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  1. I have backed Ipswich Town they have sold 19000 season tickets two good goal scorers at this level, Also Paul cook as manager ,Their fanbase is confident ,Are we ?
  2. Looking at some of the signings some clubs have made ,Are we expected to pay some of the dearest season tickets ,When i look at our squad as it stands ,No way will we be in the promotion shake up .Very weak team we have at the moment ,Moore i think is doing his best but our beloved leader is not .
  3. For me i would have big questions for the goalkeeping coaches , They are not up to the job.
  4. I think it is about time our landlord spent some money on the ground .
  5. I wanted Moore as the manager long before he came in ,I have every confidence in the man .The Boss.
  6. Before the Euro started i backed Italy at 9/1 . They do not concede many or lose games ,I hope i lose my fiver ,An England win would be priceless ,I was 5 when we won the world cup ,I reckon this final will be the last major tournament i will see England in ,In my lifetime .1966 the last time we were in a final 55 years of nearly men .I really do hope for you younger end its the start of something special .
  7. Dennis the menace ,Only seen videos but he has a right engine ,Carlton mk2
  8. Yes but Lee Johnson came in after the season started just failed ,I reckon this year will be different .
  9. This is not the end ,But i fear it is the beginning of the end . Of Chansiris ownership i pray.
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