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  1. They may have more money, but they have spent badly and have some major issues to resolve which could take a couple of years to resolve, by which time the parachute payment will have finished We are actually closer to the finished product which would surely be more attractive
  2. Preston love FF, never been any issues again them..... definitely a starter
  3. Left back when we are chasing the game for me... could have done that at half time yesterday, bringing on Massimo
  4. Maybe the op is slightly wrong...he is talking to Newcastle....karma
  5. Maybe they just rely on Bannon to produce a worldie ball too often and should provide more movement and options. Probably a legacy of the previous management, it may change in time, bit was very obvious last night
  6. My take from the first few games is that our midfield is 100% more productive, quicker, inventive and more dangerous when kieron Lee plays.....oh and we don't totally rely on Bannon who teams will target so are more unpredictable Without him how many second balls did we win, especially in the first half?
  7. They have a poor squad, seen more heart in a tin of dog food and despite the parachute payment don't have much cash due to paying 'premier league' players wages, the fans are also turning on the new owner already..... not an attractive proposition at all
  8. Why wasn't he sacked as soon as he put that team sheet in.....
  9. Did you see how separated the Norwich and Liverpool fans were.... about 6 inches
  10. Interestingly it might be the Millwall game that demonstrates this..... remember when Jos played them without any strikers? I don't think we will go with a gung-ho 433 on Saturday, well not to start with....but I think our attacking intent with what currently looks like some good signings will show through Round pegs for......
  11. Perversely our recent recruitment and the positive start to the season may have complicated things further. We are now set up as a high press 433 team with energy and pace, so we can't employ someone like Carlos to play a totally different way...it would make no sense
  12. Conspiracy theory... maybe he is being left out because of a contract issue... about time these started again...
  13. Does the manager make a difference......in a word Jos, so some certainly do
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