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  1. Funny how didn't seem to miss Loovens!
  2. Live the Dream

    Positives vs Negatives

    Good assessment. Not bad for a second team! Wildsmith, a local lad, is looking the real deal - we need to stick with him regardless of Westwood's fitness. Loovens has been a quality player but is slow and looking past his best. We can't afford any more sendings off! Rhodes hasn't cut it all season, we need to say goodbye. Thought Big Dave shook em up at bit at the right time, great sub. The biggest positive of course was the tactical master stroke by our manger!
  3. Live the Dream

    Right, I've cracked

    That second half performance was pathetic. It was obvious they were playing to orders, don't take any chances, play keep ball, see the game through. Well, it rightly exploded in his face and we got nothing against a very ordinary team. There is no justification to keep this manager considering the money spent and the playing squad at his disposal. A playing squad, incidentally, that have under performed all season. The season's gone for me and its time to move him on!
  4. Call me old fashioned but what happened to going to the match, paying at the turnstile and enjoying a decent game of football?
  5. I liked the passion and that he got angry but he didn't control it. Giddings wound him up and he fell for it hook, line and sinker!
  6. Live the Dream

    Chansiri won't sack Carlos

    I know it's still early days but I honestly believe that right now is a defining moment for our season. You have only to look at the number of posts on here along with the comments and differing opinions. Owls fans are fuming about what they witnessed last Sunday and will continue to be especially those who are surrounded by our gushing neighbours from across the city! So, the next 2 fixtures, imo, will decide the future of our manager. If we lose both games then I think he's gone. Any points gained then it is likely he will stay.
  7. Makes me wonder. Our costly experienced players aren't fools. Barry Bannan, probably our best footballer, plays a style that he's developed himself over a number of years, so has Gary Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri etc. If you throw a load of good players together with minimum coaching you'll get some results. The difference is the manager. Wilder has demonstrated in his short time in charge what can be done with average footballers.
  8. Good post particularly with regard to our manager. I have seen/heard most of his interviews from Day 1 and I don't understand a fxxxxxx word and it's not because he's Portuguese. I do understand most other English speaking high profile Portuguese footballers/mangers! Every time I listen to Carlos I'm totally confused and bewildered. I normally start laughing because I guess the interviewer is probably feeling/thinking the same. So, what do the players and coaching staff think? Can they understand his riddles, his advice, his ideas, his formations, etc etc. On yesterdays evidence, obviously not.
  9. Live the Dream

    Give your heads a wobble

    This wasn't just a bad day at the office, it was a shocker. Worst performance of the season against our biggest rivals. The Manager seemed to be in a trance, not switched on, no idea what to do next. He must have been gobsmacked we went in at half time only one goal behind - I was! Hooper's performance and the substitution of Jones for Joao were the only positives that I saw in the 90 mins. There were so many negatives it just depresses me thinking about them. It's not the first time that we've frozen in the big games! We have, "on paper", one of the best squads in the Championship. The fans of this club expect and deserve better. Chansiri promised Premiership within 2 years, he's not delivered on that promise! We need to bounce back quickly, get a result at Brum and something from the Leeds game. If not I think it has to be goodbye Carlos.
  10. Live the Dream

    Forestieri Transfer Value

    He's a good player but a Prima Donna and causing more trouble than he's worth, get rid. We, urgently, need a couple of Championship level defenders so the quicker we sell, the better. Don't care what we get as long as we have enough to cover the cost of the new players.
  11. Live the Dream


    Everybody gets over emotional about football win or lose. Today we are livid, angry, disappointed, unhappy etc etc... That's the nature of of the beast. So, after the initial reaction, we take stock, consider the options and move on. I believe Carlos, in many respects, has been a breath of fresh air. His approach to the game, his press conferences, his broken English has kept us amused. However, it looks like he's met his match. He's had a lot of money to spend, some quality players at his disposal and a stronger squad than this time last year. He's also had a chairman, who promised Premiership football in 2 years, breathing down his neck. So, I think its inevitable that he'll leave the club in the very near future. It's a high pressure situation and he knows all about the expectation from his chairman, the fans and the local media. The chairman hasn't pumped all his money into our club for nothing. He's determined to get us promoted and if that means a new direction/manager than so be it. I believe Carlos, a proud man, will walk before he's pushed. So, whose next. I would expect the next guy to be tried and tested. Unfortunately there's not much to choose from: Pardew is constantly mentioned - not for me, I like the Fulham guy but he's unlikely to move up here, Steve Bruce is still finding his feet at Villa, MacLaren - no, Pearson - takes no prisoners and lives in the city but it's said he doesn't want it. My choice would be Gary Monk whose Leeds contract is up in the Summer. Up The Owls
  12. Live the Dream

    Callum Macmanaman ?????

    I like him. He's a talented footballer. A traditional winger with a good touch and plenty of pace, goes past players and gets crosses over. He can pass the ball accurately and can shoot. He's played Premiership football and of course was MoM in the 2013 Cup Final. West Brom paid Wigan £4.75M for him 2 years ago - his pedigree says it all. There is an attitude problem which I guess has held him back but I think he just wants to play and there's nowt wrong with that !
  13. Live the Dream

    One man team myth

    There's no such thing as a "one man team". Ronaldo and Messi are top players, probably the best individual footballers we've ever seen but they are surrounded by good players at their respective clubs. Someone is feeding them. The difference between ordinary teams and good teams is the number of quality players at that level. We've got, in my opinion, around 9 or 10 in a big squad. People like Forestieri, Hutch, Lee, Bannan, Lees, Westwood, Rhodes and on their day Loovens, Wallace and McManaman. These guys don't come cheap but they're the ones that make the difference. This list includes a range of strikers, midfield and defenders. So it looks well balanced. I believe you need a minimum of 4 of these to turn out every week. If you turn out any more then it improves your chances immediately. Any less and you're a gonna. As the season progresses some of these are unavailable due to injury but also they may need a rest especially playing two competitive games a week. There is also an issue with keeping everyone happy and that aint easy! That's where a good manager shows his worth with a supportive chat/arm round etc. So that's it. You need to spend the money and bring in these players or settle for unsuccessful mediocrity.