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  1. Or a new champions League format... giving them what they want
  2. Starting with 10 year 'return to the championship' season tickets
  3. -6 will make absolutely no difference to us this season with this shower of bottlers
  4. Anybody really surprised..... thought not Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.....
  5. Especially as they thought they had stayed up for a few minutes
  6. Good to see we have plenty of CB options on the bench.....and van aken
  7. No evidence of any plans...other than sh*t or bust in the first 2 seasons...so really optimistic that there will be a strategy in place to get out of league one... not That said I do have confidence in Darren and his team, it's just what hand will he be dealt?
  8. Both you and the EFL I would think, having us Derby and Sunderland in league one will give some small teams a payday when we visit
  9. Throughout.....the living years... apparently
  10. Says it all about their fans as this is him playing to the gallery as usual....the knuckle draggers will love that more than beating man it's, Chelsea etc.... Know your audience....works every time
  11. Don't let facts get in the way... he's one of our own....all that matters
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