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  1. Must admit prefer the dingles, you can generally have a reasonably intelligent chat with them.
  2. Talk about hobsons choice dingles or windy Miller's, not exactly enhancing the league.oh well at least we can look forward to their fans posting on here next season with there rapier sharp comments.
  3. Go with that switch for Wildsmith in net though.
  4. The ground was actually undervalued, i understand that we uncovered an old map showing huge reserves of magic beans buried below the sufrace.
  5. Agree with this, we may or may not have broke the rules. One things for certain we are in a mess ourselves which must of impacted the smooth running of the club. Whatever happens the EFL need to have a quicker process to deal with these things or just do us all a favour and let clubs spend what they like just as any other business.
  6. Bit confused by all this now....what's the difference between a fact and a blatant fact? Is it like when something happens or when it totally happens for real. 🙂
  7. Have they said that in a household it is all must choose the same option? Genuine question as don't know?
  8. Why can't all but one refund so that leaves 1 left for the TV subs.
  9. Remember watching that game, only as Hirst was due to play. Took his goal well, can't believe he didn't go on to have a great England career, injuries always at the wrong time.
  10. Innocent of all charges m'lud. Just extending things to make it look like a proper job.
  11. Been, quite a few. BDM, Cardiff away in 84. Liverpool away milk cup, ok we lost but as a kid seeing us play at anfield, singing well be back next year. Kaiserslautern home and away, never though I would see us in europe proper. Rumbellows, 1st cup and semi v blades. Been a little thin on the ground since then great games that is.
  12. The other may optio may have been we want the money back now. So 10 games extra live not going to effect us that much.
  13. Could refund mine and let the young un keep his junior ST for I follow 🙂 Not sure my conscience would allow it though.
  14. Well done DC looks like their are options to keep us all happy. A question if 2 ST in one house could you refund one and use other for I follow?
  15. TBH too many full time clubs in league 1and 2. Total reset of the game.
  16. Never too sure how they work out the tickets, assumed the home club bill us for the number sold and we then transfer to the club?
  17. Same here, but can see it from both angles. Just think fans should have a choice. At the moment have ST's holiday that are pending so fair bit of cash up in the air. Assume the holiday is not happening and not sure about a credit note for next year.
  18. Think it's always better when GT is quiet, probably the last person to ask about giving money back.
  19. When you are talk8ng about a refund for £50 it's one thing, but some have bought multiple season tickets for next season so we are talking a grand or so. That's a lot to leave hanging in the air for goodwill. I would assume they have not spent next years money this year?
  20. I think the longer this goes on the more people get frustrated. Think the easiest thing for clubs to do is just give all fans the option of money back or voucher and we can the spend that how we choose including streaming. With regards to the ST for next season again give the option to refund in full and we can purchase again when we know what is happening. For those who are happy for the club to hold their Money then that's fine.
  21. May be Forest have paid us already and waiting for us..don't know.
  22. TBH it's really not good enough. You pay for it does not happen so should refund in full. If you then want to pay to watch on tv then you have a choice.
  23. Heard from a Forest fan that they have not got the money back from the ticket they bought for the game at ours. Seems like all clubs in the Championship are keeping hold of as much as they can.
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