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  1. Would he go for Beterbiev or Bivol back at LHW? The biggest tests for him.
  2. Fair enough, I agree to a point about the depth at least compared to football for eg. Haven't heard it all. What was the reply that bemused Fury? I'm finding it hard to read either of them. Wilder believes his own poop as he is that dumb, and Fury obviously has very obvious ups and downs.
  3. Plenty of men around 60kg in South East Asia, South America, Central America etc, and remember we are talking about lean athletes here, not guys carrying 20kg of excess weight. There are plenty. Thousands. Think of all the little clubs in Mexico, thousands of lightweights learning their craft, replicate that in the Phillipines, Japan etc. Think of a lad from Birmingham starting at a club, starting to spar, being good enough to even be allowed to compete in a novice bout, to win a novice bout, to win enough to fight as a senior amateur, to win as a senior, to maybe, if he is one of the very best in the country be called up to the GB set up. To go to Sheffield and full time learn his craft and perhaps be picked to represent them in an international tournament, to beat international opponents, to maybe qualify for a championship, to win a championship and so on and so on - and that's before he has even become a professional. Elite boxers are as elite as anyone. But yes, the 1000th best boxer in a weight class wouldn't be as good as the 1000th best footballer, of course not. But on the other hand, only a handful of boxers are considered elite, yet there are 1000s of positions available as a top class footballer. As for Lomachencko, I'm not sure what you'd consider 'that good' if you don't consider him that good. His skillset is phenomenal. Anyway, I do think you have a vague point if we think of heavyweights, and think of getting to a certain level. But getting to the point of being a truly elite fighter, no, you've taken it too far IMO.
  4. Heavyweights are different. At HW, yes, a good athlete could take it up relatively late and do quite well (eg Michael Grant), but that's QUITE well, and they'd need to have some natural talent, and its heavyweights. They have the sheer size and power to end contests in an instant. Roger Federer can hit the most amazing forehand you've ever seen but its still only worth one point, and the match continues. Could a decent athlete take up boxing and be coached to be competitive with Lomachenko for example? Absolutely not.
  5. Think the opponent has failed the medical. Taylor vs Avanesyan is a better fight anyway.
  6. Was very watchable. I felt it fizzled out at the end though.
  7. Omar was one of the greatest characters ever on TV. Played so brilliantly by Michael K Williams. RIP.
  8. Yeah its still a fair enough price, but all the boxing coverage (not to mention general streaming services) are so disparate nowadays that you need around 6 if you want to see all the fights you want to see. I'll be cancelling too.
  9. It gets a mention in this thread too
  10. Of all the crazy things that have happened in boxing, that would take the cake.
  11. He (Paul) hasn't fought a boxer so its all a bit moot. He is also putting a lot of time and effort into this and getting good quality coaching and sparring. I'd have been amazed if he lost any of these fights. He has ok fundamentals too for a 4 fight novice. He might beat Tommy Fury too, as Fury is as much a legit boxer at this stage as Paul is, which remains to be seen in both cases. I don't think Paul intends to actually fight any high level boxers does he?
  12. Personally I wouldn't encourage the scalpers mate.
  13. Remember to cancel after you've got what you need, or pay for 5 years running like *someone* did without a new game.
  14. Home shirt is a nice shirt, although not the back, but still, its just not quite right for us with the stripes. Away shirt is great. The sponsor and how it looks will make or break it though.
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