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  1. No. It's my only point. Yours, The OP
  2. Shouldn't just be having 2 chances to win though should we. Chronic underperfromance.
  3. Normal service resumed

    I agree. DC can bobbar all the bobbar he wants about family and loyalty but asking bum rape level prices for the shuffle that's currently being served up should surely be causing him concern, even with a large loyal fan base.
  4. Heard him on the radio. It was the first thing get talked about to rob stating when asked an open question. He very definitely did blame the refs for getting decisions wrong.
  5. OK, say we credit them with being an above average side, you still can't explain or excuse the way we played. Woeful.
  6. But they were bang average weren't they? Remember first half? 3 of them lining up unmarked. Straight at Westwood. But yeah darra they are class
  7. CC has his out after the bannan decision so he can dodge questrone about playing 85 mins without any tempo, forward passing or desire to attack against a run of the mill side like Bristol City. The style of play is appalling and a couple of wins doesn't even paper over the cracks. Could deal with playing like that (and we did) when we had a squad of frees like under Dave Jones and Stuart Gray. But when we have an expensively assembled squad it really is a criminal waste of potential.
  8. Isn't it just their guess at the length of time left on a contract x estimates wage plus any subjective criteria they choose (which appears to be minimal beyond saying "whose their best player on paper"). Has no bea ring on actual market value. George Boyd for £2.7m hardly played but has come from burnley so must be valuable. Pony website pony valuations.
  9. Yes I agree but my understanding (is may be wrong) was that there was no formal fee agreement in place with him, post-DC (no doubt seeing the money being bandied around) he sought to formalise things and he was rebuffed so resigned. Sad, whether it was his greed or the club's lack of appreciation which caused the break up is unknown by me.
  10. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    Yeah but 1. He may want more than a bag of doritos; and 2.CC won't play him anyway
  11. My understanding was that we refused to pay him a fee or maybe the fee he requested for his Matchday hosting services. If he's anything to do with Hirst jnr's managementz he would be in conflict now so fortunate in a way. Hence why we can't exert any pressure through him now.
  12. So what? Not delivered anywhere since he left Wolves, including here, despite being a favourite of CC. Sour bore off with asking other to give him credit for achievements and contributions which seem to only exist in your head.
  13. Namecalling issue aside, you didn't respond because you can't argue with stats. They are facts whether you choose to acknowledge them or not.
  14. Absolute testicles pal. Jugs' goalscoring record compared to rhodes' is all you need to look at not your rather nebulous take on what "makes a more complete centre forward" which is backed up predictably by no stats. Jugs scores 0.27 goals every game. Rhodes scores 0.48 goals every game. Rhodes every day of the week.