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  1. If you look in the Q&A part dom answers a question on Murphy saying we are working in the low fee and free transfer market so Murphy seems unrealistic as a purchase.
  2. Thought both did ok yesterday in a hard working team effort. I had the cardiff commentary on and they said penney had been excellent as he was subbed. They did also say if you're a Wednesday fan you'd be worried about where the goals are going to come from this season and I just thought that was an odd comment being 2 nil down at home
  3. I thought originally it was a max of 21 points but then we won one of the cases so the max deduction went to 12 points as that charge had now gone. Im probably completely wrong though. Roll on wednesday/Thursday when we finally find out what the outcome of all this mess is.
  4. I've had to work all the way through and I have a child who's very vulnerable. Do you think if I had the cash they have I'd be going to work to please others? Just because they are likely to be ok doesn't mean a family member will be. It should be the choice of every player to decide if they wanna play. Players with vulnerable kids or family members have every right to say no. As for Watford Brighton and Burnley they have come out and said it because it's true. The people on question could have caught it in tesco or the petrol station or many other ways! Theres nothing to indicate anyone has b
  5. That would be funny. Hopefully they give us a 21 point deduction the day before they void it
  6. He looked tidy enough in his short cameo. I had millwall commentary on my ifollow stream and they said they were happy he hadn't started as he looked a good player.
  7. Bothroyd still wins for me Butterfield still occasionally tried but he was just gash that other waste of space is the worst of the worst to put the shirt on imo
  8. Was nuhiu not upfront when Rhodes went off? Still 2 up top
  9. Well now you've put it like that I could possibly sway towards yes
  10. This Is the second old thread to bamboozle me now. First I though Neil mellor had been interviewed for the Wednesday job then i think sven is back for a second pop at getting the job. We've got enough on our plates reading all the new manager threads leave these old ones in the archives never to hurt our eyes again. Ffs.
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