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  1. Brown envelopes shoved under doors ,Billions involved it will happen .Football stinks . I have had enough of it .
  2. Perhaps someone can have a word with our Landlord ,Seeing we are paying £3 million a year rent.
  3. Some of the most genuine people i ever met have come from Barnsley
  4. Lets take it on the chin ,We go down ,Lets take one step at a time ,Step 1 Build a decent YOUNG side in Div 1 that can develop and have a saleable value .Step 2 a team that is good enough for a promotion back to the championship .
  5. Not a single penny will go into the club while he is there . I Have been going since the early 70s .Since Chansiri has been here it does not feel like my club anymore .North stand should have SWFC Not effin Chansiri On seats .We are down under this mans leadership ,I Do not trust the man.
  6. Down with a whimper ,Total sham of a club.Chansiri we are forever in your debt.
  7. We have clear this set of con men out of this club.
  8. We draw today ,I think all hope gone ,But 3-1 to the Owls today .
  9. Did anybody really get fooled with the performance ,39 games and they play like that ,It was just a case of look at me i am in the shop window .
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