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  1. Portugal already booked but not planning any games at the moment pure solid training for fitness! That’s what’s planned now anyway!
  2. Warned you guys A lot more changes planned over the next 18 mths so hold on to your hats it's going to be a bumpy ride!!!
  3. 5 Players at least were very very upset after being told they were having different numbers chosen by Chansiri. Lucky and favourite Numbers!! They were refusing to change as in contracts!! I was in one of the conversations regarding not liking Stripes, hence little white! Contemplating Hoops for Anniversary, but only a slight chance, being discussed already for change of manufacturer! Only post every now and again so don't get in a problem, if people don't want to know info from me that's fine I will stop posting interesting internal info!! Quite a few people are really upset at the internal situation and changes/management (Not inc Carlos) thought people would like to know that its not all hunky dory as people think!! My mistake, I will go again.
  4. The delay was due to Chansiri wanting to dictate who wore what number, which has predictably upset quite a few players!! The official numbers for this season were still being argued over the weekend, about who would get the final say!! The final decision was made yesterday!! Just another spanner for you, get used to not having big stripes or hardly any type of stripes, Chansiri does not like Stripes!! Hence the small amount of white on the Home Shirt!! At least we are staying Blue I suppose!!
  5. Ankle injury sustained a couple of weeks ago and kicked on it and aggravated on Tues Night! Hopefully back Sat!
  6. Quick one so I don't get caught:- Matias had surgery on the Hernia, is still abroad in Rehab and is already light training again. Will only return when fit and ready (in the opinion of the foreign trainers and specialist), will not come back then start getting fit. Hence will be able to go straight in the squad on return to Sheffield. Lachman was already signed before Carlos was even mentioned and the person that agreed the deal is no longer here!! More likely to see the Pope play at Hillsborough in a Wednesday shirt than Lachman get in the first team squad!!
  7. BS he knew, he had talks and moaned about control of players and team selection for 2 weeks!! Compensation figure agreed and accepted by Swindon and agent tooing and froing for weeks. Covering back so Swindon fans do not complain about him!! Unfortunately still a possibility!! I say move on but no happening yet!
  8. Can't imagine anything being announced on any front until after Chansiri flies back in tomorrow!!
  9. Black Shirt top fading downwards more to greyish not blue! Blue Shorts (Cyan) Black Socks with two cyan hoops as someone has posted!!
  10. To be fair I think cooper will probably end up coming in, but still trying to negotiate who will have team & player control!
  11. No NEW players this wk unless things change drastically! No Medicals have been done! Cooper further away as disagreeing over team & player control!! Any change will let you know!
  12. I'd love Rhodes here & would be welcome 😃 however unfortunately guys sorry to break it he has not even been mentioned let alone his people approached! Things can obviously change very quickly especially pre season BUT 0% chance at the moment and near future!! 😔 Any change I will let you know 😉
  13. Hmmm See, oh ye of little faith As soon as their is another I will let you know A couple not far off, very close if agents can just stop being greedy and involving other clubs (who are not going to sign them anyway) to push figures up! Semedo has already had his one year extension actioned last wk! Albeit on a lot less then he was on before making him one of the lowest paid at the club!
  14. Don't know why they have not announced it yet as signed yesterday, will try and find out!!!
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