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  1. I suspect that the advice these young lads got from their agents was.... Celtic are a big name, they sell players to the premier League.....oh and they pay more (so I get a bigger wedge)....sign here
  2. 5 charges is that 5x12 points? The failure to pay transfer fees is the one that they have to be done quickly for....did they buy any players from Boro I wonder
  3. Think we all know the answer to this..... they were just playing to the gullible.....he's from Barca, so he must be good and this proves they are still 'a big deal'.......oh and they are stupid as well
  4. Can't work out whether these are good signings or panic ones which nobody else wanted....so are cheap
  5. He's not expensive enough to grace their illustrious forward line....
  6. 30 million....I thought Leeds would have taken at least £40m
  7. But they were going to walk the league ... with 5 touches scoring for fun
  8. Absolute desperation to get a striker by a team that wouldn't look abroad ....So a £22m premium for buying British??
  9. .....'what a great day that was'...... paraphrasing there
  10. Valid point that he had intelligence and methods (a plan)...it feels like in the past few years we have just sent our 'best' players out and told them to do their best, so repeating Howard's approach would probably be successful in league one
  11. Misleading title....it's a league cup final replica shirt
  12. I assume their record low scoring season last year and one of the lowest points total made the honours board.... after all they celebrate losing to us on it
  13. Who were more creative for United than the United attack....
  14. Well....I say attacking, should probably clarify and say..... stood in the opposites half
  15. Actually could apply to any of their attacking players
  16. Just looking on their site, one of them has just valued the entire squad at £21 million.... not bad for an outlay of £135m +....pigonomics
  17. Always some manager who thinks he can sort a player out.....oh but you are correct about him being terrible, which makes it even funnier when bthere fans think that he should be starting
  18. Compared to 5 touches and his £23.5m fee Jebbo will be worth more than Grealish......if he gets one more goal
  19. Can they sell them to one of Poundlands other clubs for £100m?
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