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  1. Bit of a sore subject this game..only a kid and had a ticket but got sick the day before so Dad refused to let me go...went to the replay though.
  2. I think the debate will go on for years... Some country have do e better than others, Germany did well, but they have one advantage a population who are very good at following rules. In the UK some just don't listen. We are a crowded country which didn't help. Greece did well went early but hundreds of islands helps with quarantine.
  3. Can they include the non Politically Correct chants as well. Thought SKY already used fake fan noise anyway?
  4. Seems positive, looks like we are being prudent with our cash and contracts so positive really.
  5. Obviously not an expert myself but the the scientific advisors we see on the TV look to be doing the right things and their advice is being followed. Think the bigger issue is some people not following the rules from day 1. Anyway guess this subject is for a different forum.
  6. I agree that the season should not restart yet. However not sure you can say the government are doing this for the money, no fan of a tory government but they have financially supported 8 _ 12 m people by paying the wages and self employed..this has cost billions and football is nothing compared to it. Isn't it more likely to do with PL EFL and their partners ie gambling, TV etc etc and possible refunds. Just an opinion mind.
  7. We don't have a great track record finding decent players when we have cash to spend. Not sure we would do any better with 1400 free agents?
  8. Quite a few said the same about Fox...funny that turned out ok.
  9. Not too sure we have the funds to pick and choose. All teams need the type of do a job player...Would rather they spent the cash on some quality upfront with some pace.
  10. Pressman higher than Martin Hodge....not sure...Hodge was fearless.
  11. TBH just be a nightmare trying to sort out contracts at this time, as it stands we don't know what division we will be in and Joey will be cheap and can do a job in the champ or Lge 1. More interested in FF, reach and Fletcher.
  12. Makes sense, as you say cheap and no fee involved.
  13. Yes, fully expect us to be challenging for promotion every season. Got to be better than telling the players and fans we are looking to challenge for mid table.
  14. Me too sure he will. Don't really think he has an option legally as the club may say ST's are nonrefudable but if you do not provide the goods or services that have been paid for then I would think it would be a breach of contract or consumer law. Not a legal person though just my take.
  15. Didn't know you can't let someone else use your card. Can't see what difference it makes if in same price band.
  16. Not sure the club can use that one, don't think he gets involved with us to often. Lost count of the times i asked him to get the ref to blow his whistle!
  17. I have a couple of ST's as others have said the current season has been accounted for so not fussed. I do think that the option should be there so you can choose a refund (some people may need the cash during this time) and maybe offer others a voucher for the shop, could be used for shirts or matches etc.
  18. Integrity in football eh? It's wrong but can't blame Taylor this. move sets him up for life.
  19. I assume that extensions will be offered. Be interesting to see if any players refuse extensions and are therefore unable to play. Could some get a better deal this way?
  20. If because of a change in circumstances I couldn't afford to go would have to resign myself to the TV. As for another team no not an option.
  21. Would have to be a no unless we have had every scan and test done preferably by the very best in the UK. Who will give us a money back guarantee if they are wrong. Can you imagine the meltdowns thev1st time he gets injured.
  22. How did they avoid that one. But seems they want us punished.Admin would seem to be worse that what we may or have not done.
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