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  1. But they should have got a point, Wilder said so....I don't understand
  2. Have you noticed his recently acquired stutter in interviews? Maybe I just haven't noticed before, or maybe he knows they have issues
  3. It is down to their talisman Grealish to show how good he is against a packed defence or not, and hence why nobody wanted to buy him
  4. One half supporting Hutchinson, the other Dave..... best behind the goal
  5. 17th October... apparently it's the owls talk derby.... many traveling to watch it?
  6. The buyback clause is interesting, presumably the difference between the 25 million and the 37 million buyback is pretty much his salary over 3/4 years, so it costs Liverpool virtually nothing to have a player developed who they are unsure of If he and palace fail they still trouser £19 m..... Very clever business from them
  7. Is that because we kept them too long and should have got rid before their abilities declined significantly..... thereby saving paying salaries and maybe receiving some fees?
  8. Hutchinson was good but a bit one dimensional in midfield whereas luongo has a bit more flexibility and variety to his game..... different players and as we now play a different way there is little point in comparisons Can't compare Lee Chapman and windass, both strikers but in a team playing a different way He has gone so time to move on...
  9. So unless a related team want him he stays at West Bromwich on £50k p.w. until they agree to a loan deal at 10:00pm in transfer deadline day where a desperate championship team agree to pay half his wages then
  10. Don't forget the positive goal difference... worth another point
  11. He's onto lockdown news now.....seems to be an expert in everything.....apart from stopping clubs getting -12 which he is paid for
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