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  1. Yes, probably going to play in the televised cup match tomorrow..... then get shipped out for £2m following his hat trick If Carlsberg did transfers
  2. Wouldn't go as far as to call it 'prime' land at bumhole lane
  3. How the hell did he manage to carve the land up like that with nobody from United noticing?? Presumably he will sell them a few slips of land for access for mega £s, maybe Poundland didn't get the bargain he thought? Maybe McSue is planning to go back to having a cricket pitch
  4. They have not been playing for about 2 months, very different scenario to N M L so you can't compare......lots of players don't join a club until late in the window The club should have a bespoke fitness programme to fix this
  5. I think you will find that the players can only play one way.... hence that is what they have to do
  6. Surely any player wort their salt would have kept themselves fit by training at another club or using a PT
  7. One of the,5 touches he gets in a game
  8. A reminder of how Iceberg and Brewster impact a game..... after all they only cost a combined £45+m
  9. In the Sheffield United supporters club they are..... just behind Exeter and Charlton.... bright bunch they are
  10. It is.... and those girls deserve every bit of praise they receive
  11. Hopefully the result today might bring a few of the people who made those comments into the 21st century......
  12. I hope it inspired Mr Chansiri to see the positive impact of a good ladies team representing SWFC could bring
  13. Maybe to avoid a second yellow....we didn't want that to happen....oh wait
  14. Byers was excellent today, he was everywhere breaking up play and keeping the ball moving
  15. So I assume they are playing a 987 match season then for him to hit 40 goals
  16. Glad you still have your crystal set to listen to the light programme on
  17. Fantastic and considered post.....100% this
  18. Or to make sure that the crowd wasn't bigger than their premier league attendances
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