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  1. H....'ill man' Abdi ? I'll get my coat
  2. tomo2001

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Wonky Eye ?
  3. Is that Thursday 17th or Friday 18th ?
  4. Great wiki...... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Roberts_(footballer)
  5. tomo2001

    Lucas Joao

    Corrected for you.....
  6. tomo2001

    Over the line?

  7. tomo2001

    Over the line?

    Not the best as trying to capture it from Sky Sports highlights and when you pause it adverts appear and the page darkens. Watched it numerous times and looks in to me
  8. Anyone emailed isobel.dunn@swfc.co.uk Or should it be isobel.dunn@readingfc.co.uk ??
  9. tomo2001

    Conor Hourihane

    Those stupid roof supports ?
  10. tomo2001

    Conor Hourihane

    Google is your friend ;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillsborough_Stadium
  11. tomo2001

    Turnstiles 11a - 14a

    Thanks Rodger, tried looking on OS but couldn't find map of ground showing turnstile locations.
  12. tomo2001

    Turnstiles 11a - 14a

    Do you get access to these turnstiles off of Penistone Road (under the South Stand) or from Leppings Lane ?
  13. tomo2001

    New Badge on South Stand

    Anyone mentioned you look like Terry Curran ?
  14. tomo2001

    Glenn Murray

  15. tomo2001

    Ashleigh Mills

    Absolutely quality player, played in girls team with my daughter (SUCL) before joining Donny Belles. Was a pleasure to watch, had a great engine and first class attitude (unless the weather was cold ) - Soz Ash ;) Big loss to women's football.