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  1. Westwood's resigned? Thought he would have signed a contract extension personally
  2. Move on he's retired https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/06/alvaro-morata-mistakenly-wishes-gary-cahill-happy-retirement-chelsea-defenders-farewell-watford-9418637/ Oops, no he hasn't
  3. Isn't it odd how the eBay one shows exactly the same time and date as the Owls one. Spooky !!
  4. Boyds having a trim and grafting it on Fletcher and Bannan
  5. Haven't seen a player in a long time who runs about so much without actually achieving anything !!
  6. JP looks so out of his depth and it's astonishing that he gets anywhere near the first team. Hopefully SB gave him a look over last night and that's him finished.
  7. Agree as in 'much improved'. But..... Still can't cross a ball. You know as soon as he shapes up to cross it's the end of the move.
  8. I'm sure some football fans will think like that. Watch what happens when things don't go too well for SB. Any ammo that can be used will be used - it always happens especially on forums.
  9. Credit to DM https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/danny-murphy-responds-to-criticism-over-comments-about-steve-bruce-s-start-date-at-sheffield-wednesday-1-9563267
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