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  1. How old does DC need to be to transfer the ownership to his son??
  2. Which is funny.... and sad for their fans However being a Wednesday fan growing up in Derbyshire.... not much sympathy
  3. Didn't Woolhouse have similar issues for them?
  4. Not after their best transfer window ever and spending £135+m on players who are the first names on their team sheet......oh wait
  5. Got forward really well yesterday, overlapping, underlapping and linking with Gregory which really helped our attacking play
  6. His agent has probably sussed that Boro need to raise cash for Mr Humble to spend.....so trying to smoke out any interested clubs Wouldn't surprise me if he goes to toytown
  7. This is going to get messy, again for the EFL, like it did with us and other club owners sticking their two penneth in..... could there be a common denominator here I wonder
  8. Are you saying that leeches no longer work?
  9. Agreement with MK that he plays every game at right wing I wonder? Something that we would not agree to
  10. Wasn't he available on a free in the summer before eventually resigning for toytown?
  11. So we are in a fight to sign a player who hasn't had a club for 6 months, who I think has had health problems.....so the will bit the ground and be match fit for march then
  12. Was that to make sure that the wages were paid.... expect he turned up with a letter to deduct 6 points and ban Forestieri for 6 games... just in case...
  13. I think we are both in the same place with our understanding and the imperfect nature of the agreement Makes me wonder if we go to the EFL with a proposal for a purchase whether they might agree to it?
  14. So we could pay a free agent £10k p.w. ( £1.5m + over 3 years) but can't pay a £100k transfer fee and a salary of £6k p.w which has a cost of just over a million in total ......I understand what they are trying to do at the EFL but something slightly amiss with the restrictions we are under?
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