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  1. RoyCroppersHair

    Forum on 20th

    It’ll be the same as always and them who are there will believe everything dc says and clap him off at the end, load of b0llox what is happening at the club lately, should end in a riot tbf but will just be a “he said what we wanted to hear” so we will just continue sleepwalking towards Accrington and Wycombe next season
  2. RoyCroppersHair

    Is anyone actually nervous for Friday?

    Im looking forward to it, nowt to lose playing wise as we are all fully expecting a defeat, just hope we decide to turn up and put on a show...telling all pigs at work that they should get 5 at least, hopefully softening the blow for Monday’s return to work... i am looking forward to finishing work Friday at half 12 though then showered changed and out, get tanked up for the walk down to the sty
  3. RoyCroppersHair

    Villa want Bannan

    8million for a player we got for nowt, go up another 2 million and I’d snap their hands off
  4. RoyCroppersHair

    Villa on Tour Vid

    Their some ugly fans
  5. RoyCroppersHair

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    People need to realise the job he does off the ball, keeps their main threats pretty quiet, it been Grealish today, does all the sh1tty work that the other players appreciate which I think most fans should also
  6. RoyCroppersHair

    Reyt day out

    Quality day also in the coach park after the match...hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog
  7. RoyCroppersHair

    Joey Pelupessy

    He does the sh1tty stuff, stays close to their main threats, gets a lot of unfair stick imo, does a lot of work off the ball if you watch him carefully, been pretty solid I think sand earned his place
  8. RoyCroppersHair


    Nuhiu will start at Wigan....and score
  9. RoyCroppersHair

    Preslav Borukov

    Should be able to buy a charger now
  10. RoyCroppersHair

    Shirt maker

    I heard Hummel... not that that it matters who makes em, the shirts are only for the kids anyway...
  11. RoyCroppersHair

    Harrison Reed

    That hernandez looked pretty good tbf
  12. RoyCroppersHair

    Random pre-season games you were at

    When we played Ibiza Preston and Watford in San Antonio, mad week
  13. RoyCroppersHair

    Fernando Forestieri

    Just got to let him do what he wants and play where he wants, give him a free role, if any one wants him pre season their going to have to pay big money
  14. RoyCroppersHair

    Todays Referee

    My old man said sumat similar during the game, 19 mins for him to give the first foul
  15. RoyCroppersHair

    Basement Bargains?

    I wunt mind sammy ameobi for next season, always looks a handful against us and wouldn’t cost that much