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  1. Just got 3 against man city with a fckd groin!!!! ......hes finished isnt he !?
  2. Is this off the back of 1 away win at cardiff! ?
  3. Exactly, both will spend the season on the bench at best
  4. 50 goals In 277 appearances all competitions.........::prolific!
  5. He couldnt hit a barn door from 6ft!!! Rhodes isnt good enough
  6. Backwards step signing any of them i think
  7. Just taken my football team to a kids football tournament ran by Liam Palmer’s football academy. Was a 2 day event, spent mostly in the rain. Liam was there all weekend running the show, engaging with all the kids and parents all weekend long. Whatever your opinions on him on the pitch, off the pitch hes an all round top bloke, couldn’t do enough for all the kids, was brilliant. Not a lot of footballers this day and age are like this i would have thought, most of them wouldn’t give you the time of day let alone organise and run Something like this. Top man
  8. What qualities are they? His pace, arial dominance or his prolific finishing?
  9. None of them would win the ball and it would go out of play! Both are poo !
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