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  1. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Ground Sold !

    Be nice if owners of the ground develop it ,Especially to the planned world cup development .The ground needs a lick of paint now.
  2. That is another losing bet for me then Paddy Power yesterday offered 4/1 Wednesday a top half finish . Had £10 on to return £50. To make play offs 40/1 had £2.50 to return £102.50. Automatic offering 175/1 says it all .Still think we could finish around 10th.
  3. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    What's happening with bruce

    Stoke City job up for grabs soon.
  4. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Chansiri: Sacking Jos might not bring success

    This is spot on ,Do any of you think he will listen to you ,He is going to tell you how it is going to be like it or lump it .We need a British manager ,And not some past it manager ,Hungry ambitious ,With a good eye for up and coming young players in the lower divisions ,Stop signing past it mercenaries .At least young players can be developed and sold .
  5. Will a slanging match with Chansiri get us anywhere ? We really do want a change in direction from the present course ,He owns the club what ever we say ,Will he listen ? All these players out surely they are not all injured . Does anyone think that come the Forum he will have a new manager next to him on the platform .We can not afford to be relegated ,Saying we cant afford to sack Jos .How much would getting relegated cost us .Worrying times ,Mr Chansiri the ball is in your court .
  6. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Alan Nixon

    I have no idea if Bruce would do a good job ,His stats overall as a manager 38% strike rate . After yesterday ,We need a change , Sorry Jos but it is not working.
  7. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Sitting on his backside all game....

    What anything any of you say does not matter .Dc owns the club ,DC GET ON WITH IT .
  8. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Fans forum

    Fans forum ,He has the money ,We will support our club that's all we can do ,He will do what ever he wants no matter what we say .He will not sack Jos on because of a fans forum .Anyone remember the Steel city blues video ,Wilkinson in charge ,Wednesday men on the board ,A real belief for us we were going forward ,Look at us now ,Where the hell are we going ?.
  9. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    The bigger picture - Conspiracy theories...

    It feels like we are passengers on the Titanic ,We know we are going to hit that iceberg ahead ,We tell the captain ,But he is the Captain he is in charge ,And we are just passengers .
  10. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Alan wheen

    Rip Big Fella
  11. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    Who will be Wednesday's hero?

    Adam Reach ,Goal of the season . 1-0 ,Wednesday .
  12. Jeffjohnsonmyhero

    The silence from S6

    Like it or not the truth will come out in the wash ,Players not playing because of contract bonus payments etc , All the players not playing can not be injured .