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  1. I do think FF will be off this time , not convinced PL but seems like a repeat of last season. As you said loads of business to be done and reality is. once a PL club turns the players head not much you can do.
  2. Don't get this resting player, start of the season they need match practice. No resting players unless injured. Use this as a chance to use different formation (attacking) and just see what happens nothing to lose except maybe we find out we are better when we go back to taking the initiative rather than letting the opposition dictate to us with this "high pressing" game that for some reason we cannot overcome.
  3. Karanka or Allardyce (not my favourite person, but knows what it takes to get out of the Championship). I get the feeling that DC is very loyal, but he needs to act - vote of confidence coming up I think
  4. Agree, we have the players to do it but not allowed to. Teams sussed us out last year so why does CC keep the same style. We have to adapt and quickly, give the strikers service and they will score! Really like CC but think it is getting to the point that a change may be a good thing, I know it is only 1 game but the friendly games were not great and getting that deja vu feeling again.
  5. First time I have said this but think it is time too change, looks like a repeat of the friendlies, no attacking threat. We have 4 good strikers so why don't we play to our strengths, Yes sure we will lose a few games but will win far more and who cares as long as we give it a go. Got to be a better tactic than passing the ball and no shots on target.
  6. Sorry if already on here, but is their a good quality copy of the game ass all the ones I see are just grainy and unwatchable?
  7. Have to agree, most players just turn up train, play and tend to live in their own team bubble. Not many have any idea re financials of the club or who is coming in unless an ex teammate or friend.
  8. Think the whole FFP has now become defunct, the principles behind it were initially sound, but like with most principles they get pushed aside by commercialism in time. The amount of money that huge TV deals and mega rich owners who are backed by not only companies but in some cases actual countries has just made the whole thing so biased and means even a wealthy owner like DC is hamstrung as to what he spends. If he wants to spend 100m that should be his call, time to end this FFP. I know the debt in football is a problem but the world has changed, football is now just another business. Not saying it is right but if you want a club to be run just purely for football then we had better just become a non league team. Scrap FFP means nothing anyway, look at QPR did they ever pay what they should have done?
  9. Really do not know why so many on here are getting all stressed by the price of a Box that costs 40k, if CC lowered the price to 20K would you all rush out and buy one? Are some of you writing letters to complain about the price of Bentley cars .. No. Just like anything else if you can afford it buy one if not what does it matter! Should just close the thread getting boring.
  10. Think Terry etc are in for a shock, have not got a team full of superstars to cover for them. Expect plenty of bookings for Terry as the ball gets knocked past him. Think we will see some premier league flouncing....
  11. Given that we have so many strikers you would have thought we would have bought one who has pace, I think the fact Joao has this means CC will keep him unless wolves pay 3m+. We do seem to like to keep players for sentimental reasons / good to have around etc etc. We need the best players on the pitch not a just a character off it.
  12. We do have a knack of getting good keepers though, i know westwood saved us on numerous occasions but really we bring trouble on ourselves by not killing teams off.. Our strikers dont score the amount they should and this would take some pressure of the defence. Problem last year was we were winning by the odd goal and just missing too many chances, so invited pressure on ourselves. I would expect Rhodes, Hooper, Fletcher and FF to be capable of supplying at least 60 goals between them if we are to go up.
  13. In an ideal world would want Westwood to stay, but 5m for a 32 yr old keeper who we paid next to nothing for is a good business deal. Yes a replacement may cost more but if he is younger and does well then a bigger asset to the club, will caveat this my saying really dont want him to leave but 4 year deal may tempt him. As for not wanting to live in Middlesboro, he would only ever go into it on match days, like expecting players to not sign for us as they have to drive through Page Hall, he would live on Wynyard estate just as good as Dore if not better. I guess it all depends just how much money we have to play with. Surprised Darlow was valued at 5m as would have thought twice that given his age etc, would have him at Hillsboro'
  14. We have had 150 years to sort out this marquee fixture......... Now I would have thought that within the last year or so someone would have actually pulled their finger out and had it confirmed, sure most of the "big" clubs in Europe plan fixtures in advance and don,t just sit there waiting for SWFC,give them a call and say fancy a kick-about sometime in the summer! Commercial dept could even get involved and promote a game marking 150 years, not many of these in the entire world.
  15. Not good enough for Villa then not good enough for us! Need some younger players, who will continue to improve.
  16. Should have kept that old kiosk on Angel Street could have had that fully stocked, changing rooms were a bit of an issue though.
  17. Have given up on a shirt for my hols in August, will have to settle for a tin of swfc travel sweets for the plane!
  18. Here queues forming already,,obviously a knock off LV boot bag.
  19. The silence could be contractual until the current deal runs out. So fully expect the shop to be stocked full of our complete range of training and playing kit ready for the big reveal on at 9.00 am Saturday. I have it on good authority that all shirt sizes will be available with a free SWFC Louis Vuitton boot bag to the first 10,000 customers.
  20. Gavin Peacock if i remember correctly and Tony Cottee for some reason.
  21. Never used to have much of an issue with Blades yes always wanted to beat them but just like every team, recently the attitude of their fans has changed they have really tried to build up a rivalry as they had nothing else, and diverted attention from years in the pub league. I still think back to the shame they brought to Sheffield Football by falling in to Division 4. Of course they now have a shiny Division 3 trophy to polish, oh how I wish they had done the double and won the Johnsons paint cleaner trophy as well, Blades embarrassing Sheffield since 1889.
  22. Have we ever won 30 matches in a season in the Championship! Think the points tally for the top 2 will be lower this season as strong teams who will take points of each other. Except us we will beat everyone around us and lose to the likes of Burton, Millwall etc
  23. Funny that the Wee man really got owned then, proper bottle job.
  24. Never look forward to the games as nothing in it for us except 3 pts. Always more important for the junior club in Sheffield as it is all they have to play for. If we lose we just shrug our shoulders and move on if they lose it is excuse after excuse player, refs etc. Always in our shadow and their fans just cannot get their heads around it. All that been said would like to beat them 5 - 0 just so we could stop singing that BDM song from nearly 40 years ago, needs an update!
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