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  1. All about opinions I guess so no problem. Must admit I would not relish trying to sell our commercial service. The problems start with location really, just not on a convenient location for an event, also the infrastructure is old and not worth spending money on even if we had it. Best we can hope for is get to the PL then we don't really need revenue from other events. Like it or not the lane is benefiting from city centre location with lots of investment taking place around it. Only investment around our ground is the odd conservatory or extension on Parkside rd.
  2. Before we try to slag off our club again, did we actually want a concert at our ground? Probably does not bring in that much for the club anyway. Could be many reasons why it was not being held, for all you know could be working on pitch, stands etc. All this blame and trying to pull the club down is just tedious. Ok I agree with some poor decisions made but can we just stop the constant whining getting worse than the blades and tevez.
  3. That's the type of thing we need, fan since last Thursday etc. Could include stars like the McDonald badge could earn stars for skills Sign language - aggressive pointing. Longevity ...sitting in same seat since before the stand was actually built. Knowledge Able to name who took a throw in against port vale in 87. Commitment Travelled 1 million miles by push bike to follow the lads. Bravery We will need 50k stars for the battle of boundary park didn't know we took so many! Apparently every owl over 50 was there.
  4. Maybe we need some badges to wear to games so we can tell proper fans from the part timers, plastics, clapper, etc. That should keep them happy, or maybe give the proper full time fans their own section, So they can pat each other on the back and congratulate each other for being proper fans.
  5. Sure some would sayTango must be a part timer only been watching us for some of his life!! All very childish really though, oooh I'm a proper fan because I went to Plymouth on a Tuesday night in 1978 blah blah. We're all fans some go more than others no hierarchy just some can go some can't.
  6. What is it with this site, having ago at each other now. The guy is a fellow fan who probably works many match days and gets questioned for being plastic. Not any need to criticise a fellow owl is there?
  7. Can he not get a day off like everyone else, may be looking at players for Jan. What next Jos seen in restaurant when he could have been watching dvds of our next opponents!
  8. Yes plenty of out of work managers, but most would be worse. Think Jos is basically an honest hard working manager who will work with what he has been dealt in a professional manner. Seems to conduct himself well unlike certain managers close to us who embarras themselves on TV with petty comments. So I for one will give him a chance, although not any other option I guess.
  9. Agree, more to it than we thought. Don't think he is a yes man, just doing what he can with his hands tied. Ok still not sure why he is not picking certain players but does seem that he has not been given the cash he thought he would get. Looks like he is not totally in charge of who plays and certainly not buying more players which he banked on. Maybe time to lay off him as would another manager want to come to us with no cash and not control on who plays?
  10. Did he, thought he was long gone by then! He didn't fall in a fountain as well did he.
  11. Dave Richards, falling in a fountain. Seriously though getting Ron Atkinson as manager.
  12. All about money, if sky / PL offered the 15 clubs 20m per season, i would think PL2 would be considered by chairman seriously. Still a gulf but big teams in the championship now. Would stave off ffp worries for a few clubs.
  13. The club's probably don't, but the PL would see a PL2 as a buffer in protecting their brand ie I would assume that they would get more viewers for Leeds villa than Cardiff v Burnley especially for the foreign views. So could see PL wanting the "big" clubs from the EFL. Not fair but all about the money to all the clubs now.
  14. Why should we care about Accrington, Doncaster etc you could argue there are too many professional clubs 6 within 15 miles of us. Maybe Prem and championship is enough with the rest going part time/ amateur etc. Players would still be developed but maybe having resources concentrated on top 2 leagùes would strengthen the English game overall, instead of scattering minimal funds to lower league clubs. Might seem heartless, but still support the team whichever league we are in so sure other fans will keep supporting their clubs.
  15. Must admit rather have 3pm each Saturday but if you want the millions from sky we have to accept they call the tune. If we carry on playing this badly though will soon be 3pm each Saturday.
  16. Agree, football has always been a business and this is not going to change, s better to be a part of it would rather be in some form of PL2 than being in Division 3 North which could happen.
  17. Thought I read somewhere Bully was now defensive coach?
  18. Kicking is his weakness, funny thing is during warm up he launches it right down the pitch usually on target, game starts and kicks it 20 yards to the opposition.
  19. Rested, thought he was on holiday in the 2nd Half. In fairness he is a good keeper but needs a break, to ship goals in every game will be killing his confidence, should have brought Wildsmith or Westwood in just to change things around.
  20. Agree, why are so many keen to confront DC and be aggressive to him, he has put more time and money into this club than any previous owner. Went well for a couple of years and yes some poor decisions atm but that's a football club. I do think maybe his issue is being too loyal to managers ie Jos, personally would have got rid because of the no clean sheets. Some on here think they have a right to be aggressive and rude because it is "their club", it belongs to DC it is not our club just because we choose to pay to attend games, no more than the local chippie belongs to us beca
  21. Dawson needs a break, can't be much fun his back must be killing him having to pick the ball up out of the net every week. Seems sensible to give him a week off or he'll get repetitive strain injury.
  22. If we didn't pick players who had floors we would not be able to put a team out at all this season. Fox is not dynamic but steady enough and a steady and stable defence is what we need just now, just do the basics and don't P@#@ about do the ball.
  23. Don't think this is a case of fickle fans, we praise when going well and complain when we lose. The bigger problem is the performances and the way we are sleepwalking to defeats, This lack of clean sheets will see us on the bottom 3 at the end of the season unless Jos can sort it out.
  24. Why not? Is the training regime so slack under his, surely he is training with the team each day. Westwood might have a point to prove.
  25. Don't like to jump on the sacking bandwagon, but the fact we cannot keep a clean sheet should be reason to get rid. I just cannot see any progress or plan moving forward, just seems like he is picking random players hoping to find a solution that works. Defence is an absolute joke, ok injuries but worse teams than us keep clean sheets. The defensive issues must be causing issues with our strikers and midfielders, must thing what's the point we will chuck it away. So time to go because if we can't defend we will be in relegation spot by Xmas. Funny thing is the guy is making Carl
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