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  1. Think he might start at Derby as part of squad rotation, if he doesn't do well hooked for fessi or Dave on 60 minutes.
  2. I would fancy us strongly to catch up the three teams above us, who can't win.... could be out of the bottom 3 in 4/5 games
  3. The plan is to get promoted..... good job nobody else is trying to do that, otherwise we would be f##ked
  4. I think DC is opening the door for 'proper' legal action by us....... should he feel that we get shafted in an EFL kangaroo court, as we did with FF Feels like a sensible approach as it puts some pressure back on them
  5. Absolutely this, he knew what the future held, so why didn't he take any action...makes no sense for a successful businessesman not to have any short or long term planning, I can't get my head around this Surely can't have been blind faith in Jos getting us promoted to solve the issue
  6. Better to get anything for the players who won't figure in the team and save wages than let them go for free in the summer
  7. Did they have some injuries... you would think that sky would have mentioned it...oh well
  8. With do many out of contract at the end of the season I think you may be correct
  9. Didn't Boro get -3 points for not playing when they had injuries...where is the consistency
  10. Maybe our chairman's strong actions when Newcastle were trying to shaft us and the fact that he appears to have won that contractual disagreement and would not let it drop will be something that the EFL will consider........he isn't the sort of guy to take things lying down and this could run and run, appeals won't be welcome
  11. I think we all hope this, my concern is that they will just interpret their own unclear rules in a way that means they save face I can't help but think back to the FF ban and how that was handled...... outside the legal process
  12. Absolutely.,... don't forget we were also missing a number of key players 2/3 quality signings in January could take us up a level or two,it's all to play for
  13. The one from Friends is more likely
  14. Totally agree with that approach..or alternatively a 4 3 3, and go out to attack.... not monk's style I don't think though
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