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  1. Isn't it a worse scenario to void a whole season rather than just part of this season? With no income for a whole season every team including the premier League would go bust....I just don't understand how that could be an option
  2. I don't think that all football thinks that....but the premier League does and that is the issue as they have all the power
  3. How fair is a competition where many key players refuse to play...
  4. How old is Iorfa? Makes hector look slow.... will only get better and c£260k
  5. Signed in January, so technically 6 months left on his contract. Without the successful loan with us he would have been £400k isj
  6. So May 16th is the current best guess for the end of lockdown.... Interesting they don't mention expired contract details, which tells me that they don't really believe it
  7. Any club with a recent history of having a clear strategy for style of play, quality scouting and consistent management we will undoubtedly have our targets already identified and recruitment work will be underway....oh wait you said OUR rebuild
  8. I think your last point might be very near the truth for a lot of the smaller clubs
  9. Not sure....(the alleged)Mr littygashun might be happy for the season where he lost control to be deleted from the records
  10. How much would clubs lose by missing a whole season, especially the premier League teams.....compared to the £760m for not completing this season? How would league 2 teams deal with no income for a season?
  11. That will be a squad which won promotion and a major trophy then..... perhaps our recruitment was optimal that year
  12. Remember the day in Shrewsbury, I think Chelsea won to take the league title, but it did really make any difference Also the defeat at palace when we were singing 'we're all going on a European tour'.…
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