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  1. I thought Sow what is Moore doing ,Thought Sow did ok wants playing more regular .
  2. Agree 100% solid goalkeeper ,Win everything center half ,Ball winning midfielder , Strong forward prepared to win everything Build everything on to it .
  3. Is this the reason we have signed no one in this window ?
  4. Midfielders best managers ,Read the game well defence and attack ,Remember when you were kids worst player got stuck in the goals.
  5. Ashley has bought Derby or should i say put in an offer ,He will invest to make money ,Get them promoted within 4 yrs ,Sell for over 100 million .Mean while we will continue to struggle under the inept leadership of our owner ,But get ready his son will take over one day then God help us.
  6. Moore is a nice bloke love him to bits ,As for Chansiri ,I am not going to have a go ,The man has done my head in ,He owns us but ,I have some money invested with a financial advisor ,He has made me some money he knows what he is doing .Chansiri owns us but please Chansiri YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL GET A CEO THAT DOES . WAIT TILL HIS SON TAKES OVER.
  7. No one will be a success at this club with the present owner ,No one !
  8. Our value goes down and He will have to sell at a loss
  9. CHANSIRI the ball sir is in your court ,As it stands we aint going up.
  10. His brain in the right place is what we need .
  11. I said ANYONE WANTING HIM OUT ,I think Moore is ok people need to look at the big picture ,Chansiri is the problem.
  12. Anyone wanting Moore gone ,Think on this what decent manager will come to replace him ,With our budget and an owner like Chanciri to work under .
  13. Real Madrid horrible club financially backed by the spanish banks because they were Franco,s favourite team .Franco was a dictator and friend of Hitler ,To be linked to anything to do with Real Madrid Horrible club.
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