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  1. This Is the second old thread to bamboozle me now. First I though Neil mellor had been interviewed for the Wednesday job then i think sven is back for a second pop at getting the job. We've got enough on our plates reading all the new manager threads leave these old ones in the archives never to hurt our eyes again. Ffs.
  2. Can't see him leaving Bundesliga to drop back into the championship.
  3. Surprising how far you have to scroll to find our next player on that list. Ash Baker on 6
  4. Tbf if one doesn't work on this one it's the Wednesday game!! Hopefully it'll sort itself out.
  5. Its playing now on my ifollow section on iptv
  6. Just to stop anymore people struggling with the humour in this post I shall explain that the poster is obviously using statements used earlier in the season and turning them into a jovial post where said poster pokes fun at the managerial genius that is jos luhakay. Stop getting ya fannys in a twist.
  7. Nope derby are polishing them to hand reading the beating they're apparently getting. What that's got to do with us I don't know lol. Wigan are going to get a good hiding too so a good double there on over 2.5 goals for the home teams haha
  8. He's stepped up and deserves credit. It took longer than we would have liked but he's still learning on the job and let's be fair about it, we are a tough act as your first club in football. He's made mistakes and we can't predict the future but right now he's sacked jos and brought in Steve Bruce. That's the type of appointment 95% of fans wanted and hopefully it's the appointment that sets the ball rolling again for us. So thank you Mr C and fingers crossed. UTO P.s All Aboard HMS wee wee the league ( next season of course )
  9. Glad he's gone. Can't believe how poor he was in so many departments. We tried to back him for as long as we could but there's only so much rubbish you can get served up before it's time to leave. At least dc saw sense in the end.
  10. Good appointment I reckon. Good luck to the fella. Hope he keeps the goalkeeping standards going in the right direction.
  11. Just seeing his name angered me let alone the photo
  12. I take it all back with shooting accuracy like that we should be winning the league still 5 shots on target in 4 games coupled with the dire negative football wasn't great. Better than zero though I guess.
  13. It was November December time I think. Don't know the exact amount of games but remember it being a good few. Carlos went shortly after I think.
  14. No mate he's saying we never had the lead in those games so those games won't have been in the 24 points. Only points from a winning position.
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