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  1. He wants to go to Celtic ,Agents at it again.
  2. I cant see the problem we will have agreed contracts with agents ,Players are in contract till the end of June ,July 1st Bruce will have a press conference welcoming players to the club.We will be well pleased ,Our odds for promotion will tumble ,Paddy power will not offer Wednesday for a top half finish at 4/1 .Get ready for next season because its coming ,Keep the faith we are coming for you Gibson ,The OWLS are on the move.
  3. Any fans on here ,Question to you please ,How good are our u18 or u23 players ,Are any good enough to be in the first team pool ?How good is this irish lad Grant?
  4. Who ever Bruce signs ,We have to trust his Judgement ,I have faith in him to get it right ,He has got to have got the best CV as a manager in the Championship ,July 1st expect 4 players named as signed ,Then loan players coming in last week or two before season starts . Play offs got to be our target at the very least.
  5. Bruce knows game inside out , Think back some of you old enough ,Big Jack he sat in the stand with his Mrs fans begged him to take over ,We were in a right mess ,Money wise team on the wain ,We needed a Manager who knew the game ,Bruce is the man ,Who we will sign I have not got a clue ,But trust the man ,He will get the job done.
  6. Just what have we got to spend ? If we waste it this time ,Its going to be a struggle next season ,I just hope some of the u18 side show some promise .
  7. Clubs have not even made all their signings yet ,So these odds are a bit vague yet.
  8. Bruce will I hope have an eye on up and coming young players with a sell on value .We need to go down this route ,Why are some of you still wanting to sign players ,That are wanting to come for a last big pay day ,Jones prime example ,Next club for him Grimsby ,We need young players with energy and ambition ,Granted we do need experience ,But not a team of overpaid castoffs from other clubs.
  9. We sign players at the wrong end of the market ,No sell on value ,Other clubs have players coming through ,Saleable assets ,When was the last time we had a player come through we could sell for big money ?.Downing rumoured coming ,God I hope not ,Rhodes does he ever look like he is bothered anymore ,Get him off the wages .sell him for any price.
  10. Downing going on 35 ,Get a young player signed with pace and sell on Value ,If he is not good enough for Boro ,Why the hell are we getting him ,Another player coming to sit in treatment room half of season.
  11. Can anyone remember when a team came down and went straight back up .Stoke ,West Brom who came near ,and Swansea . Came down last season . Fulham don't fancy them or Cardiff ,Huddersfield no chance ,Leeds will be near ,Stoke could be close ,As for us .If we sell our Ground ,How much cash can we spend ,We were hardly prolific in front of Goal ,We need a goalscorer .
  12. 122 pages and we have signed nobody , How many more before we sign a player ?
  13. Good player 7 goals ,6 assists in a poor side ,Would be good alongside Bannon ,Give Bannon the space to pass ball all over pitch ,Just like Sheridan used to .Two pacey wingers ,Center half ,Two full backs ,We wont be far away.
  14. Myself I do not expect a quick fix it , Have we sold the ground ? How much is the ground worth ? How much has Bruce been allowed to spend ,The thing I want to come out of this FFP ,For me we have to change our transfer policy ,Start now by recruiting young players with a transfer sell on value , Some of you on here know more about the young lads coming through ,How many are within a year or two coming through .The steel city blues video Bert McGee said after we went back to Division 1 ,We will continue to grow our own marrows . We have not really developed our young lads for a long long time ,Lets hope it changes .Be patient it will come but ,When we go up lets have a young team that can only get better .
  15. If DC is listening to Bruce which I hope he is ,I have called DC in the past POTG prices still too expensive,But DC did say he was new to football ,His advisors have misled him ,But nobody can accuse him of not putting his money in ,He has tried to get this club up ,Ok we failed but came close ,I just hope DC and Bruce have a different transfer avenue sign young players with potential of a sell on value if need be ,Bruce is the man I hope will lead us up ,It might take a couple of seasons ,It could be next season ,But get young players in and develop and sell them ,Not our ground .
  16. The issue with me is the parachute payment ,We should be allowed to spend the same money as a club coming down ,Or scrap FFP and parachute payment .
  17. Westwood is a good Goalkeeper ,Any on here remember when we lost Bob bolder to Liverpool ,What were we going to do without him ,We signed Martin Hodge he did ok. If Westwood does not like the terms offered ,Thanks Keiren , good luck at your future club.
  18. I Would give the lad another chance ,He was advised not to sign for us ,Been a mistake for him ,Have any of you made a wrong decision ,Just supposing Bruce could make him into a 20 goal a season man for us.
  19. £500 a week is too much for him ,Be honest does he put everything on the line when playing for us ?
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