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  1. Was going to put the same and the fact that Reach was awful. Offered absolutely nothing last night.
  2. In the 80's there used to be a Toyota Celica park in town on the road below where Chubby's is. Not Owls related but reg was 16NOB with a strategically placed " after the numbers
  3. Seen a couple round Chapeltown...... Think it was a taxi (white Skoda Superb?) with W4WAW and driving instructor with OW15GUY
  4. Winnall out long term with new injury to left arm !!
  5. Could it be he has signed a pre contract agreement with us hence not going anywhere else ?
  6. It's happening.......... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesdays-transfer-embargo-has-been-lifted-486806
  7. Should have put.... Please EFL, (Before the picture)
  8. I'm with you here, Stoke needed a complete overhaul whereas I don't think that SWFC do. Two or three key additions whilst reducing our current striker options should give GR something good to work with.
  9. They've done initiation songs though. Can they still walk away?
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