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  1. Managers pick players Wednesday fans target a Scapegoat
  2. At least he is not made of Biscuits like some of the squad
  3. As long as anyone who puts the shirt on does it with credit ,Win or lose ,Now is the time to put one of the young strikers on the bench last 20 mins get them on.
  4. The issue is Darren Moore was a central defender ,So if anything he should at least be able to tell them how to head a ball ,Early days but we need to improve .
  5. I think a possible young un on loan from premier or championship when sides have got all the first team signings in
  6. Hard game ,But a good test still think we are lacking pace up front
  7. Thanks for that ,Steve Whitton and God bless him Dalian Atkinson
  8. With a week to go it would have given us a bit more confidence for next week ,We will be ok 2 more signings to come in yet
  9. My memory not as good as it was .I am sure Atkinson was manager we won a friendly i think away 8-2 at aldershot Dalian atkinson got 3 or 4 we never lost a friendly got relegated .I am sure some will know
  10. its a friendly it means nothing ,Just a run out as long as nobody got injured
  11. I agree do not like 3-5-2 passy passy stuff .Its the way Moore plays.I like Moore but it frustrates me at time .
  12. Its just a game of football win or lose so what ? More important things in life to worry about
  13. Some silly mistakes let us down today ,But 46 games to sort it out
  14. Hope not but Moore is under pressure to deliver
  15. I think there is some player there ,But he will get slated by some on here .Give the lad a chance ,He along with many others will not get a chance ,Moore is under pressure to deliver this season ,He has been well backed to be fare under Chansiri .Lets see how many of our younger players will get a chance ,Is this the same Moore when he came in said he liked developing our younger players ?
  16. I was told the Wilks deal at the moment has not gone done is that Hull have got whiff of us getting some sell on deal from Joao ,That is why they upped the price .
  17. Totally agree ,I always wondered why we did not use Hillsborough park for something on this theme .
  18. Still need some pace ,Overall we look quite solid . I think Wilks will still come ,Would love Anderson from Newcastle on loan.
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