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  1. I thought he was pretty fair and reasonable tonight. I prefer him when he's a mardy git to be honest.
  2. Yes Nev, but are we still worth twenty quid?
  3. Brilliant,brilliant Snooty................ But is it just me,or do others feel a little uneasy at the vitriol dripping from your pen ( or keyboard) Say for instance if you were to turn your gimlet- like gaze on other sections of the community what would be the outcome? For instance,what if your target were a) women b) disabled c) an ethnic minority d) a religion e) a member of the lgbtg community f) a brexiteer Any of the above and you would be looking at HATE Crime and before you could say you're just a poo Colin cheeky monkey the Old Billeh would be tapping at your portcullis! I can see it now,at half time the chubby cockney geezer will be saying-" 'ere av a baang orn vis tasty dabble............Next goalscorer Abdi and Snooty to get less than 2.5 years porridge -6/1 You have suggested after all that our pocine friends are brainless toothless low in the social order and hating all above them too impoverished to afford a decent tattoo So to conclude I think it may be wise to cool your invective next time out and be a little more circumspect. But you know what..............NAH!! Feck'em it's only Dem Blavdes after all Give 'em hell Snooty old bean!
  4. More sorry than I can say,kept checking hoping for good news. Deepest sympathy to you and yours Craig.All the best.
  5. You may well mock,but my car insurance came down by quite a chunk when I moved from Sheffield to ChezVegas.
  6. I keep looking in,hoping for a happy outcome. All the best to you and your family at this worrying time.
  7. Where has the time gone? Greatest game I've ever seen,it had everything. It's a pity it wasn't televised,would be wonderful to see it again. After all this time I still can't get over the fact that with the score at 5-4 my dad left"to beat the traffic"
  8. Very sorry to hear this sad news Tinkerbell. It's a reminder that all of us will just be a memory one day,and we have to try to make it a good one. Your mum obviously succeeded. Best wishes.
  9. That's the spirit Bit of classic understatement! Well said sir!
  10. I agree,but we've not been class for a while now and there's no guarantee that the injured will be back in time to make a difference. We are rapidly running out of time to get it right. I'm not normally this negative,honest but that table is scary. It'll be reyt I suppose.
  11. I think that is really dreadful. However one may try to put a brave face on things form is a truthful stat. Ask any bookie.
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