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  1. Could be Ralph O'Donnell,but not at all sure,no idea which ground or game
  2. Perhaps the superstore has some old dvds of the Howard Wilkinson era that Darren can have a look at. His teams showed more determination just running down the bl**dy tunnel and then proceeded to dominate! I don't like being negative and harking back to the "good old days" but I'm afraid Darren is talking through his backside
  3. I think our new goalkeeping coach could explain to Dawson that he is allowed to use his hands. Probably didn't want to dirty his new gloves.
  4. Mick Lyons-at least they would look bothered when he had them sprinting out of the tunnel behind him!
  5. Stood next to Peter Swan on the kop many times. Eustace, Pugh and Ellis in a pub on Leopold St. Ian Reddington at Wembley. Waddle,Horst and Pearson at Bradway
  6. Whenever I hear of Ian St.John it reminds me of an old joke. Apologies in advance if it’s disrespectful to Christians,no offence is intended. A large message board outside a church in Liverpool asks”What would you do if Christ came back to Earth tomorrow?” Underneath,in big red letters “play St. John at inside right”
  7. When he was coming on I thought it was the French copper in ‘Allo ‘Allo
  8. If the salary was twice that,I’d still buy it. It’s the cause that matters.
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