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  1. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  2. If you want to watch on Betfair mate I don't mind sharing my login details with you? I have funds in there so it will let you watch. It will only be a small screen size though. Just don't go placing any bets for me Let me know if you want me to and I'll PM you the details. Edit - And I'm off out in 10 mins so be quick if you do want to!
  3. Think it will be the same with all the bookies mate.
  4. Morning, It will definitely work. Funded account just means having any money in it. You could deposit a tenner then withdraw it after the game if you want. I've watched plenty of European football on Bet365. I think the main issue though is the screen size. Unless I'm being a total idiot they prevent you watching full screen. I've just taken a screenshot of a game currently being shown...
  5. I put one didn't I? Edit - I see what you mean. I've made myself look a prat there.
  6. Obviously I've made a mistep here. I'll give Bullett until the end of Jan. Was just feeling down after the loss today. UTO.
  7. You don't need a . for Mr. Its falcrum's fallacy.
  8. I get this! Bullet had a famous car chase. And our manager is called bullet! Actually very good mate
  9. Its about Bullet and Chanseri (spelling??). Why does he keep getting the job?
  10. Honest debate. Bullet has the job before and got sacked. Ask why? Some people need to wake up.
  11. I spelt his name wrong i see, I meant Lee Bullet. But debate the post, not the spelling.
  12. No I hear you mate. But a win today I would have said we had the slimmest of squeaks. Two points less (but more importantly the momentum they would have brought) means that slimmest of squeaks is now no squeak.
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