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  1. FF has been a little shithouse for a while now though
  2. Palmer average Fox poor LB has needed strengthening since Wembley. Still not happened. Whoever is playing I want to do well but objectively we need improvement in this area.
  3. With just two vendors I’m surprised anyone noticed. I didn’t know this happened. To be successful I would expect the club to make a bit more of a deal about it.
  4. All joking aside I would love the club to look into the possibility of renovating the kiosk areas and then leasing them to local food and drink businesses for match days. I am thinking a peddlers market type thing which are insanely popular. I think if there was a genuine experience to be had I think it would get people in the ground earlier and spending. consumer behaviour now is about added value and experience. Yes some people would just come for the footy and do their normal thing but fan parks are the done thing now and if we were able to offer actual facilities in the kiosks I dare say it could work out financially too.
  5. No but if a South Stander is complaining, it must be bad.
  6. Yes I admit it that I used to give him a lot of stick. I found him to be wasteful and wanted us to have pace up front somewhere. No we have that on the wings, his all-effort win every flick on is really paying off and I give him all the credit he deserves. Tbh this qualities were most notable today when he was subbed for Rhodes who still looks really laboured. I hope he can shake it and make the most of our new pace and crossing abilities but I really worry watching him amble around even though he was only on for 20 mins.
  7. Not enough good things can happen to Lee. I did worry I wouldn’t see him play footy ever again, let alone at s6. flipping delighted for him (and for us).
  8. I thought he was great tbh. Defo a calming influence and a leader which really helps lees settle into his game too
  9. Look I accepted almost immediately there was a lot wrong with the overall premise of this thread. OP is a mindless poopydoo whose thought process could best be described as “thought puke”. OP is a fat cheeky monkey too.
  10. Wait I forgot about Alan Irvine and Gary Teale oh ffs
  11. Last time we had a Scottish manager and Scottish players in defence, midfield and attack? Clue: season ended in May 2005 in Cardiff. That’s it then: nailed on promotion! wawaw uto
  12. Players - 7.8 But circumstances of not having a permanent manager that has approved the players will not be known until later. Hopefully it’s irrelevant and Bully owns it
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