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  1. blueowl1946

    Need your help.

    More sorry than I can say,kept checking hoping for good news. Deepest sympathy to you and yours Craig.All the best.
  2. You may well mock,but my car insurance came down by quite a chunk when I moved from Sheffield to ChezVegas.
  3. blueowl1946

    Need your help.

    I keep looking in,hoping for a happy outcome. All the best to you and your family at this worrying time.
  4. blueowl1946

    Michael Hector...

    Peter Eustace..................reyt posh!
  5. blueowl1946

    50 Years AgoToday

    Where has the time gone? Greatest game I've ever seen,it had everything. It's a pity it wasn't televised,would be wonderful to see it again. After all this time I still can't get over the fact that with the score at 5-4 my dad left"to beat the traffic"
  6. 2. Ron Staniforth 3.The never to be forgotten Norman Curtis.
  7. blueowl1946

    R I P mum and fly high

    Very sorry to hear this sad news Tinkerbell. It's a reminder that all of us will just be a memory one day,and we have to try to make it a good one. Your mum obviously succeeded. Best wishes.
  8. blueowl1946

    Championship Form Table

    That's the spirit Bit of classic understatement! Well said sir!
  9. blueowl1946

    Championship Form Table

    I agree,but we've not been class for a while now and there's no guarantee that the injured will be back in time to make a difference. We are rapidly running out of time to get it right. I'm not normally this negative,honest but that table is scary. It'll be reyt I suppose.
  10. blueowl1946

    Championship Form Table

    I think that is really dreadful. However one may try to put a brave face on things form is a truthful stat. Ask any bookie.
  11. Fully agree with both points.No more to be said.Bye.
  12. blueowl1946


    Pah! You young'uns make me laugh! Should have seen us in the sixties. "You're going home in a blue and white ambulance" That and some aggressive pointing usually shut em up
  13. Err,it IS an attempt at merriment isn't it?
  14. As an elderly Wednesday fan myself,I'm not sure I'm amused by this attempt at merriment................................ Oh,go on then