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  1. There is no way on earth that Big Sam would come here. Particularly with the current regime in place. Apart from anything else he would cost an absolute fortune and carries a massive entourage to every club he works at. I think he would be a great signing and would do a great job but we could never afford him and he would never come here, simple as that.
  2. Can we stop this Rhodes obsession. He is not good enough and arguably pound for pound our worst signing ever. Let’s move on for crying out loud.
  3. Westwood has made many more mistakes than Swansea. Sent off at Reading, lost us the games at Millwall and West Brom. Dawson has a long way to go before he matches that level of ineptitude and we have not even got on to his injury record. Like it or not Dawson is the future. Get off his back and get behind him.
  4. Monk is not the problem this squad of spineless gutless overpaid prima donnas is to blame. We need a long term manager to overhaul and re-shape the squad over 3 or 4 windows and in my view Monk has shown enough to be that man. Tommy Spur summed it up last night on the radio when he said that Wigan wanted it more. Look at the players not the manager!
  5. Rhodes is a busted flush. He has been here long enough now for any sane person to see that he is not going to hack it at this level. The Forest game was obviously a one off. He is simply not good enough. Let’s get him out of the club and move on.
  6. In fairness to Nuhiu what is he supposed to do with aimless punts upfield where he is competing with two centre backs. He is not superman. Nothing of the remotest quality played into him for him to hold up. Abject game management by the team. Moses is a complete liability. Last night and Preston show that he just ain’t good enough.
  7. Darlow has been outstanding every time I have seen him, Like it or not Westwood is coming to the end of his career and is injury prone. Darlow is about to enter the prime years of his career and has something to prove. I work in Nottingham and there is reported interest in Westwood from Forest. The Forest fans all rate Darlow very highly and would have him back in a heartbeat.
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