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  1. nbupperthongowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    4-2-3-1....bannan as a no.10, not one of the two defensive midfielders
  2. nbupperthongowl

    caption this

    FFS they should be black shorts to go with my blue and white striped shirt.....I will have to make some big changes
  3. nbupperthongowl

    When was the last time.........

    True, but we all have to start somewhere
  4. nbupperthongowl

    When was the last time.........

    What a player,....my first Wednesday hero
  5. nbupperthongowl

    Just dawned on me...

    Actually think we will start to get some truth and transparency, especially if things get tough FFP wise
  6. nbupperthongowl

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Classy as ever.....he knows this is their ONLY chance
  7. nbupperthongowl

    Playing a higher defensive line

    What you need is a good, quick and intelligent fullback who can cover across for the slower center backs..... Nilsson was excellent at this
  8. Jordan Spence...... slightly worse player than Louis Spence.... truly terrible for us
  9. nbupperthongowl

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Really think our appreciation of SBs personal circumstances and being prepared to allow him to deliver on his promise to his wife will only enhance his feelings for the club and be a strong motivation for him to achieve whilst here
  10. nbupperthongowl

    Tonight’s lineup vs Chelsea

    4-2-3-1 I reckon
  11. nbupperthongowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Thought he was very controlled and measured today... making sure he is fit for Sunday?
  12. nbupperthongowl

    2nd half - 442

    And João looked to go forwards with the ball, taking the game to them
  13. nbupperthongowl

    Ground Sold !

    That was what I was wondering... maybe major work to be done, or a re-vamp we we won't be in the prem until at least August 2020 New west stand??
  14. With absolutely zero end product, but he would get us higher up the pitch more quickly......sure there is better