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  1. The outstanding candidate for the job. Has always been very respectful of us as a club and the fan base. Every club he has been at he has improved their position and has worked his way up from lower leagues in a Wilder like fashion. No brainer. Although I also like Pearson there is no way on this earth after his experience with Mel Morris and Watford that Pearson would want to work with our chairman.
  2. Best ever game for the club he was excellent.
  3. Not sure how we did it. But we will take the three points gladly. I am so pleased Pullis has gone and I also think that the players are happy he has gone.
  4. Liam has been a very loyal servant to our club and is one of us. He gets a lot of unnecessary stick on here at times. He had a good solid game last night topped off by that sublime pass. Well done Liam. The first touch by Patterson was also superb and made the finish simple. Great goal.
  5. The signing was questioned by many of us, but without him we would be in a even bigger mess. Him and Lees were top notch tonight.
  6. Olly is big mates with Pulis, no way would he take this job.
  7. Paul Cook but our owner didn't even consider him last time so I don't expect him to consider him this time either. It will be some obscure foreign coach who will take us down. For the love of God Mr Chansiri please sell us and go!
  8. There is nothing conclusive to say that we will accept 400k for him. All speculation. Let's wait and see what transpires.
  9. I am sure we will not sell for 400k. He is under contract for 2 years and he has performed well. This is a chance to get some cash to fund other incoming transfers. Mind you with the current regime anything is possible.
  10. Just shows how deluded and divorced from reality the modern footballer is. He seems to think that because it was on the pitch sexual assault is OK and a joke. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  11. 100% agree. Pullis has actually made this team worse. It was a difficult task, but he has managed to do it very well. The lack of a plan in the attacking side of the game is frightening. Where we go from here, I really do not know.
  12. Chasing the game 2 0 down and put Izzy Brown on after 85 minute's. Shocking
  13. Majestic finish, what wonderful sight. Sign him on Tony......if only
  14. We showed some real bottle tonight. Good shape a dogged defending. Had it stayed 11 v11 we would have won.
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