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  1. One of the best ever. I did feel the last series meandered somewhat, but still can't wait.
  2. I'm also from MK, although born in Yorkshire and a Sheffield family. MK was populated by people from London, and the North, so they already had teams, which they've passed on to the children, and now, their grandchildren. I know some adults that go to MK games but none that for whom they are their first team. That will change with the younger generation but its hard to imagine it ever being a real community club.
  3. So we are in the group of death! Well, the group of mild illness perhaps.
  4. Hang on in there Tommy, someone will answer you soon!
  5. Fully appreciate what you are saying and until about 2 weeks ago was in the same boat. I've since softened but that's just due to my own weakness. It's last chance saloon though for me. At some point continuing watching is just being a hostage to the years/decades you've invested.
  6. Haas have to go well this year. Completely threw last year away for this year and a decent-ish budget.
  7. Seems we were wrong about the Merc sandbagging. However, I'm sure there is latent pace once they can sort the porpoising. They must be running a high ride height to compensate. They'll be in the mix within a few races. Whether that's soon enough though...
  8. These cars look so good. Love them. McLaren best on livery, Williams best body shape.
  9. Sounds like she had a blinder then mate
  10. I haven't seen this, but was it not just her doing her act, which is supposed to be awkward, jokes that miss etc? I find her quite funny although I can't say I've seen her in/do lots.
  11. Yes I'm watching on catch up so I'm planning to also back all the winners. Hopefully the bookies will take the bets if I promise I haven't already watched.
  12. Is it competitive with wheel users? Whats the online racing like? Its practically unplayable on F1 due to the amount of ramming.
  13. I bought my ps5 mostly for this. But haven't yet bought it because I have no wheel. What do you guys use? Wheel or controller? Any wheel recommendations?
  14. Wood speaking with class. Doesn't want to know until he knows Conlon is ok. Wow. A great fight. They know more about what happened to Conlon than we do.
  15. Ok just seen an awesome fight with Wood stopping Conlon in the last. But at that moment there seems to be something badly wrong with Conlon. They've given no news but it sounds awful.
  16. 100%. They aren't lying about the bags of bounce, slide, oversteer, twitchy backend etc, but that car is quick. Also, watching them on track for the first time today that Williams is frolicking gorgeous.
  17. He did used to be younger. That might be what you are thinking of.
  18. Also same. Used to find him to be an insufferable brat, but in fact he's a top guy. Although if he was fighting for a title I'm sure he'd still do some petulant things that would wind me right up again
  19. Also watched this last night. I'm probably one of an ever decreasing group that still like Shymalan. This is a 5/10, maybe a 6. Like you say it started quite well, but then just meandered and the silliness, which is kind of baked in with Shymalan, became dominant.
  20. A brick placed on the throttle would suffice.
  21. Yes and no mate. Whyte is a worthy challenger and more than deserves his shot. However style is all wrong so yes, you'd imagine it would be one-sided.
  22. And only 90% went to scalpers
  23. He had been on a fitness kick lately to try to get back in shape too
  24. Wow. Shocked. RIP. Too young for Marsh but so many Warne memories and no age.
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