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  1. whatevertrevor

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    Is it expected goals?
  2. whatevertrevor

    Did I hear right?

    Didn't hear this but did take this photo down at Brighton dock earlier. Make of it what you will.
  3. whatevertrevor

    Same, Better or Worse?

    Better, but still bad.
  4. whatevertrevor

    Clarity please Mr chansiri

    You didn't put 'FAO' or 'Open Letter' so I'm afraid that the chairman probably won't reply.
  5. You can also tell he's back as you can see him out there on the pitch.
  6. whatevertrevor

    Carlos had a dream..

    Jesus, he was asked a question and gave an answer. I wanted him to go (it was obvious it was time) but still think he's a decent guy and I'd like to see him do well. I find it really weird how this 'Carlos is evil-incarnate' consensus has developed.
  7. whatevertrevor

    Paul Hurst

    Hypothetically speaking, yes x 10.
  8. whatevertrevor

    This team is a disgrace

    How many league games has Jos been in charge for? And what is his record? How does that compare to Carlos' record at the end? (the same number of games). Not leading questions btw as I do not know the answer. Genuinely interested if someone can be bothered to put it up as to me it feels like things have gone from bad to worse, now on to horrific.
  9. @owlstalk Given how enraged you now are do you regret your persistent support for Carlos that went on way past the point that 90% of other fans could see, however reluctantly, that his time here was up? I remember that you were criticising other fans for wanting Carlos gone (again, even those that did so reluctantly) right up until about a week before Christmas. Now, you criticise anyone that defends him (or even just doesn't make out he is the devil incarnate). Do you put your real views her or just whatever generates traffic? If they are your real views and you really did do a 180 on Carlos, way after most others had twigged, then its a bit rich to criticise others that don't share your current opinion.
  10. Did anyone actually read the OP?
  11. whatevertrevor

    The reality is league one.

    For the first time I think we are in deep deep trouble.
  12. whatevertrevor

    Nuhiu today surely.

    Yes, and don't call me Shirley.
  13. whatevertrevor

    Carlos potential return

    Somebody make it stop!
  14. whatevertrevor

    Carlos potential return

    He tried his best. He didn't walk when the going got tough (even though we may have wished he did) and he clearly had affection for us. Nobody could accuse him of not caring while he was here. He probably cared too much. Absolutely no reason to boo and I'd genuinely feel sad if people did.
  15. whatevertrevor

    What do you think Jos will do...

    So you're telling me there's a chance...