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  1. He, or his wife own Hillsborough through one of the Sheffield 2/3/4/5)6/7 companies he also owns
  2. Absolutely.... can't understand what DM is doing here, we need an attacking method of play developing which can be tailored for certain matches eg. Wigan, not constantly changing to meet the opposition tactics Take the game to them.....
  3. Part of the same 'best transfer window ever' testicles from Wilder I think. Wasn't the swap valued at something like £7m?
  4. But, but.....he is there greatest manager if all time......
  5. Which I think was the truth, wilder was the 'face' and knill the tactics guy
  6. Surely this game must be of some interest to the TV companies... don't they have to show a certain number of league one games?
  7. Few of us from Holmfirth in the forum
  8. Struggling to see 7k+ in the home end, think that they were counting the season tickets which didn't turn up....felt like 4-5k max
  9. Do that is something for Moore to sort, using his undoubted talent but moving the ball quicker when it is the right time to do so
  10. At an interest rate of 20%+?? So good, no risk lending really at 15%loan to value, they should be happy with this so no need to go through the pain and cost of a repossession
  11. Not like they can't afford to pay the reputed £4-7m pay off from their premier League failure payments.....oh wait
  12. Can we please stop using facts in the debate..... they only have bad luck....such as their players downing tools whilst being paid premier League wages
  13. Not sure it was their choice to keep the players... suspect that there was no market for many of them and very limited demand for the ones that were wanted ( didn't see many other teams in for Rambo and only arsenal wantine iceberg)
  14. So that is about £15 for their mis firing strikers...
  15. Is this going to be like Gulliver's world?
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