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  1. First team in the hat for monday. How good does that feel. Have we ever done that b4? So who do u want in the draw?
  2. We need to look at other clubs in our league and use their initiative e (as we seem to have none) so here's one: WBA home adult POTD tickets, all u can pay is £20 or £23 (when we played them in Nov) and they filled the stadium with 26k. They usually get 23/24k with a high % of middle to lower income support so pricing is sensible to 90% fill stadium. I believe is a combo of pricing, seeing a winning team but it was a good experience allround buying home ticket online, scanning at turnstile, quality of stadium facilities/price and range of food. Learn these simole lessons and we can move forward!! Appreciate they have premier league parachutes and have regularly been in prem but obv do listen and react to their market which is the behaviour of ALL successful businesses
  3. Unlucky today against leaders. Was in home end and supporters thought we were good, best team seen this season and lucky to win it. BUT we need to make our own luck by: Replacing Hutch, Lee both too slow alth industrious but not good enough. Murphy - not great, Bannan infuriated by his lack of awareness and ability to make the run for Bannans passes. Bannan lost it with him Mr the end. Striker striker striker to support Fletch!
  4. Now that was a great night match....Shirtliff and Francis. Amazing team comradeey, no wonder we won cup and got promoted that season
  5. Hopefully Liam Palmer will be fit to play today.....as it could be a good omen, 28 years ago to the day Carlton Palmer scored a first half hat trick when we played QPR at Hillsborough on 31st Aug 1991. Anyone who was there will remember what a great performance from the class of 1991.....over to u Liam!
  6. I have a member number issued to me earlier this week. Let me know if u need it and will pm with postcode
  7. Villa got 11k more than us for their first home game yest. Same level of support and with similar pre-season of FFP concerns, owner silence over finances and general fan apathy. Oh and Villa have a sensible and reasonable ticket pricing policy......
  8. Turner didn't think his time was up at all. In fact Francis was keeping CT and Pressman guessing in pre-season training and was saying to them it was one or the other, no suggestion of any new arrival at all. Then on eve of season signed Woods with no communication to either of his keepers which didn't go down well. Then CT told Orient in for him and accepted move as was a contract that would take him to pension age which in those days was important for players financial security - how times change!!
  9. Sat by the South stand netting. Steward didn't know why either!! Nice to hear they brief them on their area of the stadium. 400 seats = 8k @ an average of £20 a seat. What a waste. Give them away to kids sports groups - they won't try to attack the away fans unless we insist on them donning Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes perhaps....
  10. As title.......one of the team that day reliably informed that he was totally p*ssed for our 5-1 away hammering to Liverpool in April 1989. Spirit bottle at the bottom of the dressing room drinks box was the culprit. Watch the 'lowlights' and you can tell he's totally battered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFWgBa6G-3Q
  11. ...................more importantly Carlton is 50 the following day. Carlton Palmer at 50, doesn't look a day over when he scored his hattrick in 1991 v QPR, I was there to witness this unlikely act!
  12. Was in the megastore (yea right) on Saturday and people in front of me wanted a number and name printing on the a shirt they were buying. Response from the server was that they had no A's or E's! Might just be me but how many names do you need these letters for........another Wednesday created commercial disaster. Only one first teamer you can have..................... NUHIU - oh that's fine, that's the name I've always wanted on my shirt, who needs a's and e's, PROBABLY ALL PART OF WEDNESDAYS SHIRT PRINTING POLICY JUST LIKE LAND OF FIRE. Now I live 90 miles from Sheffield hence not a regular visitor to the shop, but every time I visit, there is some key item out of stock, I'm never ceased to be amazed at how we continually disappoint and are completely clueless in terms of business and maximising sales and therefore income and turnover. Other matters that shouldn't surprise me: No changing room at all, how many retailers can you think of whose stock is 90% clothing! don't let u try things on, even Mr Ashley lets u do that in his less than perfect mega discount sports stores. Poor stock levels of training wear, esp polos/tshirts Ridiculously priced misc stuff like key rings, I could go on.......
  13. Wonder what Milan's book collection behind him on the video exclusive/Fri afternoon office chat, contain....gotta be more interesting than his boring monotone nothingness of a vid.
  14. Shirtliff was a man mountain for the club but he was never twice the player......interesting how he apparently appears twice on this pic.
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