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  1. Tom Lees is a Birmingham City fan. Family are from Brum. Moved up to Harrogate area with his Dad's job when he was a teenager
  2. Taxi for Lees. Time to part ways. Has been stale for last couple of seasons and needs a new club. Best for both parties. Great servant and does deserve great credit for his loyalty.
  3. People on here beggar belief sometimes. Since Moore arrived the standard of football has been better and certainly better to watch. We started to create chances and apparently the statistical output from platers was appreciably higher. The fact that this terrible, spineless group of players failed to capitalise on this situation is something beyond the gift of the management team. In our current predicament Darren Moore is a better appointment than I expected. He has a good reputation in the game and has a lot of contacts that will help with recruitment. Lets get the behind
  4. This is a physical division. We need some athletes with some size about them.
  5. A No from me. Was only a squad player at Peterborough and way too small for this division. I remember people on here banging on and on about Marcus Maddison. Whatever happened to him?
  6. Although I appreciate what you are saying I do believe that in Liam's case his thoughts are genuine. He is one of us at the end of the day. Due to certain sections of our very negative and at times vindictive fan base this fact is held against him and used as a negative on a regular basis.
  7. Since Moore arrived at the club Liam's form has been very good. One of the better players in the past few weeks. Personally I am glad he is still contracted to the club. He will be valuable next season with his versatility.
  8. Very disturbing article. Major change is required across the board. Problem is Chansiri is so stubborn things may never change. We are now a pariah club and many players/agents will not touch us. Things are looking bleak.
  9. They get us into this mess, relegate the club and then go off in a huff because their pay reduces. Still I suppose we would all react the same if it happened in our jobs and there was a better offer elsewhere.
  10. The perils of running your contract down! Lees has had an offer on the table since December which he has decided not to sign, therefore although it is a sad situation if the injury is long term then it is a self inflicted situation on his part. He has been a good servant but in the last couple of seasons his form has dropped off. I think he is stale and needs a move. Time for a parting of the ways.
  11. Come on the Jordan Rhodes fan club and the he never gets service argument. Ball put right on his head all the goal to aim at. Straight at the keeper. Not good enough, never has been good enough along with the rest of this abysmal squad of cowards.
  12. One for the Jordan Rhodes fan club. Jordan Rhodes 80 games 15 goals (league). Reda Johnson 75 games 18 goals (league). Says it all really.
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