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  1. Was told yesterday after game marshall and bechio on radar ,signing them is another thing.To anyone slating may give him time with the proper strike partner,he did not have it yesterday.
  2. I remember when a young David hirst signed for wednesday,Barnsley fans went on about what a prospect he was ,Was not pushed in too fast brought on gradually ,what a player he turned out.so lets not expect too much too fast.
  3. Milan must be really desperate to get rid of us ,HM is the ultimate tyre kicker.
  4. Positives from week 1 wednesday won ,Pigs and mini Pigs both lost
  5. cant wait till lavery gets back i really rate him.
  6. They are getting on my nerves to think we got to play em twice with slimmers world unchampion leading them,we really got to put them and mr blobby in their place.
  7. God i love being a wednesdayite after 40 yrs of supporting em never a dull moment.who will may play up front with ?
  8. Who ever we sign will wear the treasured blue and white stripes and be hero worshipped,if they dont want that they are nobody end of.
  9. We lucky to have him reads game well prepares each game with different tactics,Will be different team tuesday if madine cant learn under gray no hope for him,But i do think madine will come through and show he has got the talent to be an asset to sheffield wednesday.
  10. All down to wages wolves will get him i am afraid would rather have vardy.
  11. The more other fans call our club or players is showing how envious they are of us ,The blades and millers are both in for a long season,The owls will be with the addition of a good winger ben marshall would be good but wages will be a stumbling block,mid table to top ten.Gary madine is at last chance saloon i would play him from the off against notts county ,would expect to see a performance from him,Lavery and may will be a deadly combination young men who can only get better.
  12. I think 28000plus i work near mansfield some lads are derby fans some are forest i find it funny none of em say anything bad about wednesday ,but really do dislike each others club,come on wednesday come monday hope derby hate us .wawaw
  13. So what we are saying is stewards can beat the daylights out of somebody ?I dont think so police should be questioning the bald headed thug.
  14. Talking to a mate from over the border ,says this lad reminds him of a player who went to spurs steve archibald says hard to shove off ball good positional brain,works hard and two footed,although favours right foot,I am very much looking forward myself seeing him develop over the next few yrs.If stevie scores lets say 20 goals this yr what would his value be considering he is only 21 mind.I really do think Stuart Gray will get the best from him,lucky to have SG.
  15. Good luck barnsley,donny,chesterfield burn in the fires of hell pigs and mini pigs.
  16. Rhino was a good lad yr above me at aston comp owls fanatic sad loss.
  17. Hope to god we got him maguire and him scottish assasins
  18. I dont even think we have matched the asking price ,just more manure which the fans will eat by the bucket.
  19. The takeover will be off ,This bloke will be labled the ultimate tyre kicker ,I am sick to the back teeth of it so milan lets have it done today tell us the fans its on or off.We dont want any waffle its coming along nicely when its not.
  20. Milan could sell sand to the arabs ,pity he cant sell us.
  21. Stevie may will score 15-20 in championship this yr what will his value be then?
  22. I dont know if the takeover would be good anymore ,I look at portsmouth and think to myself do i want this club who i have supported over 40 yrs ,ending up like that,There have been dark days watching wednesday but it could get darker under HM.
  23. Talking to millers fans in a pub they have spent 1.5 million already ,Hope we do sign may he looks alright only 21 why does,nt milan look at as an investment,if Rotherham sign him and we are being told we want him ,we will be laughing stock.
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