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  1. I want religion to end. but not by banning it, I want people to individually come to the conclusion that religion is f*cking bullsh*t themselves
  2. “Fantastic free kick” i would call it poo goalkeeping dawson in on Saturday for me, as good as wildsmith has been, he’s conceding a load lately
  3. Looking at fixtures

    I honestly can’t see where our next win is going to come from, can guarantee Bolton will be more up for it on Saturday than us, don’t think we’ll get another away win this season, we haven’t got the fight for a relegation battle, we could easily be in the bottom 3 in 5 games time
  4. https://goo.gl/images/5Y6G3z
  5. Jos Has Been First Class

    Think he’s doing alright under the circumstances give him a proper pre season with everyone fit, get rid of a few and let him bring some of his own in then we can judge him in to next season. speaking to someone last weekend he was saying how good and refreshing jos is, on his days off he regularly goes down and watches the academy lads play/train
  6. Best Valentine's Gift Ever?

    Was guna take my lass to the match last night as a pre valentines treat seen as she loves to kick off so much
  7. Defence tonight

    Pudil has been like a new signing whilst playing at the back
  8. Derby tho

    Up there with clubs I hate derby, their fans are reyt up themselves aswell, proper chip ont shoulder
  9. Every single one of them put in a shift, think reach Just edged it, shining light of a poor season him, way he’s been playing this season we’ll make profit on him if someone comes in bidding
  10. Praise our manager !!

    Give em a good pre season bring his own players in to add to some of our better ones who will return from injury, get rid of at least 8/9 ie Fox, Jones, butterfield (will be going back anyway thankfully) a few more and even Hutchinson as much as I love him, it’s pointless us having him for 10 games a season. then we can judge him, can’t judge him at all this season with what he’s got at his disposal while there’s so many out injured, think he’ll do alright with us
  11. IF we were relegated ...

    Fluke our way through to the finals of the cup, in Europe next season....and league 1
  12. Don’t think we’ll go down but it will be a bumpy ride. just need to stay up and start again next season, can’t wait t for the season to finish though it’s been horrendous
  13. Man of the match

    Best game in a while palmers had, got forward as much as he could, got stuck in, just his crossing still frustrating
  14. Man of the match

    Couple of good saves from wildsmith joao best of a bad bunch imo
  15. ghost F.A cup draw.

    Got a bad feeling it will be Southampton away, not a good draw a reyt trek and probable defeat. coventryor millwall/Rochdale at home would be good. if not pigs or Man U