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  1. Mr Chansiri can you please poach the Barnsley manager ,Young manager develops young players ,Play attractive football.
  2. Lets not have our club used as a stepping stone ,Bruce never went overboard in his praise of Wednesday when he was here ,Its the biggest club in the world to us Owls ,If any prospective manager does not see it as the same ,PLEASE STAY AWAY.
  3. What is going on behind the scenes ? ie Embargo its all a mystery if Bullen is appointed as manager , I like the man ,But is it saying we can not attract a big name.
  4. Was Megson not at Northampton ,Making notes on his new team.
  5. Chansiri has money ,Now this is different ,He will feel its an insult against him and the club ,Rightly so cause Bruce and Ashley as much grief as possible .injunction high court action ,Get em done chairman we are 100% behind you .
  6. I have always been a fan of Dutch football ,The Ajax side of the 70s what a team ,GVB fits the bill for me slick on the ball football ,Football how it should be played .Zola would destroy us.
  7. Bruce signing then leaving shows contracts do not mean a thing ,I would not want any one that has turned us down ,Houghton wanted him not now .The lure of the premier and wages will be hard to lure any top European manager ,The next appointment will be crucial .
  8. Do we ever say a word ,Need a manager appointment ,Bullen good stop gap ,But in the past he has said he did not want the job full time .I Still think we need a young manager ,The job could be a hard job ,Might need a couple of seasons ,I want us to go up as Champions ,Team at moment play off material ,But you never know.
  9. Anyone attending tonight keep a look out ,Future manager could be in attendance ,You never know.
  10. Chansiri might not even consider any of the names mentioned ,We wanted Bruce he gave us Bruce ,Look how it ended.
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