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  1. As well as their recruitment, ability of the management, having no cash, can't get rid of poor players.....oh and expensive mis firing strikers....
  2. I don't get the meltdown after last night's game.... they are exactly the same as they were last season, albeit against lower ranked teams I assume that they thought that the championship was such poor quality even their poor players would thrive... not sure why they would think that One thing is for sure..... they aren't going up ahead of Fulham, West Bromwich, Bournemouth
  3. Wait for their spin on this.....£40m cash up front, only paid £10m for him, so fantastic business .... let's not let the facts get in the way boys
  4. And if that didn't work..... they have nowhere to go..... so basically they have nowhere to go..lol Can't sell their £60m strike force, so have to play them even though they can't score..... brilliant
  5. One league goal.... that would be priceless
  6. Their momentum is a losing one, left over from the past 18 months, which is difficult to break with the same players They needed a clear out, similar to what we did, but they can't without incurring massive losses on the likes of 5 touches.... very difficult situation, looking like the only way out is to play the kids
  7. I expect only being 23rd in something is considered progress after last year
  8. Doubt the hard of understanding at the lane will understand that.... will be looking for them to spend the imaginary £40 from Rambo
  9. Anyone think utd deserve a point.... thought not
  10. He will be spouting how they lost because of what happened at Hillsborough in 89....
  11. £130m+ isn't it? And they are currently virtually playing their league one team
  12. Looks like iceberger has the Brewster role in the team tonight..... having 5 touches
  13. This is the change that Moore needs to bring, early signs are that he will
  14. Our performance last night definitely dipped after he went off.... that said I think they all looked pretty knackered by the end which probably didn't help the overall picture
  15. Based on the second half last night I think Dunkley is going to struggle to get game time, his passing was Tom Leesesque I thought, really stopped our passing style of play I think he might get the Rotherham game for his heading and defensive play as it's away, but after that I can see Gibson playing
  16. Give it the old ....10 games in and 20+ points ......as the initial yardstick, if we achieve this we are on our way to a good season
  17. I presume they think he can play up front...
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