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  1. Wonder if they will be forced into a fire sale over the next week, iceberger going for less than they paid for him, accepting £5m for 5 touches? Don't forget non payment of football creditors = umbongo..... just like derby
  2. Think a few are getting whiplash from looking over their shoulders.... something that they really shouldn't have been doing for many years to come....... and it's only 3 weeks into the season
  3. Makes you wonder about those who were shown the door..... and the impact they had
  4. Guess someone will take a chance... maybe Swansea again
  5. Nixon saying 5 touches might be off to rescue his career..
  6. Do you think that he would pay back the multi million pound pay off he got?
  7. A load of their fans still can't see this and would have him back It's interesting that he hasn't found another job yet
  8. What is it, a goal every 45 minutes or something?
  9. TBF....they are a basket case, so it's a big job he has
  10. Yes... zero points from a losing position all season.... same old Wednesday
  11. Johnson can play left back which allows Palmer to cover at right back or centre back, so some cover
  12. Patterson just behind kamberi dropping back into midfield to help out and also for their set pieces...... keep it tight, last 30 minutes Gregory, Dennis and Jeremy Corbyn to add energy
  13. Got a feeling that he will be on the bench today, so think we hight have a better idea come 5.00, just hoping that he does some of the because we are chasing the game
  14. Kevin with his white boots? Not sure he is young and hungry enough....there again we need some experience too
  15. Big game for Dunkley on Saturday, needs to impress which he didn't Tuesday night
  16. With the volume of new players and games DM might appreciate a weekend off to help players rest up or do something different on the training pitch?
  17. If it's been ongoing for a while might explain the sow signing, which was a bit of a surprise Almost like we are working properly
  18. Anyone got the breakdown of their spending over the past couple of years..... isn't it north of £130m
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