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  1. Do you have any information on the meeting?? Thanks in advance
  2. Sorry! If your stopping over night
  3. Rest In Peace Trevor!! Thoughts are with your family and friends WAWAW
  4. Where is everybody stopping and where will all Wednesdayites be drinking before and after the game? Safe journeys everyone WAWAW
  5. SG needs to try May & lavery together, one Milan mandaric
  6. Nuihu as had chances created but u tell me how many has May had?
  7. I think Gray should be given the chance to take us forward but if HM does bring his own man in as he did at RC Lens who realistically would you go for?... I'd go for malcky mackay
  8. I've only just joined this forum, I'm 16 years old & I wanted to get involved. And u get wednesdayites taking pi$$. I'm sorry I haven't read every topic posted but I'll never post again now. It's a form of cyber bulling. Makes me so proud to be a Wednesdayite
  9. I wish SWFC would either deny or confirm this takeover. I don't no about anybody else I don't want to get excited about this incase it's not true but I can't help myself!
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