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  1. With Murphy and Harris on the wings ,Why not try these two up front ,Could be like Curran and McCulloch. Fletcher is fearless and works his socks off ,Just like Andy was .And Curran had a bit of flair and could score a goal ,Just like Reach. We have two wingers so why not play Reach up front.
  2. Gets my backing 100% but some of the players who he clears out ,Fans will be in uproar .FF Who should have been sold for refusing to travel to Norwich top of my list.
  3. He comes across as a Gentleman ,Hope he enjoys the ride here .Gets my full backing when he clears some of the old players out ,Just hope Chansiri backs him.
  4. True wanted the Cowley boys in only on a betting ap .I have calmed down lost my money ,Moving on now Hope Monk does well.
  5. Just what has Monk achieved as a manager ?.The cowley boys will get promotion again and will manage in the premier.
  6. No problem with Monk ,But why has he got to have Bullen as his assistant ? .A manager should be able to bring his own right hand man in .Something not right to me.Good luck to both Monk and Bullen .But come January sales lets start clearing the decks and bring some new players in .
  7. All Chansiri has to say I value the ground at £60 million ,EFL say less ,Chansiri says to the EFL , Tell you what I will Build an exact copy of Hillsborough anything over your Value you can for it .
  8. If a Manager comes in and the players wont play for him ,Get rid of the players involved ,Its a football club not an holiday camp.
  9. Someone mentioned on here Houghton turned the job down ,Because he was not getting same terms as Bruce ,Not sure if its true ,But we need someone of quality in .Top 6 still attainable .
  10. Tony Pulis. in one of papers ,Pulis has been out of a job for a while ,Has a good cv .
  11. He will have people referring to social media ,You got his number you ask him.
  12. I am grateful for what you have done for our club ,But please ,Please can we have more feedback from you .Will Bullen be the next manager ? Are you waiting for a manager to say yes?.I said our Club you are our leader .The fans back you ,Can we please have more correspondence from you .What is going on.
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