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  1. Slight flaw in your plan, we're not allowed anywhere near the pitch at the moment.
  2. I'm sure they would be manufactured using some of the 'hi-tech' materials now instead of the original abrasive fabric
  3. Why take effort to abbreviate 'of'. Just asking for a friend ?
  4. In the lower divisions yes, not so prolific this season.
  5. Are you stating a fact or asking a question. Slightly confusing thread title.
  6. That is genius, just need the sound !! https://www.myinstants.com/instant/ma-ia-hii/
  7. Look on Indeed app. Sherwin Williams (Ronseal) and BBraun, both at Chapeltown have a number of jobs posted.
  8. Chansiri tried to swap SWFC for a better club ?
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