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  1. When he came in i thought great .Invest in training facilities ,Get scouting network sign young players develop and move on ,Sad how it has gone ,Chansiri has put a lot of money into the club ,He runs it his way and no matter what we say ,He will not change ,I hope we get success eventually i really do .
  2. My take on it ,Before Pulis the majority of fans wanted Cook ,Chansiri did not appoint Cook ,If Chansiri now appoints Cook and Cook is a Success it will have made Chansiri wrong against the wishes of the fans in appointing Pulis ,That is why although i want Cook ,It will not happen.
  3. Cook could have an issue ,Sign his own players etc ,Paxo saying that is not possible .
  4. All this negativity towards Hunt is balls ,Keegan went to Liverpool he was built like Hunt ,He got him on weights to build him up .Became the legend he is ,Hunt just needs building up ,He is a good lad and a very very good player in the making ,Support him do not slate him.
  5. Forget all this Hopefully Chansiri has learned a lesson ,Really to do that is to admit he is wrong ,He will never do that !
  6. Forget about young loan signings from the Premier to give them game time ,Play our own.
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