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  1. Looks like they are short, literally, at centre back......da Cruz for 60 minutes to then be replaced by Atdhe, route one and plenty of crosses today I think
  2. Think da Cruz will be there to chase their centre backs and stop them building from the back
  3. Feels like something that they would throw into the pot to make us look worse, unless that is the one bit of evidence that they can't dispute...eg. an email
  4. Do we know for definite that they aren't challenging our valuation as well?
  5. And surprisingly quiet regarding their priorities......
  6. Maybe this explains why it has taken 2 weeks to come to a decision..... neither side can categorically prove they are correct, but the probability is that we are, so it makes sense for the EFL to try and save face by some mutual agreement being made
  7. Can there be a vote of no confidence in them by the member clubs I wonder? How else can they be scrutinized?
  8. Just a thought..... hopefully the EFL don't want to bury their Wigan failings with a demonstration of how tough they are and how they have punished the financial wrongdoing of another club....
  9. Makes you wonder if he has been chatting with random strangers in the street about our case 🤦
  10. So is it 100% certain that it's Rick parry in the video? If it is surely there questions to be asked about his ability to stay in role after a breach of confidentiality like this?
  11. We have tried it before this season and it was a disaster, FF at wing back Maybe it has taken a significant amount of time to get the players to fully understand what is required, the break has given him this time
  12. Don't think anything would stop the EFL publicising the fact that they had won their case. Don't think sympathy is on their agenda
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