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  1. Theres absolutely no quality to this dog sh1tt football!
  2. I cant wait to pay £50 to go and watch it in person, wonder what Chansiri is thinking if hes watching this?
  3. The manager has set the team up to play this negative garbage, he isnt blameless in all this
  4. And people called Carlos a clown! Is anybody really happy with this style of football? Its like watching a sh 1t iceland!
  5. Absolute garbage, getting played off the park by a side with half a team out! As bad as ive ever seen
  6. This is the most ridiculous post ive ever read on here! Did you see the 86 world cup or what he did at napoli? Well done chapsmurf!
  7. Im all for backing Pulis, but i cant back a manager that doesnt field a centre forward in a starting 11!
  8. It wont be interesting at all, will be an absolute embarrassment like today was!
  9. Just got 3 against man city with a fckd groin!!!! ......hes finished isnt he !?
  10. Is this off the back of 1 away win at cardiff! ?
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