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  1. nbupperthongowl

    Stoke were quite good

    Once is an ineffective show pony, has been at every club. If he is a £10m player what is bannnan worth?
  2. nbupperthongowl

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Jim Holton
  3. nbupperthongowl

    Matt penney

    Maybe we should learn from our neighbors and get him on a new contract, how many games did Brookes play before they sold him....10/12 ?
  4. nbupperthongowl


    And the result is beating whoever is in front of us, with a plan
  5. nbupperthongowl


    The main difference so far this season is that we are beating the bottom teams, something Carlos couldn't seem to do. Let's see if we can beat the top teams over the next few weeks
  6. nbupperthongowl

    Reinstate Stuart Gray

    Totally agree with your sentiments....a couple of quality players to add to the defensive strength would have seen us right up there
  7. Been away, am I right in thinking that this game is our first pre-season friendly against a team from the premier leagu
  8. nbupperthongowl

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    Playback problem please try later wtf
  9. nbupperthongowl

    Player movement

    Buy it was stopping us replacing them with younger, cheaper, fitter players, who Jo's wants If you can't replace them you may be better staying with what you know, imagine having 8 injuries with a small squad
  10. nbupperthongowl

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    One of the most disappointing games I ever went to
  11. nbupperthongowl


    Needs to go on loan to a L1 team to toughen up and get game time. He's bound to be nervous playing every few weeks for us in front of the expectant crowd
  12. nbupperthongowl

    George Boyd

    Last night at wingback he made Palmer look like cafu
  13. nbupperthongowl


    Strong in defence, confident on the ball, eye for a pass, definitely a lot of potential Still think he is a CB though
  14. nbupperthongowl

    nac breda

    Typical biased radio Sheffield, commentary of the piggies v Mansfield....but no coverage of our top secret, behind closed doors, not open to the public game....so unfair
  15. nbupperthongowl

    Abdi & Jones

    Hopefully not being played as ongoing discussions with another club and we don't want either to pick up another injury...I say hopefully