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  1. Don't worry about the EFL, 100% of nothing from a bust company is still £0 Assume that everyone's second team will have no trouble replacing this globally well known company with another equally well known sponsor...what is bog rolls company called? I am well aware of our sponsors history
  2. Has Deeney become a bit of a trouble maker I wonder? Maybe not what you want for a relegation scrap?
  3. Might be some truth in the rumours about Jute being available then?
  4. Might just be me but as soon as I read £2.7m for a striker I just can't stop thinking he is another Andy Booth....
  5. I fink he is going to Sheffield Wednesday.....Gary M on twitter
  6. Let's not let facts get in the way of a sound bite.....add Lee's, Iorfa, Luongo, Shaw to that team and it would have been a different game
  7. I would have been concerned with these players that if we had gone more defensive they would have reverted to full on Pulis mode, hanging on and as soon as they scored the game was gone... irrespective of what they were told to do
  8. Not sure that it hasn't helped him...we did ok for one half (which is a common theme for these players), didn't sit back and defend, we didn't get battered (ok they could have gone up a gear), had the world's least experienced defence who got caught out on two set pieces, which is the most disappointing aspect We conceded goals to an English, Brazilian and Columbian international players who were a class above us... what else could he do? I think the performance and result against Coventry will be more important to NT
  9. Maybe supporting a foreign Head Coach who doesn't know the league?
  10. Maybe 6 months in the sun not playing much has helped him with his fitness... obviously not match fitness but his degenerative knee condition?
  11. Suspect that we might end up playing quantity over quality up front just to get something, can see us playing 3 up front and rotating....I am quite optimistic about Green, thought he looked confident and with a good first touch considering how long he has been out
  12. I wonder if part of the recruitment process asks the candidates who they would bring in now to ensure we stay up? If so it would enable our recruitment team to validate them and have some informal conversations so we aren't on the back foot should one of them agree to take the job when the window is closing.....if we planned ahead
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