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  1. Yet another great signing by our Chief scout ,John Harris .
  2. Used to work with Glynn snodins cousin ,Told me when we used to have shirts on for football ,Glynn as a young un always had a Wednesday shirt ,Boyhood Owl ,I always thought he was a steady player.
  3. I was in the Red lion at Catcliffe ,Usual meeting place before match ,There I am leaning over the pool table about to take a shot ,Wednesday jumper on ,In walked all these Newcastle fans ,What a good set of lads ,Best fans I have met ,No trouble what so ever with them ,Now Chelsea and Leeds were different horrible trash both sets.
  4. So some of you on here do not think a player is worth £250,000 A Week ? Nurses and Doctors are working their socks off with the Virus ,Terminate your Sky sports package ,Stuff Murdock ,Get back to Division 1,2,3 and 4 ,And if the overpaid Prima Donas don't like it lump it .
  5. Greedy chuffs ,People have died more will , Football heroes I think not ,Its really brought it home to me ,More important things than football ,Cancelled my sky sports ,No I do not want to pause ,Sky has totally ruined football ,Greedy ,Overpaid lot of them.
  6. I can not see the season starting again .If there is no horse racing till at least may ,How many players have we out of contract in June ? ,Will this season be wrote off ,New season in August ,This season is Something we will hopefully never see again with the Virus ,The thought of losing some member of our family or friend ,Football at the moment is irrelevant ,I hope you all stay safe as well as your families ,Some of my old Wednesday mates pushing 70 .The thought of season starting again ,This or new ,And them not being here ,Would finish football for me ,Stay well and Healthy WAWAW.
  7. Any player that ever refused to play for our club ,Should be sold never mind give a new contract .
  8. Can remember having a pint and talk outside sportsman down town ,He was with Martin Hodge ,They had just come back from away game ,Martin hodge was drinking Orange ,What a couple of Gentlemen they were ,Both spoke highly of our club ,Anyone remember when we played Liverpool ?,Mick got studded needed stitches ,Got it done in tunnel ,Came back on ,That's what it means giving your all for the club ,Not some of the waste of space we have at our club now .
  9. Before he arrived ,We were screaming out for a midfielder to put a tackle in ,From the first time I saw him ,From the off knew we had found him .
  10. Well some of us were saying I wish this season was over ,It will be called off in the next 2 weeks.
  11. Chansiri the Captain of the Titanic ,He has been warned ice berg ahead sir ,But says ,Stop worrying we can sail through it ,I really wish this man was not in charge of us.Portsmouth comes to mind ,Another ex Milan sell off .
  12. Stop worrying the club is in safe hands
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