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  1. Sharper, stronger and slimmer, he has clearly lost some weight.
  2. Results not so easy to come by when the pressure's on......
  3. Telling the yokals of Leeds what they wan't to hear.
  4. Lees/Loovens are amongst the best, but injury's and suspensions happen. Hutchinson is great but injury's and suspensions happen. What happens when thing go wrong and you can't pick your best players?
  5. At the end of last season it was obvious the Owls needed a decent centre back and some steel in midfield. Towards the end of this season it is painfully obvious we still need the same. Playing the likes of Semedo, Fox or Pudil out of position as a centre back is asking a lot when the ambition is promotion (especially when many games have been tight making errors costly).
  6. Helder Costa of Wolves has impressed me the most this season, MOM in Wolves VS Liverpool yesterday.
  7. Hutch is not tall enough to be first choice centre half. His commitment is excellent, but the team risks being done in the air everytime he plays there.
  8. How many games have been won convincingly this season? I can't think of one and it's now november. If the team is not playing any way near it's potential then what chace is there of beating those which are? AKA Brighton, Newcastle etc.
  9. Stronger physical team and a five man midfield to face a Colin side, looks like Carlos had done his homework.
  10. Fortune was on our side at St Andrews last year, karma strikes back today.
  11. For investing in a decent pitch at Hillsborough. Would the game last night have gone ahead on our old pitch after all the rain?
  12. Bannan is too short to play deep in central midfield. I can't see why he's being played there.
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