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  1. I am pleased by this. Squad needs an overhaul in many areas. Makes next season a bit of an unknown quantity but SB is the best manager (and his team team) we have had in ages. Trust at like 91%. Only wildcard is what money he can have.
  2. He’s akin to a hole in a commercial fishing net; the linemen will watch nervously hoping no fish spot it and break through. If none break through, it’s all ok, he’s safe and it’s as if he’s not a hole in the net. This is coincidental because make no mistake about it he’s still a hole in the flipping net. but long may coincidental good fortune continue, even though we know that statistically it will not.
  3. 16 pages on this? christ! can someone get a photoshop thread going?
  4. Card management? (also you sound like a bellsniff calling people names when they are trying to help you) (I am aware of the irony; it was deliberate, you bellsniffs)
  5. If this indicates a change in focus (younger players on the up) I am delighted.
  6. I am just pleased we now have a manager who doesn’t talk poo.
  7. Lol Iorfa an understudy to Palmer!?! Screw your head on OP
  8. Fox is 25 years old; he’s not young. What are you blathering on about?
  9. Hope you are right on that but not sure where you think we will get money from as I think we will be in embargo before the season finishes. Either way, Iorfa at CB in a back 2 or 3 is fine by me.
  10. Agreed but Bruce has said he has been tracking him for 2 years and was surprised he was shut out at Wolves. I would suggest they had a conversation about his preferred position before he joined. Also when Hector leaves we are going to need someone there better than Thorniley.
  11. Lazaar looked like he wanted to attack and got forward with purpose. I think this helped the team.
  12. He said when he joined he wanted to play centre back.
  13. I am saying that (notwithstanding his improved form) his best will still be well short of what we need in his position to challenge for promotion.
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