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  1. That's twice this century, both play-off finals. There are a lot less tickets than 40k for Sunday and they haven't all been sold.
  2. We have never seen 40k in Hillsborough paying these prices.
  3. That's not the figure short of 40k is it? It's a meaningless argument. You may as well have said we'll sell 60k.
  4. Don't confuse him with facts. He has a belief system.
  5. Increased capacity

    Just put your head in the sand and ignore all the inquiries.
  6. Which areas are Wednesday

    65:35 is nonsense. They're currently averaging more fans than us. Historically there's not much between the attendances although we've traditionally been the better team.
  7. Which areas are Wednesday

    That's a really interesting post, sir.
  8. U23s v QPR

    I haven't suggested playing Loovens up front. Nuhiu comes on to defend corners. If you wanted someone to score goals why have a striker on the bench who doesn't score.
  9. U23s v QPR

    Loovens scored more goals than Nuhiu last season. Hirst scored 40 more than Nuhiu.
  10. U23s v QPR

    For strength and height we could bring Loovens on rather than a non-scoring striker.
  11. Under 23s today....

    Our academy struggles to produce a Premier League player unless he moves across the city. We have a youngster who has excelled for his country, sought after by Premier League clubs and it appears that we will end up forcing him out of the door (and people on here think that is a good thing).
  12. Under 23s today....

    And neither did Lewis McGugan's. What a well run club we are.