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Community Answers

  1. Were did you get them odds .i got wednesday to be promoted Rotherham to be relegated 8.25/1
  2. I wanted a younger recruitment but the players we have signed spot on for this division all performed well at this level .But the younger players with the look our u23 players they are there looks very promising ,Must admit got bet on for promotion as soon as i could .I think we will be favs when season starts .
  3. Not what he said when first taking over ,But the pressure is on to deliver this year ,If we go up this year and he got a 3 yr contract who knows .
  4. Our recruitment team do they just wait for agents to come to the club? There are stacks of talented non league players out there young league 1 and 2 players other clubs look at .Not this club
  5. Players desperate for clubs will sign ,The better players hanging on for the best contract on offer .
  6. RIP Bobby can remember that game his debut for us against Chesterfield nice player God bless
  7. The problem is we had one of the oldest squads in this division last yr ,If we go up How many players will we need next year ,Moore who i am 100% behind said we would be looking at younger players to get the age of the squad down, All we can do is hope we can ,Early days yet ,Still think some Younger players will join 1st of July when contracts have run out.
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