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  1. The side we have at the moment is not good enough for automatic ,Surely that's what we should aim for ,Massive clear out required.
  2. Cant blame him ? if he is not commited to Sheffield Wednesday and any one else stuff em.
  3. Brilliant lads ,Now hope they kick on..The future looks bright.
  4. We have a aging injury prone squad ,Bruce knows the game if he sells or lets anyone go its ok by me.
  5. The club under Bruce is clicking along nicely ,Please Mr Chansiri do not make an appointment to wee wee tail it up.
  6. The chairman ,Who I will admit have slated in the past ,Match day tickets are too expensive .Has backed his managers with a transfer kitty ,The fact is the managers in the past have not been great ,Bruce is the man I hope can move us on ,Being in the premier or division one makes no difference to me ,And a lot more of you ,We are owls ,We have broke the rules so what ,Some clubs break the rules and go up ,Get behind the chairman ,And Bruce ,It will be a bit rocky for a while but we will be alright in the long run.
  7. My favourite player ,When on song he is our engine ,Box to box breaks other teams play up.Sad day if he is finished ,I hope not .
  8. As I also said sell who ever he wants to improve the team.
  9. We need the majority of the squad cleared on ,Old legs in the side not going to improve ,Bruce will have to build a side on the cheap with FFP ,Sell who ever he wants for me ,If it means it improves the team.
  10. With 4 promotions under his belt ,I think Bruce knows the game ,That Reach miss ,Feel though for the lad ,Looks better on the left side .Fletcher works his socks off but not a scorer.
  11. Think positive ,You never win anything being Negative ,At least give it a go .My 4/1 for top half finish looking good .Bruce well done .
  12. Respect for Bruce one of the first things he did in a Newspaper article was visit Hooper and Kieran lee ,Just to see how they are ,Bruce said with the injury problems at the club is it the pitch ,Training ground or the medical staff .He is a players manager ,Players will work for this type of man.He comes across as a good Bloke ,Good luck Steve Bruce .
  13. You can forgive ,But never forget ,When he refused to travel to Norwich should have been sold ,Get what we can for him £8 million tops.
  14. Be nice if owners of the ground develop it ,Especially to the planned world cup development .The ground needs a lick of paint now.
  15. That is another losing bet for me then Paddy Power yesterday offered 4/1 Wednesday a top half finish . Had £10 on to return £50. To make play offs 40/1 had £2.50 to return £102.50. Automatic offering 175/1 says it all .Still think we could finish around 10th.
  16. This is spot on ,Do any of you think he will listen to you ,He is going to tell you how it is going to be like it or lump it .We need a British manager ,And not some past it manager ,Hungry ambitious ,With a good eye for up and coming young players in the lower divisions ,Stop signing past it mercenaries .At least young players can be developed and sold .
  17. Will a slanging match with Chansiri get us anywhere ? We really do want a change in direction from the present course ,He owns the club what ever we say ,Will he listen ? All these players out surely they are not all injured . Does anyone think that come the Forum he will have a new manager next to him on the platform .We can not afford to be relegated ,Saying we cant afford to sack Jos .How much would getting relegated cost us .Worrying times ,Mr Chansiri the ball is in your court .
  18. I have no idea if Bruce would do a good job ,His stats overall as a manager 38% strike rate . After yesterday ,We need a change , Sorry Jos but it is not working.
  19. What anything any of you say does not matter .Dc owns the club ,DC GET ON WITH IT .
  20. Fans forum ,He has the money ,We will support our club that's all we can do ,He will do what ever he wants no matter what we say .He will not sack Jos on because of a fans forum .Anyone remember the Steel city blues video ,Wilkinson in charge ,Wednesday men on the board ,A real belief for us we were going forward ,Look at us now ,Where the hell are we going ?.
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