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  1. They are mate. If you place a lot of bets then you should just have a general rule of never taking them, in the long run they will only help the bookies.
  2. Just a thread on Owlstalk wondering if he's gone. Not heard anything else yet mate.
  3. Genius idea, change 'freak' to 'Monk' and we have the song to get Hillsborough bouncing...
  4. I'm guessing most of the 'rugby is shybo' lot haven't watched a game for years. Football fans can come across really ignorant dismissing all other sports like many tend to. I love football, but rugby can be amazing, as can boxing, cricket, and others. I get the same feelings from some of those as I do from football, even though probably slightly less intensely. I'd be missing out big time if I wasn't invested in them and get all those highs/lows that we get from football from them as well. Not to be condescending but rugby union does take some getting to grips with, but it really can be outstanding. It's worth the effort. That said, a bad game of union is horrendous, but still, worth it for the good ones. If you really know what's happening it's the highest intensity sport going (maybe behind an on the edge boxing match). Not more nerve wracking than Wednesday on penalties in play-off final obviously... I'd take the rugby this week. Cricket and Rugby world cup double in a year, that's pretty special. As for the posh boy stuff, that's pretty outdated. Obviously still is a factor, but much much less so, and most of this England team are from working class backgrounds and 'normal' schools.
  5. It was just a joke mate, to a single/childless guy the idea of a 'family fun day' sends a chill down my spine, but obviously I'm not the target market. Wasn't a criticism at all, just a joke.
  6. Lovely gesture. On another note, any event with any combination of the words 'family', 'fun' and 'day' sounds horrific.
  7. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  8. If you want to watch on Betfair mate I don't mind sharing my login details with you? I have funds in there so it will let you watch. It will only be a small screen size though. Just don't go placing any bets for me Let me know if you want me to and I'll PM you the details. Edit - And I'm off out in 10 mins so be quick if you do want to!
  9. Think it will be the same with all the bookies mate.
  10. Morning, It will definitely work. Funded account just means having any money in it. You could deposit a tenner then withdraw it after the game if you want. I've watched plenty of European football on Bet365. I think the main issue though is the screen size. Unless I'm being a total idiot they prevent you watching full screen. I've just taken a screenshot of a game currently being shown...
  11. I put one didn't I? Edit - I see what you mean. I've made myself look a prat there.
  12. Obviously I've made a mistep here. I'll give Bullett until the end of Jan. Was just feeling down after the loss today. UTO.
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