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  1. Hes had one good game, hes been non existent in the rest!
  2. Westwood in demand?

    He makes 4th or 5th best for me. His distribution lets him down a bit, and some decision making from crosses this season. Some on here are insistent hes the best in the league, i dont think he is. Just my opinion not looking through blue and white spectacles.
  3. Westwood in demand?

    Hes still has saves to make, he doesnt stand in the net all game with nothing to do! Its all about opinions, Carson has kept 19 clean sheets this season and has out performed westwood this year. Derby are nothing special
  4. Westwood in demand?

    We broke our record, not the leagues, and it was nowhere near the clean sheets of ruddy this season.
  5. Westwood in demand?

    Hes been a great keeper, and i hope he will be great for us again, but with 1 year left on his contract this summer i think we will sell him. To be honest on his form this year i dont think it would be a major disaster if we did
  6. Westwood in demand?

    I agree entirely, and i hope he does, but to say he is the best keeper in the division tho?! He just isnt
  7. Championship team of the year

    and that was 3 years ago, not now!
  8. Championship team of the year

    Wow, 23 clean sheets in 42 games and you wouldnt swap him!
  9. Westwood in demand?

    Your right, it is about opinions, but Ruddy is in the team of the seasonand rightly so. Westwood would have been nowhere near even if he stayed fit! And as for the others i mentioned , look at the clean sheets theyve kept this season. Why, in your opinion is Westwood the best? What is that based on?
  10. Championship team of the year

    As much as i hate to say it, Clarke has had a great season. And like it or not as the leagues leading scorer he will always get in the team of the season, and rightly so!
  11. Westwood in demand?

    Etheridge, johnston, carson , ruddy and the lad at millwall whose name i cant remember. All better keepers than westwood this season. I love Westwood but even before he got injured his judgement was wrong on numerous occasions when rushing out for the ball and his distribution from kicks has been poor! Great shot stopper but in my opinion not the best in the league, if he was , premier league sides would be sniffing.
  12. Westwood in demand?

    He maybe at his peak, not fitness wise! But fit or not, at his peak or not, hes not the best keeper in the championship. Take the blue and white goggles off!
  13. Westwood in demand?

    Maybe a couple of years ago, not now
  14. At last - Thank you Jos!!!

    He wont take us up!
  15. Daily star today

    About 3 million!