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  1. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Matt Penney Contract

    I have no axe to grind with any of our young players ,I was sorry to see young Hirst leave ,I would be gutted to see Penney leave ,But anyone who thinks Fox should be on higher wages than Matt ,Should not be anywhere near our club.
  2. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    20 players

    Win the league with that 20.
  3. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Matt Penny - talent beyond his years

    Enjoy this talent while we have him ,England international for sure ,Better than Sterland at same stage of career ,And Mel was good.
  4. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Young Owls

    If it was not the fact we were in financial trouble ,How many of these very talented young players would get a look in ?. The old Sheffield Wednesday football club would give youth a chance ,I now hope we are going back to them days ,Sure we have money ,But patience needed ,Only problem is agents ,If we get a great prospect ,I only hope the chance of first team football ,Will tie them for a few yrs ,For sure if need be we can sell them ,But for our terms ,Not a tribunal fee.
  5. Jeffjohnsonmyhero


    Yes mate you can feel it coming as well .What a prospect ,Be a bargain signing for any club .
  6. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Who's the second toughest

    I can remember talking to Mick Lyons and Martin Hodge in Sheffield ,We had won at Swansea they had just got dropped off .What a Gentlemen Mick was fancied us for promotion that year .We did it. Nice blokes pair of them.
  7. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Who's the second toughest

    if Sam Hutchinson ever took Mick Lyons on Sam would be carried off on a Stretcher .Played Liverpool in the cup ,Mick got studded ,Needed stitchers ,Had them done in the the tunnel .Came back on finished the game ,Do not insult the Lyon of Hillsborough ,To even compare Hutchinson in the same level.
  8. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Nameing a stand after....

  9. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Matt penney

    its up to the powers that be to get him signed up.
  10. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Matt penney

    And he is on less wages than Fox.
  11. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Penny / Thorniley

  12. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Jordan Thorniley

    What wages will he be on compared to Van aken.?
  13. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Penney / Preston

    Lets see what Contracts they get offered to stay.