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  1. chizumgeorge

    Carlos is missing us !

    For a start i thought carlos shoud have gone at christmas , i have no great love for him but i do think he deserves a lot more respect than he gets from some people on here fo what he did for us! As for Jos, im not nit picking at all, my opinion is that playing without any forwards at all is negative, no matter how you look at it. Especially in a game that personally i think we could have won!
  2. chizumgeorge

    Carlos is missing us !

    No negative tactics at wembley just a poor performance from the players and as for negative tactics, what about jos playing with no forwards in the starting 11!! Are you going to slate him? I think not!
  3. chizumgeorge

    Carlos is missing us !

    I replied to someone who called hin a ‘joke of a manager’
  4. chizumgeorge

    Carlos is missing us !

  5. chizumgeorge

    Carlos is missing us !

    Wasnt really a joke of a manager for the first 2 seasons was he? Maybe blame the players for bottling it at wembley. Last season it was time for him to go, course ut was, but lets give the bloke a bit of respect for what he did. !
  6. Sorry, i forgot about the long list of teams queing up to pay us £15m for Forestieri. Anybody who thinks we will get that for him is deluded!
  7. Its our best selling shirt ever isnt it!?
  8. And maybe premier league football scouts who are willing to pay £20m pound for his talent because theyve been closely watching him all season and the fans of his club that have been watching him play all season know a bit more about him than some bloke arguing with me on here whose only ever seen him on channel 5 highlights!
  9. Hes still homegrown though isnt he? The fact that he is a young player and any team that buys him now will probably make a huge profit when they sell him on in the future makes him worth the money. head and shoulders better than anyone else in the young england set up at the moment
  10. Well apart from the 6/7 year age gap, hes English so homegrown, premier league sides have to have so many homegrown players in their squads. His future value will soar if is a success, he hasnt had a major injury like Forestieri , he hasnt had any attitude/ falling out with team mates issues, and in my opinion is a better player. Do i need to explain any more!
  11. There will be a long list of premier league teams wanting to sign Maddison this summer for £20-30m there is no doudt, hes a quality player. Do you think the same teams will be interested in Forestieri? No they wont!
  12. Barton was too good for championship at the time, he was a great signing for Burnley
  13. Forestieri is nowhere near as good as Maddison, have you seen him play? Maybe the blue and white specs need a clean!