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  1. Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    A few comments here from Gills fans re Clare relating to last night's game. He seems to have been picked out for praise amidst a difficult match. http://www.gillingham.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=7373&start=69
  2. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    By the way every game we play one of our fullbacks will have a tough time. It's how we set up and its no accident. We draw pressure down one flank. If the fb on that side can hang in there we have a net gain.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Wasn't great first half, they were much more incisive, but nowhere near as bad as these comments suggest imo.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Feeling pretty confident for once.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Some people really need to learn to keep their powder dry...
  6. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Hahahaha. Nearly a lovely goal til the scuff.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    I'm watching 1 min on 30 secs off via opera vpn and i must have got lucky as we're doing ok.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    We are playing ok.
  9. IFollow for tonights match

    Holy bananas it works! Thanks all! Now to Chromecast to my TV.
  10. Stweems

    So I already have an Ifollow UK account, if I wanted to use some VPN trickery would I have to set up a new account as an 'international' user?
  11. Kieran Lee/ Isco

    No, I don't believe so.
  12. The must-start players?

    OwlsTalk rule #27 - At least 50% of respondents must miss the point of the OP.
  13. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Haha, I assumed you edited that, but no, I'm an idiot.
  14. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Yep, but failing that I think we need to try, if and when possible, to include him in the first team squad and give him the odd 10 minutes for now. That would of course rely on us ever having more than a one goal lead mind you... We can't wait until he's a 'proven championship striker' before we give him some game time because without our help he will never get there, or at least never prove it. With youth you sometimes need to lose a little in the short term to gain in the long term. Other clubs do that so well. In fact, they often end up not losing in the short term because the really talented youngsters find a way to raise their level beyond their experience levels. Long story short, I think in lieu of a loan move we need to give me minutes (when possible) ahead of payers that may, on paper, be better than his current level.
  15. Opportunity for George Hirst

    People keep saying he isn't good enough yet, and perhaps he isn't, but one of the main factors in becoming good enough is having some well managed exposure to first team football. Many seem to suggest that he shouldn't be picked until he is a Championship quality striker - but that isn't really how development of a player works.