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  1. So basically we have 7 clubs that can spend more than us ,How can this be right ?
  2. As a young lad speaking to Jeff Johnson outside the players entrance ,Such a nice bloke .
  3. As a matter of interest ,Some of you will know ,How many clubs not counting the relegated clubs ,Will have parachute payments ,Stoke and Huddersfield are two ,Could any of you post the others thanks .
  4. He is a total disgrace ,No need for it ,I am digusted and embarrassed .
  5. You said which players will come ? ,I Just stated players will come if you have a good manager ,We have not
  6. Good managers attract players ,We need one 4 wins in 23 and some still defend Monk .
  7. I Have seen managers come and go ,I am always ready to give a manager time and patience if i have confidence in him .Not up to me who the manager is ,But monk is not the man to take us forward ,My opinion ,Agree or Disagree its up to you ,But i think Monk and Bullen should both be gone.
  8. someone in the EFL has dropped a clanger ,If we have a confirmed email ,They have got out of it passed it on to another panel so the EFL looks clean ,I think Chansiri will sue the arse off the EFL if we get any points deduction ,If we have a email saying what we did was above board .
  9. Monk would make a good politician ,He just tells you what you want to hear ,Delivers nothing
  10. Have been going that long its a drug ,Seen good teams some not ,But its my team ,Am peeved with the Chairman still refusing to take advice ,The advice he is getting at the moment is wrong we are going backwards ,He needs advice from people with the club at heart ,If he carries on like he is Lg 1 here we come ,Been there before i can take it ,I Just hope he listens and learns from his mistake ,Monk is wrong for this club.
  11. Brian Clough great manager as he was ,Once said build off your spine ,He had a team that had it ,Shilton ,Larry lioyd center half ,No messing about hard tackling midfielder Kenny Burns ,And Peter Withe center forward ,A solid spine down the middle ,The rest of the team you build off .Our spine at the moment is like jelly.
  12. All my time watching the owls ,Been good Managers and some poor ,But one thing they do is give you some hope ,Ashurst stopped the rot ,I was only a young lad went all over ,Like some mates ,We were not good ,But who cares its your team ,Big Jack came he had a reputation ,And slowly but surely it was not blind faith anymore ,You could really feel it changing ,I was confident Jack would take us all the way ,He did a great job ,Wilkinson came and i had the same buzz ,That is what a good manager gives you .Atkinson how could you not feel confident great times . I Need that feel again .Bruce was the type of manager ,We needed ,But we all know how it ended .We need a Proven Manager ,Monk was never it . Its in Chansiris hand ,But if he does not change the way he runs the club ,Fare enough he did get Bruce ,But this club is going Backwards ,We need a Manager Proven ,To give us hope and confidence ,The next manager shows a message of intent from Chansiri ,I am not having a pop at monk ,But i have not got the feel he is right for us ,Lets have the feel good factor back ,A Manager in who has done it before and one we can put faith behind .
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