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  1. This is the reality of the situation... hopefully only a one year contract, so we can upgrade next year That said he will provide experience at the top of the pitch for the youngsters in the side, which is a positive
  2. Cheap for the championship? Maybe he did have a relegation clause, so is cheap this season....who knows
  3. Well put, now we have demonstrated a new approach
  4. Expensive sub to have sat on the bench....
  5. Will be interesting to see what the Albanian/ Swiss lad is like, also looking like another striker incoming in Gregory, so maybe that is the green light to sell Paterson
  6. One year contract with a promotion bonus would seem to work for us
  7. Doesn't really fit into the system we are playing, high earner, potential transfer value to pay for some of the other incomings as we must be close to the spending limits in league one Allegedly put in his notice a few weeks ago Oh and on a personal level was a bit of an embarrassment on Saturday throwing himself to the ground and had zero influence on the game
  8. Yep..... time to move on, makes no difference to us if he is successful or not, other than when we play them
  9. And first game in front of the Hillsborough crowd who are well known for being forgiving and not hyper critical...cut him and the other new players a bit of slack until they settle in Fwiw he was twice the player that we had as a defensive midfielder last season.....shudders
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