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  1. Old French Owl

    Whatever your thoughts are on the Chairman,

    I am for real explain? I am really interested in your comment.
  2. Old French Owl

    Whatever your thoughts are on the Chairman,

    Can you explain to me how the club has been run into the ground?
  3. Old French Owl

    Anyone seen or got one of these?

    Not at home at the moment will dig it out when I get home in a few days time. Will post a pic later in week.
  4. Old French Owl

    Anyone seen or got one of these?

    Yep, definitely got one of these somewhere, nicely framed up in a small wooden frame, will have to look it out. As you say it must be an over 50's thing! Think it dates from the seventies.
  5. Old French Owl

    Director of football

    Please note that all those Owls who think he is coming to SWFC, he was actually commentating on BBC Radio 5 live and Tinternet. See comments in link if one wants proof and thats why he was at H. http://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/39697469 I am sure DC would not let him near his office, he's got more sense, think he has learnt from the first committee episode.
  6. Old French Owl

    Tonight's Big Game U23's

    For a young group I thought they did pretty well particularly in the second half, GH needs to bulk up a bit as do a number of other lads, Sean Clare and Conor Kirby really caught my eye. As you suggest they need time. Not sure about Jack Stobbs the game seemed to pass him by at times. Think he was captain tonight. Fraser Preston, is his size going to be his undoing, time will tell. I presume you were thinking about Jack Stobbs and possibly Jack Lee to go out on loan possibly to non league to get that time. Agree they should not be rushed.
  7. Old French Owl

    Tonight's Big Game U23's

    Yep. One of the problems tonight was they were being out muscled in certain areas by the older more experienced Bolton players inc LB. Bolton ended up with I think 4 booked for mainly late challenges as the youngsters I think had been told to keep the ball down in the second half as a result they were quicker on the ball and to the ball resulting in the bookings.
  8. Old French Owl

    Tonight's Big Game U23's

    Final score 2-1 to the Owls. Much sharper in the second half against an fairly experienced Bolton side. Players who caught the eye, Connor Kirby, Jack Lee, Sean Clare, Fraser Preston and of course Mr Hirst Junior. Hirst being lone man upfront 4-5-1. Team:- Wallis, Clarke, Penney, Kirby, Lee, Thorniley, Stobbs, Hayford, Hirst, Clare and Preston.
  9. Old French Owl

    Tonight's Big Game U23's

    2-1 to swfc another well taken goal Hirst beats a man and scores from edge of penalty area.
  10. Old French Owl

    Tonight's Big Game U23's

    1-1 Fraser Preston to top left corner. Great strike!
  11. Half time - losing 1-0 against a big Bolton side inc Lewis Buxton . Team sheet will not upload!
  12. Exactly, he put a changed team out against Newcastle, why not rest the tired ones, thats why we have a large squad! Carlos possibly did not recognise the signs of tiredness, however that is one of the things he and others are paid to do. If blame is to be apportioned then it must lay at the door of CC. Its a hard league. I am sure he will learn. Onwards & Upwards.
  13. Old French Owl

    "Tactically inept, out of his depth"

    Could not f*****in agree more!
  14. Old French Owl

    Swiss Ramble - SWFC

    Abso Bloody Lutely! For 15/20 years we could not of marketed our way out of a paperbag and its not rocket science. We have a long way to go its as plain as day. Hopefully DC is now sorting out this particulaly sad aspect of this great club.