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  1. chizumgeorge


    I just would just like to see us on the front foot a bit more
  2. chizumgeorge


    Our lass is better than boyd!
  3. chizumgeorge

    Over paid and under performing

    Theyre not good enough
  4. chizumgeorge

    Summer Sort Out

    get rid of the lot, i love Lee but hes finished, we need to accept it im afraid! This squad isnt good enough, we need to move on
  5. chizumgeorge

    What the f*ck was that?

    Our management have inherited a shower of shiite yes, but millwall are a bigger shower of shiite! We should be doing better than that dont you think!?
  6. chizumgeorge


    We struggle to compete with the bottom 6!
  7. chizumgeorge


    Thank god hes cr@p!
  8. chizumgeorge

    Hooper / Sharp

    Both will be released in the summer i would have thought
  9. He isnt worth 15m, hes a decent championship player and thats it, a lot of the time hes bang average!
  10. chizumgeorge


  11. chizumgeorge


    We have a squad capable of what!?? Are you taking the plss!?
  12. chizumgeorge


    Were entertaining it because weve got nothing else to play for!
  13. chizumgeorge

    Would anyone else be suprised

    Think were going to be more than 15 points off play offs!
  14. chizumgeorge

    Would anyone else be suprised

    Pep and klopp wouldnt get this squad promoted!
  15. chizumgeorge


    His football was dross! Im afraid