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  1. So retaining Liam Palmer instead?
  2. BC1867

    Hirst Snr

    Met Hirst once circa 2012 Made fun of my inability to take a photo on an iPhone. My fat-fingeredness aside, he was dead to me from then on. Kind Regards, Grudges Die Hard
  3. Nigeria have the best kit. World Cup
  4. BC1867

    We may well be ABDIcated

    He’s been wee wee weak to be fair
  5. BC1867


    Talking to two blunts today who genuinely have second clubs in the Prem / in Europe. That’s the difference for me. Wednesday TIL I flipping die. No second teams. Ever. UTO, FTB (and everyone else imho)
  6. Im not quoting my posts you shitwasp
  7. Are you fletcher’s Dad or something? Ooooh you are edgy and deep because you pull out “facts” from your arse/overactive imagination!
  8. Logic: he doesn't play because he is either tug or injured. Not sure which is better (both are bad) or why you are arguing with me? The stats don’t merit your support of him.
  9. Experience and previous goal records and levels played at does not indicate quality or “plenty of good things”. It’s in the past. You can’t get credit for just existing and not improving. He is in decline. Whilst he was an improvement on GTF, he’s been poor for us since joining. as for objecting to what I and others have said about his injury record, take a look at his all competition stats: 20 apps of 53 total 3 goals 1 assist not a good record in terms of apps, goals or assists.
  10. Whilst I don’t rate the man, it’s a bit harsh to call Fletcher “bell of the year”!
  11. Oooh good digging. But I stand by my comments (both of them). Fletcher was and is an improvement on Gary Taylor-Fletcher. Fletcher still not good enough in goals or overall effectiveness.
  12. Lol name one good thing he possesses or achieves. The bad list: goal record is woeful here and at last club no pace not strong not dominant in the air is never double marked so does not create space one knee made of cabbage cuts like Ricky Hatton been out for ages spat on an Asian bike-taxi operator
  13. Fletch is an injured bag of tug. Has been for years.