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  1. Explain the situation, agree a financial package with him which still helps us....he will still want a contract somewhere else when his contact with us expires, so can't afford not to play for the next 18 Months
  2. How many headers did Rhodes win? How often did he hold the ball up and start play from the QPR half?
  3. Maybe he doesn't want to leave.....in this case we need to persuade him to go
  4. I think Garry knows this....but you need someone to want him, that was an opportunity to be in the shop window and he didn't take it
  5. I genuinely wonder whether our legal team are working together with the Derby one to really find a robust defence?
  6. Pretty sure that you are correct there, get him off Newcastle's wage bill and use as compo to us, quite shrewd by them
  7. I do share the concerns about his fitness, but just consider what our medical and sports science team have done this year.....look at Hutchinson, available for most games Who knows, that might be part of the reason he is coming to us, maybe we have a new found positive reputation in this area....we keep him fit and it is a win for us, he stays fit and it is a win for palace
  8. Not sadly, it will hopefully stop us spending the small amount of cash we have on a player who is unlikely to really improve our first team
  9. Do you think this is because we are looking at Joe Jordan if Fletcher is out for a while??
  10. If they write off the £2m we still owe for JR it will help our FFP
  11. Hopefully given Monk a bit of a headache....
  12. Which I don't think Monk will tolerate....bye The two year deal does give us the opportunity to get a realistic fee for him, anything north of £1m and accept it
  13. Agree, he ran the game when we played them last season... can't understand why they don't play him, I mean they can't buy a win....oh wait
  14. Did anyone else notice the 3 guys in a box on Sunday, didn't look like they had hired the box for 3 people....looked like a player and agent possibly
  15. Has it occurred to anyone that the issue may be with the extended accounting period? The EFL gave us the go ahead to make it 14 months so we could fit the ground sale in and it's happy days as no penalties for us They then changed leadership and someone else decided that was ok for accountancy rules, but breaches their 3 year rules.....hence the charges.....so nothing illegal, all about the ffp rules
  16. Absolutely, after the FF debacle we (rightly) don't trust the EFL, so we are following the legal process
  17. Some rumours about up here that udders again want Westwood, would probably be a good deal for all parties as they are no threat to promotion chasing teams and he can commute there.....£1m will do it
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