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  1. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Everything you need to know about FFP at #SWFC

    Is it true our Embargo could go in to next season ,So if true Bannon and some of our promising young players will be gone for nothing ,After Saturday do any of you think this team can go on and push for promotion.? If we have to sell in January to get out of FFP for heavens sake get it done .
  2. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    POTG home fans will boycott because of the prices.
  3. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I have a mate who is a forest fan ,Says our match ticket prices are a disgrace .
  4. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Another pathetic manager

    Stuart Gray should have been given the chance , He did a good job for me ,With financial backing he would have took us up . Now we are in a relegation battle ,Ticket prices unaffordable ,Crowds going down ,We really are in the mire.
  5. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Adam Reach

    I would play him just behind the front two .
  6. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Big Sam anyone?

    Why the hell cant Chansiri just sign a manager in demand ,Not managers that have been out of jobs for 2 yrs.
  7. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Fernando Forestieri

    Will be gone at January sales ,What did Chansiri say if we don't go up we will be in trouble ,God help us ,What trouble does he mean? A fully fit Lee and Hooper top half easy ,But how badly are they injured . Really getting to stage been going since 70 s ,Its getting like a chore now ,The fun has gone.
  8. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Happy 85th Birthday Albert Quixall

    Every club in the land wanted him ,He had one club he wanted Sheffield Wednesday .He was sold to Manchester United behind his back ,He read in the paper we were selling him ,Went to the club they denied it ,Got a phone call later on that day ,Went down wondering what was the matter ,Saw Matt Busby ,Was furious the club had lied to him ,Thought if that's how you are going to treat me I will sign for United ,In his own words also said he regretted it ,Wednesday was the club he loved.
  9. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Joost Van Aken

    Watch the lad ,He is now filling out probably as tall as Van Aken and better .Van Aken he was 100% waste of money .
  10. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Whatever your thoughts are on the Chairman,

    The poison chalice the risk everything for the premiere ,Think back to the days ,We had a top wage bracket ,All the players were more or less on the same money ,We had youth coming through ,We offered money for a player if we could not match his wages we moved on .We were not held to ransom ,There were bargains in the lower divisions we looked at .Lets not spend money we do not have ,Have ticket prices that gets nearly full gates ,The premier is a dream ,But come on its not the end of the world if we do not get there. Go back to basics get tickets prices that get full houses ,Box prices that get revenue in ,Advertising local people ,Youth coming through ,A proper scouting network looking for bargains ,Cast offs from premier youth if possible ,Sell when good offers made for players ,Make it a real family club affordable to all . .
  11. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Credit to the owner at least he is listening ,Will get one at £50 .
  12. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    Brilliant .
  13. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    The Money's got to come from Us

    I can remember when we had our save our owls ,The share issue got back on an even keel ,The club made a profit ,We developed our own ,And spent what we could afford ,After last night its RIP Sheffield Wednesday .Why did Chansiri not sign up and coming young players with sell on values ,I cant afford to pay more than what I pay already sad night last night ,The club is finished .
  14. Villa signing a full back for £6 million .Why cant every team follow them ,Clear debt with another owner .