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  1. I know before a balls been kicked that players like Palmer,Fox,Joao , Hutchinson arnt good enough to win us the league!
  2. Correct you cant, but weve not been good enough for the last 3 seasons with more or less the same squad so im not that optimistic that were now going to win the league
  3. Does anybody seriously think were going to win the league?! Our squad is now weaker than it was last season
  4. Havnt got anybody else, we have a mid table squad at present. Think some on here are getting carried away
  5. The sale of hillsborough will be for other things i expect as we are running at big losses. I wouldnt be expecting half a dozen starting 11 players arriving to be honest.
  6. Carlos didnt ruin Rhodes at all, he couldnt hit a barn door from 6feet from day one!
  7. He has the desire and commitment, just a lack of goalscoring ability and pace! His penalty away at leeds summed him up!
  8. Odubajo hasnt signed yet and palmer isnt good enough!
  9. Im sure the porkers wont do that bad next year!
  10. Partly yes, i was happy with the draw in the first game away from home it was a tight game, and yes at home was should have been more aggresive, but having said that if forestieri had not missed that glaring chance in the second half which he should have scored we would have won and in my opinion gone on to win the final. Fine margins and all that. He wasnt a clown, was a far better manager than his replacement.
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