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  1. Said disapointed not worst. Thought he was world class when saw him in that Dutch team, just didn't live up to expectations for us.
  2. Missed actually going to the match social side of it. Think without the fans it is pointless, of course I will watch us on TV etc but atmosphere will be non existent. Pre season friendly, without the fans what's the point 8n football, might as well be watching fifa on the x box.
  3. So many, worst is Beswetherwick (his name sounds like the next village to Camberwick Green) and Blondeau. Most disappointed in was Jonk, thought we had a world class player and excited to go to watch him but did nothing, didn't move or pass the ball except backward or sideways.
  4. Glad to hear for one moment, I was thinking of starting a questionnaires to see if I should stop posting for - a 1day, b 7 days or c start a new subject purely about football not prices, tickets etc. 🙂
  5. No, we already have a forum this one or email the club. If having there own fans group works for them then great, just don't see the point. If I am proved wrong then and it is a massive success and realises genuine change then will be first to say I was wrong.
  6. Tops changing the agenda. It's got nothing to do with the current situation, simply saying that I can't afford to do plenty of things so I don't do them regardless of the current climate.
  7. Not upset, as what they do does not affect me in the slightest. Just too many people seem to be full of their own self importance, and want to be noticed, ok they are fans, great just go to the game like the rest of us have a moan or whinge and enjoy it.
  8. Might seem callous but I can't do all the things I want to do either.
  9. Not really, bit like me spending before I have the money as I have a employment contract, that can end and guess what can't afford my bills amymore. I think any club that chooses admin should start at the lowest tier that might stop it.
  10. Yes but if an additional delay means you are relegated then surely it is worth it? Only joking. Do agree the process should be a lot quicker even allowing for appeals. Best option though is scrap all this ftp stuff, it's a business after all.
  11. There were loads of rumours flying around that players from both Sheffield clubs putting themselves about, wasn't sure about Harkes, was there not some story about Bills and one of the reasons he went back to Sweden.
  12. Could well say that was our biggest mistake, wanted Walter Smith myself...Danny Wilson cheap option
  13. Oh come on he's not so bad, unbeaten in 7 weeks and better than Shreeves or Yorath.
  14. Would like to understand why this official fans association or whatever it is believed it has any legitimacy to look to speak on behalf of the majority and expect the club to interact. How many turned up to the last meeting they had? I know it's a democracy but some just want to stick there noses in everything. Football fans for as long as I can remember whinge and whine at everything, ticket prices, sue it was cost of tea one year, no hot water the list goes on. Funny all goes out of the window when we do well.
  15. The tone is a little condescending now, but, I for one feel I get value for money. Going to the football with my son regardless of the result is money very well spent. Ok my mood is better when we are winning, but football is our thing.
  16. Why use a topic on Ron to have a pop at Monk? Plenty of threads for that for you.
  17. Think about football is difficult to promise things, all depends how the players perform etc. We are a business, do you expect them to entice you by saying, look we have a new manager, crocked players and a court case going on. Marketing, we are all wise enough to know you can't promise anything in football.
  18. Good points, but I do still think that our attendances go up when we are doing well or a big game and this is the deciding factor over prices. To lower prices for the fans who pick and choose just does not make any real financial sense.
  19. It's a great question, think some on here would prefer 20 quid tickets and no investment in players. Some clubs are cheaper some are more expensive bit like anything.
  20. Infectious you say, can he leave the house.
  21. Never believe a poll, especially about football.
  22. Fair point, is there any limit to the number of groups you can set up. Who asked for this group anyway, does smack of some kind of self promotion and wanabees.
  23. Think some on here believe in magic beans. Cheap prices in the 70s and still no one came....
  24. Are they high though? ST remains good value. Pay on the gate dear but try getting a walk up ticket for a train. Lowering prices would help our finances how? As has been stated previously, when we are doing well, people find the money...Just coincidence or do people choose to prioritise the match. Unfortunately there will always be some who cannot afford football or whatever due to circumstances. If I recall correctly didn't the club offer to assist in some way ie unemployed and hardship etc. Did as a question previously but no one seems to know, why did we get mainly dire attendances in the 70s when it was cheap except the odd game. If we do well they will turn up, simple really.
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