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  1. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Matias wants to stay..

    Got to agree ,Pay young up and coming players from u18 and u23 , On his day wonderful player ,But sadly he is missing too much through not being fit.
  2. That mate is a fact ,Mr Chansiri has tried to do it his way ,But Milan has a lot of experience ,What could have been learnt from.Mr Chansiri wont knock the man ,I think he is still learning ,But he will get there .
  3. Footballs changed mate Agents etc. Wonder what would have happened if Dooley had an agent ,Stupid money players get now .Footballer retires at 35 ,Christ love me are they too old to get another job .No they still want to go swanning around like play boys .I am getting more and more alienated from the game ,Little George Hirst wants a wage we wont pay ,Well Mr Chansiri wants to get ready ,There will be Agents now turning the heads of other up and coming prospects ,I hate Agents with a vengeance .But its now part of the game ,We pay up or they leave , I have watched the u18 and u23 a couple of times ,And there is some Great prospects ,We will lose them I have no doubt what so ever of that ,While the cancer on football is allowed to thrive AGENTS .
  4. Although I would agree with you , We will continue to produce good prospects ,Unless we pay them a decent wage ,We will continue to lose them. We produce good prospects and develop them ,Give them a decent wage ,They improve ,We have a sell on value .Or continue getting players in on massive wages their last wage before retirement ,Fletcher and jones to name 2.
  5. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Clare rejected us??

    So you would have given Fletcher a 3 yr contract and £30 k a week ,I would not have .Could have got a young lad with sell on value ,But its in the past Project Carlos And Doyen Failed play offs don't mean anything if we do not win them.Top 2 what counts .
  6. Jeffjohnsonmyhero


    Was told by someone close to the club Winnall is a bit of a bigtime Charlie .Good riddance for me if true.
  7. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Top 6 The Maximum Expectation or the Minimum

    If we finish in the top 6 great if we don't ,As long as the club keep progressing as we are ,With young players coming through we will eventually get there ,Jos knows what he doing ,I did not start supporting Wednesday for glory ,All these plastic Liverpool ,Man united ,Chelsea and last but not least Man city fans ,Work with some Man city fans been Man city all their lives ,I give it them most of all I BET YOU HAVE ,The owls are our team ,Its in our blood ,Minimum should be top 10 next season ,With all the players coming back fit ,Lee and Hooper especially ,Just imagine we made two signings of this calibre this summer ,Especially how we finished we would be saying top 10 easy if not top 6 ,Anyway hope you all have a Great summer WAWAW.
  8. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    George Hirst

    Go and get that cash for your Dad George .
  9. All good sides have a Ginger ,They are Ginger for a reason ,They are special .
  10. Clare to Villa HITC rumour .
  11. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    George Hirst

    George Hirst has talent ,But he is only a young lad ,He must be getting fed up of ,This is best for you George ,That is best for you George ,Also don't make the same mistake I did George . I would just love to actually hear or interview from media ,What he actually wants .
  12. Just a comment mate ,Butterfield is no good for our club.
  13. Jeff Johnson was no thug hard in the tackle ,But fair.
  14. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    George Hirst

    George man up ,Have the balls to tell yer Dad , Dad go and get another job. Don't rely on me for your drink bill ,And sign the contract.
  15. Butterfield pathetic excuse for a footballer ,My man would have kicked him into the stand ,Thank god Jos saw through him.