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  1. Omar was one of the greatest characters ever on TV. Played so brilliantly by Michael K Williams. RIP.
  2. Yeah its still a fair enough price, but all the boxing coverage (not to mention general streaming services) are so disparate nowadays that you need around 6 if you want to see all the fights you want to see. I'll be cancelling too.
  3. It gets a mention in this thread too
  4. Of all the crazy things that have happened in boxing, that would take the cake.
  5. He (Paul) hasn't fought a boxer so its all a bit moot. He is also putting a lot of time and effort into this and getting good quality coaching and sparring. I'd have been amazed if he lost any of these fights. He has ok fundamentals too for a 4 fight novice. He might beat Tommy Fury too, as Fury is as much a legit boxer at this stage as Paul is, which remains to be seen in both cases. I don't think Paul intends to actually fight any high level boxers does he?
  6. Personally I wouldn't encourage the scalpers mate.
  7. Remember to cancel after you've got what you need, or pay for 5 years running like *someone* did without a new game.
  8. Home shirt is a nice shirt, although not the back, but still, its just not quite right for us with the stripes. Away shirt is great. The sponsor and how it looks will make or break it though.
  9. Haha, genuinely good comeback there. . In fairness, my Mum brought it for me.
  10. Don't you usually tell people to not have a pop at other fans?
  11. This sounds really good. Will watch this after Your Honour.
  12. Did Mare of Easttown on the recommendation of several in this thread. I enjoyed it, it was pretty captivating, but I wouldn't put it higher than 'good'. I thought the 7th episode was a bit hokey at points and even a bit schmaltzy (which it hadn't been at all until then), and I wasn't buying the reveal at all. It kind of made me lose faith and not sure I'd bother with a second season now. Still a good 7 out of 10 I'd say. Just started Your Honour last night. Two episodes in and enjoying it.
  13. Where has anyone ever said 'nah nobody ever said he was a bad player?'. In the other thread a few people were saying he'd be a decent signing, to which you said 'everyone used to slate him' to which they replied 'well personally I never slated him'. Pretty reasonable I'd say. You're doing that whole 'owlstalk is bi polar' thing when there are differing opinions from different people.
  14. This is exactly what I was about to say.
  15. See you on the other side lads. It's been a pleasure, come what may.
  16. It is a shame. Wanted to see more of him. I've honestly not been as impressed by an England player for many a year, if not ever (in my time). Wouldn't have played in this system anyway but still.
  17. Same. My mates are having a big garden party. Projector screen, 3 bbqs, hot tub, and I even supplied them with two kegs of beer and my proper draught set up. Yet I'm sitting at home alone. Also making sure everything in my living room is perfectly symmetrical.
  18. How many chances does Cavendish have left in this year's tour John?
  19. That was good. Didn't think Cav could do it after the last bend with a short run to the line. Well, I did think he could, cos Cav, but he shouldn't have.
  20. Is an open sandwich some new playing style I haven't heard of?
  21. Fair enough, opinion taken on board.
  22. I dunno mate, 2nd in last table, 3rd before, 4th before, beating a lot of countries that aren't poor. It sure makes the Olympics much more enjoyable.
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