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  1. The difference between 91 league clubs and Us is that our chairman believes that the players are part of his family. Smart cookie.
  2. Great prices from the genius who came up with the successful Club 1867.
  3. Unfortunately, Mansfield's no mark players were better than ours.
  4. Many don't. Now we've got a club in the same city that gets bigger crowds. Great move, Mr Chansiri.
  5. The words "p1ss up" and "brewery" spring to mind.
  6. I would guess that there's more chance of the EFL investigating sponsorships from companies that aren't trading.
  7. How about the blunts breaking their transfer record and us in the hunt for Peterborough reserves? How about going in Endcliffe Park today and seeing lots of the new horrendous blunts shirts and not one of ours?
  8. We're linked with a player who managed 6 appearances in League One last year. Is nobody else worried?
  9. What are you waffling on about? 2 days ago Bannan said " I would like to stay here but it's not for me to decide that. It's up to the club" " Doesn't sound like he's had an offer.
  10. Should I have got excited that we were in contract talks with Hirst and Clare? Unless he signs or leaves within a fortnight we will have devalued another asset.
  11. With 11 months left on their contract and just 2 two weeks of the window you're playing a risky game. If the players don't sign they may get the best deal as a free agent next June (e.g. Hirst and Clare) and the blunts or anyone else will get them free, never mind cheap. Somebody needs to start running the club as a business.
  12. Like Bannan and Westwood, he is out of contract in 11 months. If they're not sold in the next 2 weeks they will be worth pennies in January or can walk for nothing shortly after.
  13. And before West Ham bought Anderson and Yarmolenko for £52.5m.
  14. So was George Hirst and we turned down good money for him. And then the chairman cut off his nose to spite his face. We're nearly as well run as Barnsley were.
  15. It's promising if you want Bannan to walk for nothing. Him, Joao and Westwood are all out of contract in June and could follow Clare and Hirst. I worry about our club under this leadership.
  16. Jos has been feeding him oats to boost his horsepower.
  17. Jos didn't pluck Borokuv from nowhere - he's been a big part of our academy. A lot of Owls fan are well aware of his supposed horsepower.
  18. It looks like the squad from the start of last season which managed to get us mid-table before the injuries kicked in.
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