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  1. Or the whole story is a line fed to the press to try and drum up some interest in the player by Newcastle or his agent If they don't get any interest they will have to get what they can for him, so a loan to a championship club who only pay £5k towards his salary is a £250k win for them
  2. Suspect it's a meeting from 9-5, at 4.59pm, after a day of pointless argument DC drops into conversation....by the way I have just sold the ground for £40m, so we have a profit of £35m this year and zero losses over 5 years........does that change anything Steve?
  3. Totally, whilst in th PL their highest paid player was Mooy on £32k, so imagine what they are prepared to pay in the championship They are coming down with a load of foreign players who have failed miserably at the level above, who I doubt will want to play in the championship and will have very few suitors, so they have to get rid of a lot of poor players before they can buy.....Westwood will know this, however should a villa, Leeds piggies come knocking that could be different
  4. He is clearly rattled at the thought of the play offs..... going too far the other way and saying that they could be top 2 still..
  5. I think Bruce will have learned a lot from Leeds, the way forward is an energetic team, closing down the opposition and winning the ball high up the field Older players can't play that way
  6. Wheeze, wheeze....I support Gibson....who saw that coming
  7. This 100%, he knows they have blown it this year and will have reduced income next year so is sticking the boot in early
  8. Remember a great goal away at Cambridge, memory tells me that he beat about 5 defenders to score....but it's a long time ago
  9. Anybody else think he got a rocket from Bruce at half time, was noticeably quicker to the ball and more aggressive in the second half
  10. Got to say I think he is better suited to foreign leagues who aren't as physical, think we should sell abroad with a sell-on clause should he be a success
  11. Are we getting our umbongoes mixed up here, surely a soft embargo is more about working with the EFL and getting the finances back in line. So if you release player a who is on £20k p.w. and replace with a player on £15k that improves the future situation...so will be allowed as long as it fits into the overall budget If this is the case we are actually in quite a good position with the number of high earners out of contract this summer
  12. That was a superb pass into his Scottish international team mate, Fleck....oh wait a minute.....
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