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  1. It's only 9am. I am now going to lie down in a dark room. I expect to have a nightmare.
  2. Hardly dare voice an opinion in case of being branded racist. But it’s a no from me as I just can’t see him as a better option than Bullen. I’d still prefer Hughton or Rowett.
  3. Sanctimonious full weight prat. I've just added my two pennorth on his twattter feed. Supporting his views obviously. I've had a drink so I'm not going to comment further.
  4. Down to 1.66 on betfair. If I had seen odds like this yesterday,I would have layed the hell out of it,as I didn't think he'd go. Not so sure now,fear the worst.
  5. If we don’t beat the Shrews we can forget automatic this season.
  6. Looks a bit like an Australian cricket or rugby kit to me, but not bad.
  7. I thought he was pretty fair and reasonable tonight. I prefer him when he's a mardy git to be honest.
  8. Yes Nev, but are we still worth twenty quid?
  9. Brilliant,brilliant Snooty................ But is it just me,or do others feel a little uneasy at the vitriol dripping from your pen ( or keyboard) Say for instance if you were to turn your gimlet- like gaze on other sections of the community what would be the outcome? For instance,what if your target were a) women b) disabled c) an ethnic minority d) a religion e) a member of the lgbtg community f) a brexiteer Any of the above and you would be looking at HATE Crime and before you could say you're just a poo Colin cheeky monkey the Old Billeh would be tapping at your portcullis! I can see it now,at half time the chubby cockney geezer will be saying-" 'ere av a baang orn vis tasty dabble............Next goalscorer Abdi and Snooty to get less than 2.5 years porridge -6/1 You have suggested after all that our pocine friends are brainless toothless low in the social order and hating all above them too impoverished to afford a decent tattoo So to conclude I think it may be wise to cool your invective next time out and be a little more circumspect. But you know what..............NAH!! Feck'em it's only Dem Blavdes after all Give 'em hell Snooty old bean!
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