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  1. Which ever way you look at it, an absolute PR disaster. You couldn't make this up. Quite shocking really when you think about it. How can anybody with a modicum of common sense come up with an idea as flawed as this, giving people a one week window on the frozen price with about four days notice in the run up to Christmas. If the club is desperate for cash they should just come out and say so and then maybe as fans we could stomach this. But done in its current form it is just a poo show that widens the gap between the owner and the fans.
  2. I was concerned that they would target him today, but he played great. Very promising lad. Another good one for the future. Needs beefing up a bit physically, but there is no doubt he has a rosy future.
  3. His pace will come in very handy at Centre Back : )
  4. Hopefully come on from the bench and ease him in gently.
  5. Very easy to sack the manager. What viable alternatives are there?........................Tony Pulis is available, in other words none. The sack the manager model has been the method of choice recently and it has not worked. Lets all calm down and give Moore the season. We have forgotten what state the club was in when he took over. A complete rebuild was needed in the summer and with no money available he has built a half decent squad. Lets allow him the time and patience to finish the job off and stop behaving like the entitled idiots on Arsenal fan tv who want to sack the manager every week.
  6. Take the captaincy off him and let him concentrate on his own game. Make Dunkley captain. He is an absolute warrior and what you want in a captain.
  7. The best thing about him is that he smells danger gets to the source of the danger and deals with it. Good distribution too. Physically could do with beefing up a bit but I am sure that will happen as he matures. Looks the real deal.
  8. He will be a game changer when he comes back in. Him and a Proper CDM (hopefully Luongo has sorted his injuries out) and I think we will do well.
  9. He is just the right kind of S**t house centre back you need in this league. He is great at man marking target men. Did a great job on Stewart last night as he did at toy town on Smith. Him and Iorfa make a great partnership if the manager ever allows it to happen with his selections.
  10. This season and last one our most consistent players. A very loyal servant to boot and one of our own. Never gets the credit he deserves.
  11. Iorfa/Dunkley partnership is our best bet at this level. Why the manager dropped him for Lincoln is just beyond belief.
  12. He is the only one who did. I said to my son that we would concede in added on time.
  13. He was obviously carrying an injury yesterday. He has different partners every game. The manager needs to get his act together and play a settled team.
  14. Will be on the right of three centre halves next week
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