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  1. 6 minutes ago, Royal_D said:

    And for this £6.4m debt he’s given them the keys to Hillsborough as security ?   And who exactly has given them this security ? I thought the consensus was he/we don’t own Hillsborough anymore ?


    Have to admit I’ve not been following this 

    He, or his wife own Hillsborough through one of the Sheffield 2/3/4/5)6/7 companies he also owns



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  2. 30 minutes ago, Ronio said:

    Agreed.  We should be taking control of the game and get at them.  Let them worry about us as opposed to the other way around.  


    What I find baffling sometimes is why we set ourselves up to counter attack against an inferior team, makes no sense whatsoever.  



    Absolutely.... can't understand what DM is doing here, we need an attacking method of play developing which can be tailored for certain matches eg. Wigan, not constantly changing to meet the opposition tactics


    Take the game to them.....

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  3. 35 minutes ago, Skyline said:

    Callum Robinson is in some fine form.

    Hattrick last night.


    They swapped him for Burke who has done nothing. 


    Part of the same 'best transfer window ever' testicles from Wilder I think. Wasn't the swap valued at something like £7m?

  4. 3 hours ago, sheffield_dave said:


    Really do wonder where his eventual landing spot will be.


    It's like we've said before in here.. in 4 years he got promoted twice, finished 9th in the Premier League, with a reputation for playing excellent football and over achieving with the players at his disposal. On paper, he should have been at the front of the queue for every Championship job going, as well as in serious consideration for jobs like Newcastle and Celtic (which he was linked to during Howe stalling on them).


    Whatever went on at United, he must have seriously sh*t his pot. It can't just be the amount he spent to get them relegated in the fashion they did. He's not the first one to do that.

    But, but.....he is there greatest manager if all time......🤔

  5. 16 hours ago, muzz said:

    I honestly don't rate the beer-swilling thug. Alan Knill was the brains of the outfit and the one doing the real work at the sty.  Wilder just swanned about rambling about ‘Pashun’ and complaining about having no money to spend. Silly piggy oaf.

    Which I think was the truth, wilder was the 'face' and knill the tactics guy

  6. 45 minutes ago, TrickyTrev said:

    I remember after we’d drawn 0-0 with the scrubbers and Wilder coming out banging on about our players being on £40k a week and how he’d never put the future of United at risk financially.


    Just a couple of years later and £180m spent in the transfer market and they are now nursing an £85m deficit and Wilder hasn’t taken another job yet, presumably as it’ll affect the amount he gets as a pay off from them. lol

    Not like they can't afford to pay the reputed £4-7m pay off from their premier League failure payments.....oh wait

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  7. 1 hour ago, TrickyTrev said:



    Sheffield United luck wasn’t a thing when they had no real injury problems during their promotion campaign. It wasn’t a thing either when we had to go into a Sheffield derby at their place with our second 11 in Luhukays first match due to us having around 12 first team regulars out injured including the likes of Forestieri, Hooper, Bannan, Hutchinson, Westwood, Lees, Winnall, Fletcher, Lee and Matias.

    Can we please stop using facts in the debate..... they only have bad luck....such as their players downing tools whilst being paid premier League wages

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  8. 26 minutes ago, sheffield_dave said:

    Keeping certain players and the loans they brought in certainly has a dice roll feel to it. Those deadline day deals won't be cheap as far as loans go. Should they not go up this year, I suspect we won't be seeing international goalkeepers from Roma and players on the very fringes of Premier League teams coming in. 

    Not sure it was their choice to keep the players... suspect that there was no market for many of them and very limited demand for the ones that were wanted ( didn't see many other teams in for Rambo and only arsenal wantine iceberg)

  9. 1 hour ago, TrickyTrev said:

    In his defence he did say “good” players will snap out of it.lol


    I have to admit, I’m more than a little excited at the project that is “United World”!!!:ghoulguy:

    Is this going to be like Gulliver's world?

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Johnny Concrete said:


    Wasn't long ago they were singing about how they were playing Chelsea whilst we were playing Luton....O how the mighty have fallen.


    Would really make a champagne season if we went up and they crumbled into turmoil on and off the pitch. Loads saying they will probably end up top 6...probably the same who said they would avoid relegation last season. 

    But.....we are the deluded ones

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