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  1. Talking of things embarrassingly childish....
  2. Our postie just said he's getting in early and finishing at 11am. Said he'd run round with a big sack (Whey!) to get done on time if he has to.
  3. Saturday 8.30 train from Sheffield. Meet up with everyone else at St Panc and decide where to go from there. Probably aim for the Green Man pub at around 1-2pm to soak up the atmosphere. After the game, hopefully a few celebratory beers somewhere. Then head back to our hotel in Camden Town, get changed and paint London Blue & White. Sunday Wake up with a huge hangover and go to the nearest off licence ready for the train home. If we win, go straight to my local pub and stand at the bar with the biggest smirk on my face while all the Wednesday haters throw insults my way. If we lose, straight home and cry.
  4. Getting on the minibus at 3am. Getting into Cardiff and just seeing a sea of blue & white. THAT football. Drinking beer outside in glorious sunshine. Being so pissed that when the whistle went for half-time we thought we'd won. Sobered up (due to nerves I think) to celebrate our penalty, extra time and Bullen lifting the trophy. Saw Big Ron on the way out. More beer. Stuck in traffic on the way home with the We Are The Owls CD on repeat. And the minibus literally bouncing at one point as the official coach went past. Stopping off at a quiet village to see Wednesday had taken over it. All I remember was a folk band playing anything we requested, i.e., Hi Ho Silver Lining, Singing The Blue, Hark Now Here etc If this weekend can even get close to Cardiff, then it's set to be one hell of a weekend. Bring it on.
  5. I'd wait for the club to announce something. But at this stage, you're looking at £75 Open Return for Sheffield to London. Or you can get two singles from Donny to London for £60 - but that means getting to London St Pancras for 19.59. Hopefully, the club will get some match day specials sorted with East Midlands Trains.
  6. Waiting for an announcement from the club regarding train travel. I believe they are in talks with East Midlands Trains today to try and get some match day specials sorted. If nothing is announced, then we'll be paying the full £75 from Sheffield to London.
  7. Just listened back and it confirmed what I thought, TalkSport is absolute cat meyt. The callers are trying to talk football, the presenters want to wind the callers up. Instead of listening to what Mick and Dillon were saying and discussing some very valid points, they opted to pick up on slip of the tongues and do their best to wind people up. It was a very strange listen. I'll never slate Radio Sheffield ever again.
  8. Will the bloke with luminous green jumper be celebrating with the players again (if we score) like he did at Brentford? If you are, can I politely request that you put your best gear on this time.
  9. I went to Charlton away on crutches after doing the same thing. Luckily we stood up all game so it wasn't a problem. Swap your tickets for T1 in North
  10. Arsenal game was one of the best I've heard in years - expect this to be better. Friday night as well. Can't wait.
  11. Derbyshire wayfarer is your best option. Just beware that you can only buy it on the day from Sheffield Station (and a few other places). More info here
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