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  1. Blimey,are all your sermons as cheerful as that Reverend? Glad I'm an atheist!
  2. Won't neg you 'cos it's all about opinions,but I strongly disagree.
  3. Totally agree. One of the finest sights I've ever seen at Hillsborough was Francis coming on and drifting past a couple of tackles and putting a ball on Hirstys head. I agree that Dave is effective and in the end that's all that counts but I know whose contribution will last longer in my memory.
  4. I’m now more interested in the result of the chutney smuggling than the game. Slightly disappointed that only one jar is involved as it makes it more of a shoe-in.
  5. Fletcher...........................the maker of golden arrows for the gods. I'll get mi coat.
  6. I’m happy to say that I am a lot more optimistic than I was at Friday lunchtime.
  7. It's only 9am. I am now going to lie down in a dark room. I expect to have a nightmare.
  8. Hardly dare voice an opinion in case of being branded racist. But it’s a no from me as I just can’t see him as a better option than Bullen. I’d still prefer Hughton or Rowett.
  9. Sanctimonious full weight prat. I've just added my two pennorth on his twattter feed. Supporting his views obviously. I've had a drink so I'm not going to comment further.
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