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  1. Well ideally the biggest British sporting event for years would be in Britain. The build up will be a bit lost with everyone over there, as opposed to the open workouts here, the weigh in here, and that building feeling as fight week progresses. It just isn't the same. Also, I'm one of those weird types that actually goes to boxing matches and would have gone to this for sure but no chance of that. I think it does diminish it a bit. Maybe even quite a bit. That said (moral arguments aside), the most important thing is that it happens, wherever it happens.
  2. I don't think that will happen. It just means they'll have to pay a chunk to make him wait. Could scupper an immediate rematch though.
  3. Yeah that's the reasoning why Wembley was ruled out. But it wouldn't have been there anyway. Saudi government throwing bundles at this. Also, I think the PPV here might be as much as £50.
  4. 100 million+ reasons why its been chosen. Shame but was always going to happen, covid or not. Hopefully Hearn is being true to his word that the rematch (there will be at least one) is likely to be at a packed Wembley, but I wouldn't count on it.
  5. Just came to post this. Hubba hubba.
  6. Only 8 fights so far but looks good. I think the plan is to take time. No rush at 24. The light welter scene is quite busy in UK, and the fight for the British title would be big, but too soon. I'd say another few fights with foreign opponents, before taking on the best domestic fighters (excluding Catterall and Taylor who are world level) and then European. If you are talking world title level I'd say 3 years (that's if he gets there of course).
  7. Agree with this, a sensible suggestion.
  8. The thing is, how much leeway is the right amount of leeway? If 2 inches offside shouldn't be offside, then what about 4 inches? Then, if we say there is a 4 inch leeway, then what if someone is over that 4 inch by half an inch, would we allow leeway on the leeway?
  9. For me BJS won 1, 5, 6 and 7. Other rounds were close. Then Canelo won the 8th clearly. I personally seem to to put less stock in 'forcing the fight' than many judges. There is usually a bias against back foot fighters that I don't share. As said though at no point did I think BJS was going to win. I mean, even if I had him 4 rounds up at the end, I'd still not expect him to get it in Dallas, against Canelo.
  10. I had it level at the time of the stoppage. BJS was boxing well and setting some problems for Canelo to solve - that said, it always felt as though he would solve them. So in that sense it still felt comfortable. So I agree with both of you in a way. Think BJS showed he is legit world level quality, but Canelo is just different gravy. He has it all. The eye injury must have been a bad one. It was Tibbs that stopped it but BJS knew he was in trouble. It was a thumb I think. I'm not a fan of BJS as a person, but he is underrated as a fighter. The fight went how I though
  11. Anyone staying up for this? I'm doing it against my better judgement. Have a spare DAZN login if anyone wants it.
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