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  1. Can’t see it OP. Thanks to FFP and Premier League TV sponsorship money the game has become a de facto franchise with fewer and fewer clubs being eligible to play and more importantly stay in the top flight. Unless you have a very special manager and a unique transfer policy (Wolves represent this with their links to a major agent; we half-arsed it regrettably), I don’t think you stand a chance of breaking in that group. Sadly, I think we’ve blown our beans on relatively pony players. Can only hope Luhukay is able to radically shuffle his pack with a couple of inspired frees and he becomes the exceptional coach he has (at least so far) shown no signs of being. But I’m not hopeful.
  2. Very knowledgeable mfw always rushes players Ayers back from injury and trampled on the self esteem of backup players he unceremoniously drops then can’t motivate to pay for him cant wait for him to get a couple of preseasons and windows at Swansea.
  3. Mauled by a Minority

    The fact he is our best in form striker is not an endorsement of his skills, it’s an indictment of our transfer policy for the last 24 months. he is useful as an option but that is literally what struggling teams would say who have no choice in the market. I wish we haven’t been made into that team. Can’t fault the player only the club.
  4. Another great day at leeds

    Agreed; as i said, my comments were result aside.
  5. Another great day at leeds

    Don’t mean to drop a turd in the punchbowl but, final score aside, we served up the same uninterested, slow tempo and mistake-ridden poo we have been serving up all year? Fair enough it may be enough to keep us up this year but as we will all be talking about and hoping for promotion rather than relegation next season, we shouldn’t be jizzing our pants over a win against what must be a very poor Leeds side managed by a guy who was failing at Barnsley.
  6. I hope we are searching for more than just souls to be honest. Since Wembley we have needed players that improved the squad as it was then. Not a single player brought in since has done so. So searching for better (not just expensive) players is a must but so too is the search for a manager who can wrestle from the chairman (and any advisors he has) the transfer responsibility and control. Maybe Jos is that and he is simply biding his time with a much depleted squad to limp us over the line to the summer. But whether he is or isn’t we need something else in the structure of the club. Look how Warnock has transformed Cardiff; central to it was the control of transfers. We need to learn from that example imho.
  7. Great Pic From Today

    A couple of players in there who need to fizz off though
  8. fizz off George. You’re absolute pony.
  9. Quick Request

    whatsapp group some blades in there, giving it large after we’ve not heard from them for half a decade. Standard poo you expected expect from them. Just wanted to remind them of their sins.
  10. Quick Request

    Thats very similar mate and certainly fits the urgent banter bill. Nice one. Would plus if I could.
  11. Quick Request

    Absolutely agree. It was such a good image file as it literally set all their sins out from start to beginning. Red writing on a white background and some reference to mind the gap or one of their claims of superiority which it debunks completely. I urge all to please post if you have anything matching it’s description. I say again for urgent bants.
  12. Iirc, there was a poster on here who had made or acquired a Sheffield United sin sheet; it literally listed, in chronological order (from evicting Yorkshire Cricket club from its rightful central Sheffield home right through to modern day scumbaggery) , all the reasons why Sheffield United will forever be the worst flipping club in the whole world never mind just Sheffield . if anyone has it, please post it in this thread as a matter of urgency (for ongoing banter purposes). Many thanks in advance.
  13. Comedy club

    Sorry. Missed the twitter statement in the thread. Also, don’t take the Lord’s name in vein you blasphemous poopydoo.
  14. Comedy club

    Same degree of supposition in your post as mine. Cant call it common sense if you are relying on guesswork.