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  1. I genuinely wonder whether our legal team are working together with the Derby one to really find a robust defence?
  2. Pretty sure that you are correct there, get him off Newcastle's wage bill and use as compo to us, quite shrewd by them
  3. I do share the concerns about his fitness, but just consider what our medical and sports science team have done this year.....look at Hutchinson, available for most games Who knows, that might be part of the reason he is coming to us, maybe we have a new found positive reputation in this area....we keep him fit and it is a win for us, he stays fit and it is a win for palace
  4. Not sadly, it will hopefully stop us spending the small amount of cash we have on a player who is unlikely to really improve our first team
  5. Do you think this is because we are looking at Joe Jordan if Fletcher is out for a while??
  6. If they write off the £2m we still owe for JR it will help our FFP
  7. Hopefully given Monk a bit of a headache....
  8. Which I don't think Monk will tolerate....bye The two year deal does give us the opportunity to get a realistic fee for him, anything north of £1m and accept it
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