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  1. Feeling like we need to wait for the formal announcement, otherwise it's a waste of effort..... Hunt was going yesterday apparently and Wildsmith was gone earlier in the week So nobody actually knows
  2. So that's Hutch, Hunt, Berahino, Wildsmith and Dunkley definitely gone then?
  3. Strange that this has come out after DC says we are open to offers for our players... Looking to start a bidding war for him??
  4. It wouldn't be a surprise.... they would only be writing off £20m in transfer fees to save £2-4m in wages..... pigonomics
  5. They can't fine McBarndoor £80 that is more than his transfer value
  6. Doesn't a pitch invasion guilty verdict carry a 10 year all stadium ban? Would be funny if forest went down that line
  7. Must have lost his inhaler in the celebration....oh wait
  8. Hopefully during the off season so he and his one goal a season is available from August...
  9. He's bought the stadium back..... and then sold it to Mel Morris for £250m
  10. Well they won't be able to sell them so the will have to play them
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