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  1. In reality Lampard will get a free hit at it, low expectations, sold their best player....so forced to play the youngsters, gives him at least 18 months before the pressure startd
  2. I suspect that us giving him time out and delaying his start date will count for a fair amount should there be an approach And if they do DC will have a transfer fee of £14m in play
  3. Perhaps Mr Gibson would have been better employed focussing on the running of his own club, rather than putting his efforts into trying to damage other clubs?
  4. The potential to loan him out and make their money back.....not for their first team
  5. Hector was good for the majority of last season, but you have to question how many seasons he has performed at that level, especially during loans to other championship teams.....was it a flash in the pan, or hopefully we are the right team for him Because of that nagging doubt there may be better out there
  6. Surely you don't mean that some of the Twitter conversations with him might count against us?
  7. I think we have to understand that this season it is about the team rather than individuals as it has been in the past So don't expect 12 new u25 world-beaters who we can sell for gazillions....it will be about a balanced team with experience (look at the impact Westwood and Hutchinson had) aligned to some youthful and pact players I don't want cattermole, but you have to look at the bigger picture, you need some experience
  8. I think we have to accept that negotiations between Norwich and DC are like 2 thirty Scotsmen arguing about who buys the first round, they will take ages to get an agreement The problem is that the £3,5,7 million plus another £2 in wages is instrumental to our summer purchases due to FFP, so don't expect any sexy signings until this is sorted
  9. Apparently a really bad attitude....a bit of a brat Here all week....
  10. Hopefully that is good news for us if we want rid of Rhodes, they can't afford to gamble
  11. Great player.... especially in the broom cupboard.... allegedly
  12. Look what happened last time we took ages to find a CB to buy......SB is clearly getting the basics of the squad in place early Would expect the flair players from the PL closer to the start of the season
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