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  1. A few areas .... you mean all the offensive ones, oh and a decent goalie
  2. Two games against mediocre teams, no goals scored, or many chances created... that is their problem
  3. Agree, probably a big salary we could save, pity as he was a good player
  4. I thought luongo looked well off the pace in the udders cup game, I know that he played for only 15 minutes but it looks as though it may be a few weeks before he is pushing for a place
  5. They are now trying to spin 'he didn't want to be second choice at arsenal'.... looking like United went full on DC and asked for £30m... largely based on his England credentials
  6. Didn't he say that Megson couldn't trap a bag of cement?
  7. You are right about a loan..... unfortunately he thought that he was too good to go on loan to toytown, which hastened his departure For once it looks like we tried to do the right thing to develop a young player.... only for him to reject it
  8. According to talksport....I know.. arsenal have pulled out, so that is their transfer budget to buy new players halved Let's see if arsenal want the midfield glacier now.... maybe they want a bogof deal
  9. Average....he was only that good for the last 8 games
  10. See that they have a thread stating how difficult tonight's game against Carlisle is....
  11. It's already continuing....yes 3 defeats on the spin and hopefully no goals scored would be fun
  12. I think this is it, pretty sure he confirmed that when he signed Correct way to have a contract structured, play well, be ever present and we will increase the salary..... far better than saying have loads of cash just for signing, irrespective of how you play (Abdi for example) Earn the pay rise
  13. Look at the impact Stockley had on the game on Saturday... what we need as a plan b
  14. It's very strange that they haven't bought anyone....stuck with the losing mentality and broken players from last year If ever a team needed a complete overhaul it was them. I wonder if they are banking on getting cash from England's worst ever goalie and the midfield glacier ....if they don't sell they will just repeat last season, but win a few games where they score first..... lovely, with the wilderness returning calls getting louder
  15. I guess that the issue in January could be players out of contract in the summer who are available for £2/300k that we won't be able to sign
  16. Team performance, players working hard.....how many think that last year's team under monk would have got a point on Saturday?
  17. He got what he wanted while things were going well....new contract each year, higher salaries.... pity they couldn't see that the bubble could burst anytime....no it's not really
  18. This will only grow in volume if they don't start to win..... waiting for the 'foreign managers don't understand yoonited' comments to start
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