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  1. Give it a rest with Carlos ,He couldn't wait to leave us for his boyhood club ,An expensive failure and we will pay the price for years to come.
  2. Heard we offered a contribution to his wages ,Palace want double.
  3. Good statement ,Lets have one from Chansiri ,That monk will be in charge of recruitment ,And only Monk will be in charge of recruitment. We have a squad and a very very well paid squad who have failed to deliver. Clear out and rebuild.
  4. Mowbray was still shouting at his players when 4 nil up .Monk stood there hands in pockets ,The body language of the players was all wrong , Something is not right at Hillsborough.
  5. Sign young uns ,Blood them before end of season ,Big clear out in the summer ,Get ready next season ,Win automatic promotion.
  6. I know said it when told this morning ,Blade in the know. Said he is signing,
  7. If they do nothing then get ready because Chansiri is going to sue em, I Would love it.
  8. We have given some of our players silly wages,They will see their contracts out here ,Nobody will pay them what we do.Roll on summer.
  9. At Burnley score 32 in 73 apps ,Brentford 18 in 47 apps ,What type of player does he need alongside him.
  10. So instead of signing our own young players ,Developing them having a saleable value ,We are looking at signing young players from premier on loan.Getting them games and if they cant get in the team they are from,They will be in the shop window to sell ,We will have done the club a great favour ,By making money for the club they come from.What the hell is up with this club.Change your policy forget about 30 yr old + players on massive wages.
  11. Andy Hinchcliffe failed his medical at spurs ,We signed him.
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