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  1. Spot on, it's just how it is. #wereauthentic
  2. Watford beating Newcastle, go on Nige let's see u take the points from Bruce......and Antonio gets 4 v Norwich. Let's hope we can spank QPR to make it the hatrick (live in eternal hope with that starting line up)
  3. Wonder if we told them about the 7k tickets we can never sell that they consequently cant earn a fee on!! Prob signed up thinking we have large ground capacity. Let's hope they, aren't cowboys like one of their Dallas customers
  4. Not sure why we've bothered with a new supplier - what are we buying tickets for in the next few months, maybe: Entry into a raffle for a signed 2005 Playoff final t-shirt Visiting the new Hillsborough museum - highlights being our retro Victorian toilets, and one for the archeologists, the faded Presto advertising Grand opening of his and hers Megastore changing rooms Visiting Paxo's bunker - witness the exact location where all the recruitment mistakes are rubber stamped DC's smoking room - he might 'officially smoke' behind the south, when he wants some fan f
  5. Yes I can corroborate the above as factually 100% correct, matches the line up in 'A complete record 1867 - 1987' - a good historical record of Wednesday with player profiles, manager profiles and every match with the line ups, subs, results, attendances, league posn's etc etc. Pic of Zico on the front v Villa - remember was told by my school teacher (living in the Mids but he knew I was a Wednesdayite) that the book was in a local bookshop which as rare in those days in the Midlands as who would buy it!! This was all pre-internet so rushed out with my pocket money and bought it. PS The Stockp
  6. I'm confusing myself now! Thought u had changed ur mind on moving them on but seems Pulsar has changed his mind??!! Let me know what you decide Curse. Happy to pay postage
  7. Make sure you watch them, great times. No probs, let me know if you decide to phone a friend!
  8. If you've still got them I'll take them off your hands. Impressive neat writing on the season results, u took an amazing g amount of time and pride to write all that out, copyrighted it too - clever move
  9. First team in the hat for monday. How good does that feel. Have we ever done that b4? So who do u want in the draw?
  10. We need to look at other clubs in our league and use their initiative e (as we seem to have none) so here's one: WBA home adult POTD tickets, all u can pay is £20 or £23 (when we played them in Nov) and they filled the stadium with 26k. They usually get 23/24k with a high % of middle to lower income support so pricing is sensible to 90% fill stadium. I believe is a combo of pricing, seeing a winning team but it was a good experience allround buying home ticket online, scanning at turnstile, quality of stadium facilities/price and range of food. Learn these simole lessons and we can move f
  11. Unlucky today against leaders. Was in home end and supporters thought we were good, best team seen this season and lucky to win it. BUT we need to make our own luck by: Replacing Hutch, Lee both too slow alth industrious but not good enough. Murphy - not great, Bannan infuriated by his lack of awareness and ability to make the run for Bannans passes. Bannan lost it with him Mr the end. Striker striker striker to support Fletch!
  12. Now that was a great night match....Shirtliff and Francis. Amazing team comradeey, no wonder we won cup and got promoted that season
  13. Hopefully Liam Palmer will be fit to play today.....as it could be a good omen, 28 years ago to the day Carlton Palmer scored a first half hat trick when we played QPR at Hillsborough on 31st Aug 1991. Anyone who was there will remember what a great performance from the class of 1991.....over to u Liam!
  14. I have a member number issued to me earlier this week. Let me know if u need it and will pm with postcode
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