 and had no trouble at all... Must be a Geordie thing... !
  7. The post game interviews would definitely be fun to watch... What questions would you ask him? I'd be afraid to ask him ANY questions TBH...
  8. Forget it - no snow on pitch - my mate in High Green has snow today... just raining out here in Tofino BC
  9. ifollow showing last seasons game - turned it on just as Reach scored... then realized it was deja vu... Any chance the game will be called off because of the snow?
  10. Hopefully nobody let Wycombe know.. We should be up a couple of goals by the time they get on the pitch... oh wait.... couple of goals??? Never mind...
  11. Makes you wish for happier days ... Like that Azerbaijan Land of Fire guy... Honestly you can't make this stuff up...
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