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  1. best place for them, Rhodes is garbage and Winnall isnt much better!
  2. Westwood hasnt been the best keeper in the league for years!
  3. Yes, friends that use their points to buy tickets for other people, thats exactly whats wrong with the whole system!
  4. Im sure the fans in the south east get no where near away games because of the priority points system, if i cant im sure they cant!
  5. Totally agree, people forget how poo the football was before and has been since!
  6. But Abraham wasnt even an option, i’d like to loan harry kane but again its not an option
  7. I think it is. Forwards are judged on goals scored, irrespective of their style of play. If any forward had the record Rhodes had, which was second to none , you would want to sign him surely? Or would you rather play Nuhiu who scores every 20 games but works hard?
  8. Signing a 20 goals a season forward in this division gets you in the top 6, thats what Rhodes was at the time
  9. I agree with the derby game, that was the end for him in my opinion, but i dont agree with you on the huddersfield away game. It was a poor game yes, but a draw wasnt a bad result with the return game at hillsborough. We missed chances in that game, forestieri missed a sitter and the penaltys were woefull, cant blame carlos for that. Yes recruitment the season after was poor, he wasnt the best thing since sliced bread but it was a lot more exciting to wach than the shiite weve had since dont you think?
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