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  1. Absolutely.,... don't forget we were also missing a number of key players 2/3 quality signings in January could take us up a level or two,it's all to play for
  2. The one from Friends is more likely
  3. Totally agree with that approach..or alternatively a 4 3 3, and go out to attack.... not monk's style I don't think though
  4. I would like to see FF run at opposition defenders from the no. 10 position
  5. Hutchinson will play as it is an away match, fessi will be the 'impact sub' in case we are losing
  6. Think we should be very positive about the work Strudwick has done for us.....we have become a professional outfit at last for sports science
  7. It also seems that he is enjoying playing for us and our fans which is a massive help if you have moved from another country, you can't say that about the likes of JVA and that showed.
  8. Got to admit that he adds to our team albeit probably off the bench for the next few weeks....he will probably be the 'plan b' if we are chasing the game. Or to give Harris and reach a break in games we are winning like Saturday So I will be glad to have him back and to have him as an option, it's then up to him to give monk a selection problem for the starting 11
  9. People seem to have selective memory's this has been our problem for years..... Stevenage or Burton anyone? It will be interesting to see how we do against the likes of WBA but can you see Charlton being in the play off places at the end of the season, I can't I can only see us getting better and more resolute under monk.....strap in for the journey
  10. It's all about possession, even if it is inside your own box...... apparently
  11. Especially after the next international break
  12. Think big Dave will be on the bench today, they are not great in the air defensively
  13. I think Atdhe would be a better fit for when the only option they have left is to go route 1, a bid in January wouldn't surprise me at all
  14. I think (hope) we set up to attack and press high, if we get an early goal it could take the sting out of the crowd who will be right up the arse of the Cowley's They don't score many, so getting 2 is a challenge for a team used to losing.....451 and sitting back shouldn't be an option
  15. A good point in that they haven't had a tough period yet, so we don't know how well they will deal with it. Monk has been there and got the t-shirt
  16. Not so sure they have money to burn, some questions being asked about where the money has gone
  17. Is it just me that is disappointed that it's not Pulis.....was really looking forward to the biggest cheers of the match when we get a throw in 40 yards away from goal with big Dave and Fletcher up front and centre backs kicking everything that moves..... you can't beat progressive football
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