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  1. McCabe has only come till rangers are back in scottish premier he will go back there .
  2. Madine is lg 1 that,s his division he did a job for us but that is history lets move on .Stuart gray does,nt anyone think if stu thought madine was up to it stuart would have played him he is not simple as .
  3. Nowt wrong with Nuhiu he works hard for team.When we have fit forwards ie lavery Nuhiu will be center pin for lavery and may to feed off.
  4. And replaced him with who ,Goal machine madine who cant do it in this league madine?
  5. Jones is a poor manager without loads of money GRAY CAN TURN WATER INTO WINE .
  6. STUART GRAY WALKS ON WATER ,His man management is the secret the players respect the man ,he has time for them all treats them all as individuals.WE ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM.
  7. Any one remember Tony cunninghams goal against NEWCASTLE 1983-84 season 3rd goal for us 30yds out into roof of net kop end 41,000 in we won 4-2 what a game ,kop was electric that day happy days.
  8. We were called THE WEDNESDAY CLUB we played our midweek home games on a wednesday evening ,we could have tried getting sponsorship on shirts certain cinema deal ORANGE WEDNESDAY ,get back our history playing on a wednesday in midweek.
  9. we due another takeover thread to be honest,chinese in box saturday,when they are americans take it serious.
  10. we do need hutch and lee out for some time i was told yesterday,dont know if true but bridcutt is a good player i think he cost £2m
  11. Glen loovens is a great captain ,Lees is learning off him
  12. With his age and still got more improvement what would you put his value at we paid £800k i heard i say £5 million
  13. See how long it lasts in premier it will be a nightmare parking,30,000 every game.
  14. We need ways of fetching extra money in agree what you say,How about we buy some land build a multi level car park,we all know what a bind it is to park car near the ground now .IF we get into the premier it,s going to be a nightmare parking,There could be a smaller fee for season ticket holders or a season ticket to park on match days.After the initial cost of building the car park and buying the land we could then having revenue every season 2500 cars at £4 = £10000 =£2,300,000 in premier £1,900,000 .How long would it take for initial outlay to be brought back in .10 yrs in premier would bring in £20,000,000 with increases on parking etc.
  15. If we do get to the premier ,taking into consideration parachute payments we sign players on wages we can manage over the next 3 yrs.We have confidence in gray put it to him the money from premier will pay for ground improvements and new training ground,Give him a budget and 3 yr plan to get us promoted again if relegated of course,with money on developing our young players hopefully reaping dividends .Then after we get promoted again the ground and training ground are up to scratch young players coming through,we can push the boat out to stay in the premier.
  16. Too right how arrogant does that make jones sound?
  17. How i wish we had jeff johnson playing now we would walk this league
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